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Found 44 results

  1. Audirvana Direct Mode?

    I've used Audirvana on and off for a few years and usually have as many options turned on as possible. Over the time I've noticed sometimes the sound can be a bit bright or harsh and I've noticed it seems to back off a bit with Direct Mode switched off. I've generally thought that's probably because it is not getting as a good a signal with it switch off, and perhaps because of expectation bias I leave it turned on. But the last 24 hours I've been doing DSD comparisons and I noticed that I can actually hear more detail with Direct Mode switched off with the Resonessence Herus. I haven't read many opinions about whether people generally have Direct Mode switched on or not. I would be interested to hear other people's experiences. With Direct Mode on, it feels like the DAC is being slightly overdriven, initially it sounds quite a bit better, but it is a bit like an overexposed photo where the detail is harder to see (that's the best analogy I could think of!).
  2. hi i bought Audirvana and it really plays better at least for my ears then other software like itunes or others may i ask you ? does Audirvana really play better then other (output) ? and what does Audirvana play better? the decoders ? and it's there an alternative for windows ? i use foobar but output is not great like Audirvana and i have tried on the same hardware thanks
  3. Thought it might be easier for the developer of A+ to have the bug reports in a single thread. Hope that this will help to improve this nice audioplayer. 3.1.5 Structured Filter Browser: First letter shortcut within filters are no more activ. User has to scroll down the lists, which is a ardous path. Almost every database uses this feature (BTW: feature was present in 2.5.4).
  4. Audirvana 3.1

    I just upgraded to 3.1. Not really a big change to me as I still use my USB DAC and not a streamer, but probably good news for people with Network players. Maybe after 67 pages in the old thread it is time for a new thread? Post your experiences here.
  5. So, i have been running my audio system off of a 10 yer old PC running XP until now. The only things on this computer are JRiver and Chrome to run Tidal. I know it's a security risk, but since the only time I ever access the outside world is through the Tidal website, which is my home page, I figured the risk was minimal. Yesterday a notification came up saying that Chrome will no longer receive updates, nor will flash. I think my time with this cheap solution may have come to an end. We just recently bought a house, so I was not planning on spending money on audio upgrades for a while, but it seems as though it may be necessary. I've considered all of the available options and I've come up withe the least expensive, option that has the most long term upgrade potential. I currently have an iMac in another room that accesses the network by wifi only (the house is not wired for ethernet) that will be running Audirvana Plus 3.1, controlled by the iPhone app. I planned to purchase a refurbished MicroRendu and and iFi power supply that will plug into the router which is near the audio system. With this setup though, I have a few questions that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. I'm sure the answers are there somewhere, but I just haven't found it. 1. Has anyone had any experience with the refurbished MicroRendus? Anything i should be concerned about? 2. Should I expect any problems with the server being on a wifi connected computer as opposed to via ethernet? I don't have a good alternative right now. 3. I understand that the Audirvana iPhone app can be set to wake the iMac, but what if the iMac is locked (as it usually is). Will that matter? If so, do I have to get up and unlock the computer every time i want to do anything? That would be a bit of a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for your help! Jason
  6. I have been using Audirvana+ Player (Mac OS) connected to my KEF X300A (Active Speakers) for years, playing mostly AIFF and WAV files. Recently the KEF speakers are no longer working, and I plan to replace them with my Cambridge Audio speakers. Since the new speakers are not active speakers, I will need an Amplifier for it and I am looking at Cambridge Audio CXA80. The question is, it seems to be that CXA80 has USB audio input and a WM8740 DAC chip, I believe I can connect it to speakers directly. Using Audirvana as player, do I still need to buy a DAC, or a network player, like DacMagic or CXN? What's the purpose for a network player (e.g. CXN) in my setup?
  7. Wondering if anyone is connecting MacBook Air as a one computer config so one usb port is connecting to dac, and internal ssd as boot drive - whats the best sq solution in your experience: 1. Use another usb port for external hdd - ssd, or just a regular drive? I play mostly dsd; 2. Use the SD card slot and better sq or not? 3. Use thunderbolt external hdd, better sq? Audirvana manual recommends making sure the high speed usb port are dedicated to usb connection to dac, not sure if the 2 usb ports on macbook air is on same circuit thus shared, therefore am wondering if using the other connection options may imprive sq. Anyone can chime in on this? Thanks.
