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Found 4 results

  1. MQA: Yes or No?

    'Stereophile's AXPONA 2017 poll. Don't want to comment on it, just check it out, guys. http://www.stereophile.com/content/mqa-yes-or-no-axpona-2017-poll#yDyYCb4EuSK2Ok52.97
  2. Back from AXPONA 2017!

    All, AXPONA was another successful and packed show! This year I kept it clean n' simple and showed the following: - LIO configured with: DAC, Phonostage, DHT PRE, & MOSFET AMP - Harbeth's new SHL5plus "40th Anniversary" Edition speakers - Acoustic Signature Wow XL Turntable & arm - All cabling by Triode Wire labs. [Direct USB connection from Macbook Air (running Roon) to LIO DAC] As you can see, even the speaker stands / racks used were rather simple. It turns out that we received a very nice pair of stands from Rensonant Woods , but unfortunately, they just were not tall enough (especially with the hotel chairs) to get the soundstage high enough for me, and considering that a packed room also has many people standing, I decided we needed to elevate the speakers. The hotel room had a few end tables of the perfect height, and fortunately there were solid (marble top, maybe 50 lbs each) and we put cloths over them and they sure did the trick in a pinch. Certainly not audiophile-approved, but for those who came to the room and listened with their ears instead of their eyes, the system sounded excellent! For example, vocal tracks from Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, The Fairfield Four, and others delivered spot-on imagining, realism, and a 'disappearing act' with the speakers that left many tapping toes and showing big smiles, and kept many attendees in the room for a while. Quite a few came back numerous times and just couldn't get enough of the system! From the sources, to the cabling, LIO, and Harbeth's - the system overall played exceptionally well together and I appreciated all the compliments and enthusiasm of the attendees. It was a pleasure to meet many new faces, and see many familiar ones as well. Here are some more pics of the system (sorry, low-res from my smartphone): Enter the KR AUDIO PX-4 DHT On Friday I was using SV811s (a show favorite with the SHL5's), but on Saturday morning a customer surprised me with a new pair of KR Audio PX-4s that he just bought the week before and has fallen in love with. He was willing to let me borrow them for the rest of the show if I liked them, and I couldn't resist trying a new DHT with the LIO. Not an inexpensive tube (~ $800/pair ?), but they AMAZED us all! These tubes have the rich midrange of the SV811's, but with a more extended top end and more solid bass, . It was a tube that could play rock, jazz, classical, electronica... all equally well and left some LIO customers who visited wanting to get a pair for themselves (myself included!). These tubes run on the 4V filament setting and only draw 1.1A of current each, so they run fairly cool and should last a very long time in the LIO DHT PRE circuit. I'll be sure to post links to feedback of show attendees and members of the press. And for Audiocircle memebers who visited, please post your impressions and thank you in advance! Vinnie
  3. Well, I just sat down to a demo of several Synergistic Research products including the Black Box room bass resonators, their new line conditioner, their active Tranquility Base, little treble resonators and the Atmosphere room acoustics tuner. Total scam. Never once did they just play a track while moving things around. It was always a few seconds of a track followed by a 30 seconds of so of moving stuff, etc, then another maybe 30 seconds of sound. They'd start a track and then stop it right as some instruments came in, do the change, and then continue playing where it left off. The guy doing the demo was asked twice if he could do a live a/b and he'd give an excuse about how it takes a little time for system to charge or some bs like that and the transition process would mask the differences. Absolute con BS they are DEAD to me. Also? I could hear JACK SQUAT changes in the demo. A few people around me would comment on the changes but I could hear nothing -- at least as best I could manage with the small clips and pauses in between changes. I really tried, but I could hear nothing. Here, I took a video of a part of the demo. Dann too big I will compress it.
  4. Axpona 2015

    This thread is to discuss plans for AXPONA 2015, April 24-26 (AXPONA - Audio Expo North America). What are you looking forward to most, what are the must-hear/must-see things. What are the things you should rush to beat the crowds. Also, personally I would like to try to meet up and tour the event with other CA members. Jump in and post whatever you have that relates to AXPONA 2015.