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  1. Browniesbane

    Microrendu through airport express

    I’ve been searching this forum, but couldn’t find anything that answered all my questions. I use a iMac with a remote wireless hard drive to store music and an Apple time capsule router,, and would like to feed into a usb dac (bitfrostmb) for a remote headphone station. I’m looking to alternatives to an airport express to feed the dac because it only allows optical digital output ( other than analogue) and has the Apple airplay limits on hd. I understand that audirvana is now compatible with microrendu, but I don’t have direct internet access through an Ethernet. Would it be possible to use an airport express in client mode to convert the wireless signal to Ethernet and then feed the microrendu through the AE Ethernet output, all controlled by audirvana. If this works, would hd audio be downsampled to 16/44, when I am using audirvana and would I lose audirvanas sound enhancements?
  2. Wondering if anyone is connecting MacBook Air as a one computer config so one usb port is connecting to dac, and internal ssd as boot drive - whats the best sq solution in your experience: 1. Use another usb port for external hdd - ssd, or just a regular drive? I play mostly dsd; 2. Use the SD card slot and better sq or not? 3. Use thunderbolt external hdd, better sq? Audirvana manual recommends making sure the high speed usb port are dedicated to usb connection to dac, not sure if the 2 usb ports on macbook air is on same circuit thus shared, therefore am wondering if using the other connection options may imprive sq. Anyone can chime in on this? Thanks.
  3. As suggested from a user in the main Audirvana 3 (official) thread, I would like to create a new thread dealing only with feature requests and/or bug reports. I would welcome users to give their input into helping others (and myself) solving their problems, but would like to request that more general discussions (such as discussions on the licensing scheme, preferences of settings and equipment, etc) be limited to the official thread. I'll start off by requesting : - The remote app be updated. Being able to create playlists from the app would be very helpful - The ability to keep the screen OFF when the remote app connects to the audirvana mac - Still have system optimizer install error on 3.0.5 - any suggestions? Thanks for everyone's great input, and looking forward to continuing to see wonderful updates from Damien. Merci Damien - c'est tres apprecier ton bon travail!
  4. I have been using Audirvana+ Player (Mac OS) connected to my KEF X300A (Active Speakers) for years, playing mostly AIFF and WAV files. Recently the KEF speakers are no longer working, and I plan to replace them with my Cambridge Audio speakers. Since the new speakers are not active speakers, I will need an Amplifier for it and I am looking at Cambridge Audio CXA80. The question is, it seems to be that CXA80 has USB audio input and a WM8740 DAC chip, I believe I can connect it to speakers directly. Using Audirvana as player, do I still need to buy a DAC, or a network player, like DacMagic or CXN? What's the purpose for a network player (e.g. CXN) in my setup?
  5. wwaldmanfan