  8. Hi folks: sorry if this is a dumb question, but I wanted to ask if there are any reasons why I shouldn't be using an external HD (Seagate SSD Portable) to store my Audirvana library on? It's plugged into an older Macbook Pro, which in turn is connected to a Chord 2cute. I have a number of DSD files, and I wondered if there might be any speed issues with the data going through the Seagate's USB 2.0 cable to the laptop? Any and all advice gratefully received, thanks...
  9. Audirvana problem-please help

    Something got corrupted on my computer. If I enable Audio Units, Audirvana crashes and quits. However, it plays normally with Audio Units unchecked. I've deleted all files that I can find related to the app, but no luck. Ideas?
  10. Is there a way for me to switch Audirvana on and off while listening to Tidal? I'm running Audirvana's free trial right now and I'd like to know what I'm actually gaining by using it. If I can switch it out, I'd be able to do an A/B comparison before springing for the $75.
  11. Hello everyone - writing to see if I can get some help solving my issue using a Geek Out 450 with Audirvana (3) on a Mac Mini. I recently got this Geek Out 450 and have been using it with Audirvana at my office on an old Macbook Air without issue. But with my Mac Mini on my home system it's not working. I can select the Geek Out as my audio output for the Mac Mini and play spotify or Tidal from the desktop apps. But if I open Audirvana and select the Geek Out as the DAC, when I try to play a song, the song appears to load, then there is a pause, and then I get a message saying "Audio Device Stopped." Once this has happened, when I go to the Mac Mini's system preferences, the Geek Out no longer appears in the drop down menu of output options. I can only get it to be recognized by unplugging and plugging it back into the USB port on the Mini. Any help with what might be going on here is appreciated. Previously I was using Audirvana without issue on that machine with a Marantz HD-Dac1. The Mac Mini is a late 2012 model running the latest version of Sierra.
  12. @damien78 and others, I've been having problems connecting to Audirvana + running on my macmini (both versions 2 and 3 behaviour the same). Sometime it works flawlessly and yet sometimes Audirvana Remote running on my iPhone 6+ just fails to connect. I exit the app, restart it but nothing helps. And yet, for no apparent reason it eventually connects but after while it disconnects again and fails to connect. I've read a few times in the past people having similar problems but didn't see any solution(s). Is there anything I can do on macmini and/or iPhone that could help the connection problems? BTW, with my wife's iPad 2 I connect every time with no problems, and also using my MAcBook Air with screenshare no problems at all. I'd be grateful for any tips/hints on iPhone 6+ connection problems. Thanks in advance. Best. Mev
  13. Hi! Finally decided to try Audirvana 3.0 now that it unfolds MQA. I am using a 2011 Mac Mini i7 with 16GB of memory and a SSD, I am using my Marantz 8802a as the dac through HDMI. The Mini works just fine until I try to use Audirvana with the Marantz using HDMI; 1. If I try to use HDMI for both display and for audio (the HDMI cable goes out to the Marantz and then comes back to the display), the display blanks and resets every 5 seconds or so. 2. I then routed the video out to my display through the mini dvi port. But then the mouse acts up and twitches to a new spot on the screen every 5 seconds or so making using the mouse pretty difficult. Works fine if I do not use the Marantz as an HDMI doc, but that is my preferred choice and there isn't a problem using other music server software. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Peter
  14. I subscribe to Tidal Hifi and have access to Masters encoded with MQA. My computer is connected to my McIntosh MHA100 through USB and I am using eihter Amarra Symphony or Audirvana Plus (with Tidal) + Itunes. My understanding is that Tidal by itself connected through my McIntosh will not deliver the full MQA experience and need an MQA compatible DAC. So I was told Buesound Node 2 would happen to do just that. My issue with this set-up is that the Burr Brown Chip on this 599$ (CDN) is not at the level of the DAC built in my McIntosh. Would I, at the end of the day ended up with worse quality music than feeding it with the USB cable and using my McIntosh DAC while not having the full MQA experience. Second part of this: The Audirvana Plus has MQA capability, does this solve my issues and would I get the full MQA experience? I want to integrate Blusesound in order to remove Airplay from my system because it can't stream 24 bit while bluesound could. Hope I make sense here as this is my first post. Thanks Saby
  15. As suggested from a user in the main Audirvana 3 (official) thread, I would like to create a new thread dealing only with feature requests and/or bug reports. I would welcome users to give their input into helping others (and myself) solving their problems, but would like to request that more general discussions (such as discussions on the licensing scheme, preferences of settings and equipment, etc) be limited to the official thread. I'll start off by requesting : - The remote app be updated. Being able to create playlists from the app would be very helpful - The ability to keep the screen OFF when the remote app connects to the audirvana mac - Still have system optimizer install error on 3.0.5 - any suggestions? Thanks for everyone's great input, and looking forward to continuing to see wonderful updates from Damien. Merci Damien - c'est tres apprecier ton bon travail!
  16. Tweaking Audirvana

    Is there a tutorial available on how to tweak Audirvana Audio Settings or some listings of recommended initial settings? Thanks!
  17. I'm new to computer audio and need help with the following. I have a trial version of Audirvana Plus 3.0. I'm using a Benchmark DAC3 that can receive DSD in DoP1 format. The problem I have is that the Forced Upsampling to DSD option in Audirvana is greyed-out and Audirvana does not recognize the DAC's DSD capability. Otherwise, and in PCM format, Audirvana and the DAC play well together. What am I not doing correctly?
  18. Hi everyone, I would like to get your opinion on my system and how to upgrade. I currently have the following setup: Source: Macbook Pro Retina, 2012 Software: Audirvana Plus and Spotify USB-output: 1x Audioquest Jitterbug USB cable: *standard* Bluetooth: Arcam Miniblink receiver Integrated Amplifier: Rotel-RA 1570 > site: RA-1570 | Rotel Speaker cable: *standard* Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins CM1 S2 > site: Experience the B&W CM1 S2 - Bowers & Wilkins | B&W Speakers I have 2 questions: • 1: I would like to upgrade to an external DAC, and I am currently looking at Chord and Schiit. However, listening to videos online, I prefer the sound of Chord more. I am specifically looking at Chord Mojo or Hugo for main setup, and to have mobility on-the-go. Does a Chord Mojo will sound better than the DAC within my current integrated amplifier? It's a: Wolfson WM8740 • 2: Any suggestions for an upgrade in speaker cables? I have been looking at Chord and Van Den Hul so far, because I heard and read they might go well with b&w and rotel. Specifically: Chord Odyssey 2, Chord Epic Twin, Van den Hul CS122. Thanks! p.s. I might add a Curious USB Cable Mojo interlink as well.
  19. I have been streaming iPad Tidal > Wifi > Apple TV optical > DAC. Upgrading to having a Mac connected via USB to Wyred 4 Sound Remedy USB Reclocker > USB to DAC so i can not only stream in better quality but also create a music server. The sonic improvement has been eye opening. I am deciding between using a MAC Mini (2.5 Ghz and 8GB RAM) vs. the latest MacBook Air (1.6 GHZ and 8GB RAM. Pros and Cons from my perspective; its nice to have a new laptop for occasional use and if it gets removed from the server/streaming chain occasionally i can stream using the iPad to Apple TV as before.The Mac Mini has more horsespower a TB drive on board for ripping most of my CDs to and perhaps i would have more apps and processes always turned off on the Mac Mini so a "quieter" computer might sound a bit better. On the other hand as far as storage is concerned a 1TB external drive to augment the MacBook air is pretty darn cheap. Thoughts? Setting up the music server and using the iPad as a remote is also pretty new to me so any recommendations on Remote Control software would be appreciated. Just to get started experimenting using TeamViewer but will probably demo Audirvana for improving sound quality and using their Remote from the App Store.
  20. Hello all - recently traded my Marantz SA8004 for an HD Dac1 and decided that I wouldn't buy a new CD player in that I have all of 2 SACD's and can rip the rest of my CD's to my hard drive to play through Audirvana. I've just started doing that using XLD and while it's outputting what appear to be flawless folders - all tracks present and in the proper order - when I import them into Audirvana they are missing tracks or are mislabeled in a strange way. For instance, ripped the XRCD of Quiet Kenny the other day. All tracks were perfect in the folder but when imported the first track was missing. With Jaki Byard's Here's Jaki, the tracks were divided into a Disc zero and a Disc 1, once again with the first track missing entirely. Anyone had this experience or have any ideas for me? Thanks. I'm using XLD on a 2012 Mac Mini running El Capitan, ripping with the Mac external drive.
  21. I am really looking forward to taking delivery of a Schiit Bifrost Multibit in the next couple of weeks (as soon as the next batch is scheduled to go out). I use Audirvana to play everything (including my iTunes library). For 176.4kHz and 192kHz input sample rates, the Bifrost runs in non-oversampling (NOS) mode. What does this mean for input sample rates that are less than 176.4Hz? Most of my music files are 24/96 or 24/192, but I also have ripped all of my CDs in 16/44 lossless. I know this is probably a personal preference, but for those of you with this DAC, do you do any upsampling in Audirvana for any of your music files? If so, what settings? My apologies in advance if this is a stupid question with an obvious answer. I am still very much a newby. Thanks!
  22. Dear all, I'm new in the forum. My name is Andrea, 44 years old and I'm from Italy. I've been always a music and hi-fi lover, since when I bought my first stereo system several years ago. Up to now I enjoyed physical CD's and LP vinyls (yes, I'm still buying vinyls :-)) but few months ago I decided to start listening high resolution files too and I acquired a DAC and a couple of softwares. My system is now: - Apple Mac Book Pro late 2009 with Yosemite as OS - M2Tech Young DAC - Audirvana Plus and Amarra 3.0 (updated to the latest versions) When I use Audirvana, I'm facing problems in configuring Direct and Integer mode: basically, when checked, I'm usually able to listen only the first song, while all others are simply not playing at all. If I uncheck both options, all is playing well Do you have any recommendation to help me to fix my problem? Is, in your opinion, a configuration or hardware issue? Thanks a lot for your help Kind regards Andrea
  23. Using A+ 2.2.5 (without iTunes integration) > Late 2009 MacMini (4GB running Yosemite 10.10.5) w/library on 3TB Lacie Firewire 800 Drive > USB >Schiit Wyrd > USB >Oppo 105D > analog preamp. Just acquired many music files that lack art or some correct basic metadata needed such as ALBUM or ALBUMARTIST. Not that it should matter, but some the subfolders/files are different versions of the same album, e.g. one folder containing 8 files all with metadata ALBUM: The Nightfly (Needledrop MFSL) and another folder containing 8 files with same TITLE for each track but ALBUM: The Nightfly (DVD-A). When I edit ALBUM in Yate and save with all tracks in the folder I get green circle to the left of each track indicating that my changes have been saved. However, A+ doesn't show that I've made any changes and instead combines two different folders' tracks all into one album in album view with duplicates. When I view metadata for each individual track, I see the correct path leading to both versions of the track, but the updated values don't show in the ALBUM or ALBUMARTIST fields. I've tried manually syncing the A+>Preferences>Library> (Sync Folder), closed/reopened A+ but nothing gets the updates to view properly in A+. This trouble started around the time I updated to A+ 2.5.5 , but can't say for sure if that started my issue. FWIW, the MacMini is used only as a music server with Spotlight, etc. defeated, and A+ on "extreme priority", but A+ is slow to respond to typing, saving etc. Apple says can't add any more memory to this macmini(?). Others report okay results w/4GB mem Macs... So any ideas how to resolve my metadata issue, resulting in proper separate albums in A+ ? I am frustrated enough that I am close to bailing out on A+ and trying JRiver or Amarra instead in hopes of spending less time having to mess with everything all the time just to be able to find and play albums from my library. Thanks!
  24. For Late 2012 build-to-order Core i7 Quad-core MacMini A1347 , (Apple no longer makes powerful Quad-core MacMini's and this is the one, it can run Final Cut Pro without breaking a sweat, in this one you can also add memory and change SSD, not that you need to but on new ones you cannot. All upgrades are genuine Apple including SSD and upgraded 8GB of RAM and installed by factory. The price new was $1280 for it. My price is $825 + actual shipping. It is in perfect condition, see the pictures, all factory OEM boxes, manual, AC cord are provided. I take extremely good care of my equipment and this one saw very low hours as it was supposed to be HTPC but we used our Oppo player 100% of the time. I know the price for it and you know the price for it. If you feel you can buy cheaper, please purchase there, my unit is immaculate in every way and runs Yosemite without a hitch. It has every single thing that came with it when new. Aluminum body is without a scratch or dent. I have perfect rating on eBay and Audiogon, feel free to ask for references. Specs are: The Apple Mac mini "Core i7" 2.3 (Late 2012/Aluminum Unibody) features a 22-nm Quad Core "Ivy Bridge" 2.3 GHz Intel "Core i7" (3615QM) processor with four independent processor "cores" on a single chip, a 6 MB shared level 3 cache, 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-12800) memory, a 256 SSD and Intel HD Graphics 4000 which shares system memory. Connectivity includes a Firewire "800" port, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Thunderbolt, combined "audio line in (digital/analog)" and combined "audio line out/headphone (digital/analog)" minijacks, a 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and an SDXC card slot.
  25. Can anyone tell me if it s possible to somehow upsample the streams from TIDAL or Spotify? I purchased Audrivana which has a powerful upsampling filter, bypassing Core audio. Just wondering if there was some way to feed it the stream from a streaming service like Tidal or Spotify