    Audirvana problem-please help

    Something got corrupted on my computer. If I enable Audio Units, Audirvana crashes and quits. However, it plays normally with Audio Units unchecked. I've deleted all files that I can find related to the app, but no luck. Ideas?
  6. I have a Mac Mini (mid 2010 model) with 8GB of RAM, running OSX 10.9.2 and the latest iTunes 11.1.5. I send audio out to a Wyred4Sound DAC-2 via USB; it then goes through my amp and into my headphones. I also use either BitPerfect or Audirvana Plus (in iTunes integrated mode). No problems at all, until installing Mavericks (1o.9.1 and 10.9.2) and the newest versions of iTunes. (probably the last two updates). What I'm hearing is right at the beginning of each new track as it starts to play. There are crackling, popping noises; not loud, but certainly audible. It sounds a bit like dropping the needle between tracks on a noisy vinyl record. Sometimes, the first couple of seconds of the tracks will stutter and repeat, as well. Once the track gets going, it's usually fine. Occasionally, I'll hear a glitch somewhere in the middle of the track as well. I've been through the manuals for both BitPerfect and Audirvana, and tried all of the different pref settings that are suggested to stop this sort of thing (i.e. stopping gapless playback,integer mode on/off, iTunes interaction, etc.) No combination of settings that I've found will eliminate these crackling noises completely. BitPerfect support has been excellent; they've even sent me an experimental version to try, which seemed to help somewhat, but the noises still appear now and then. The only way I can eliminate the glitches completely is to run iTunes directly without using either BitPerfect or Audirvana Plus. I don't hear a huge difference in audio quality with either program, but I enjoy the automatic sample rate switching. To get around that, I've just set my W4S DAC-2 to upsample everything to 192kHz, since iTunes alone can't do it. I would love to get either or both of these players back in the chain again, but right now the only noise-free listening I can get is when I am bypassing them. I know that a lot of people had many diverse audio problems with iTunes and other software when Mavericks first came out, but most people reported them solved with 10.9.2, or with the newest iTunes. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, I am writing this post to suggest that Sonic Studio includes in the next release of Amarra a companion App for iOS devices to provide full control of Amarra in a headless mac. I love the sound of current version of Amarra (Symphony) 2.5 I use a headless Mac Pro (tower) exclusively for Audio, and have trimmed down the OS (Mountain Lion) and disabled features as much as I could following many advices from other users. I only use Amarra in cache mode and playlist mode (without iTunes) an I quit the finder. Surprisingly, every single step improves the sound even though the computer is running almost at iddle (from Terminal "top" command). The remaining piece to get rid of is Screen Sharing. I use and iPad to control the headless mac with VNC software iTap. It works perfectly from the user point of view. But if I disable Screen Sharing, the already excellent sound gets even better. The processor does not have to take care of updating the screen and sending over the network to the iPad. However in order to use Amarra in the current setup, I need to have access to the Mac screen (with Screen Sharing). Spotify has two remote solutions (Spot Remote and Remoteless) that use a small server application in the Mac which is much lighter at using CPU resources, and the sound - without Screen Sharing and with the small server app - is better than with Screen Sharing enabled operating directly Spotify on the iPad clone of the Mac Screen. I also own Audirvana+ and even though I personally prefer Amarra Symphony, a remote App for Audirvana+ would be a welcome addition too. My expectation is that getting rid of Screen Sharing through the use of a custom remote App for Amarra or Audirvana+ may bring further improvements in sound quality than another iteration of the already fine sounding engines. Sorry if I became too technical or not too clear but for those avandced users I recommend experimenting at improving the Mac sound if it is used only for computer audio. It costs no money and you are rewarded with better sound. Regards, Jotauve.
  8. Hello All, When I select Airplay as my Audio Device in Audirvana Plus, I get sound from my Apple TV but not Airport Express on the same network. Is there any way to choose AE and/or ATV like in iTunes?
  9. Hi everyone, I used for a year a wadia 121 DAC plugged with usb interface with my old iMac and got nothing less than pleasure. A couple of month ago I did an upgrade to a new imac, the os was in version 10.8 and, as 10.9 (mavericks) was already out, I did an os upgrade. Since then using the wadia with usb is really problematic, the sound is clattering, first the rattle is gentle and becomes very annoying. The annoyance is less important when using audirvana as itunes plugin, but still there. I didn't remarked anything special before I upgrade to 10.9 but I used this computer a very short time before updating, so not 100% sure the problem was not already there. I have sent an email to wadia support to ask them if they had any negative feedbacks from users of mac os 10.9, I'm waiting for their answer. Does anyone had such problem ? Thanks for help and suggestions.
  10. jolon

    Audirvana Direct Mode?

    I've used Audirvana on and off for a few years and usually have as many options turned on as possible. Over the time I've noticed sometimes the sound can be a bit bright or harsh and I've noticed it seems to back off a bit with Direct Mode switched off. I've generally thought that's probably because it is not getting as a good a signal with it switch off, and perhaps because of expectation bias I leave it turned on. But the last 24 hours I've been doing DSD comparisons and I noticed that I can actually hear more detail with Direct Mode switched off with the Resonessence Herus. I haven't read many opinions about whether people generally have Direct Mode switched on or not. I would be interested to hear other people's experiences. With Direct Mode on, it feels like the DAC is being slightly overdriven, initially it sounds quite a bit better, but it is a bit like an overexposed photo where the detail is harder to see (that's the best analogy I could think of!).
  11. Dear all, I'm new in the forum. My name is Andrea, 44 years old and I'm from Italy. I've been always a music and hi-fi lover, since when I bought my first stereo system several years ago. Up to now I enjoyed physical CD's and LP vinyls (yes, I'm still buying vinyls :-)) but few months ago I decided to start listening high resolution files too and I acquired a DAC and a couple of softwares. My system is now: - Apple Mac Book Pro late 2009 with Yosemite as OS - M2Tech Young DAC - Audirvana Plus and Amarra 3.0 (updated to the latest versions) When I use Audirvana, I'm facing problems in configuring Direct and Integer mode: basically, when checked, I'm usually able to listen only the first song, while all others are simply not playing at all. If I uncheck both options, all is playing well Do you have any recommendation to help me to fix my problem? Is, in your opinion, a configuration or hardware issue? Thanks a lot for your help Kind regards Andrea
  12. Hi guys, Unfortunately my Cambridge Audio NP30 won't play the 24 bit/88.2 or 24 bit/176 kHz .aif files I created from my SACD rips (using Audirvana), but it has no problem playing 24/96. Can Audirvana create 24/96 audio files? And if so, how should I set up Audirvana to do so? I've literally spent 5 hours scouring forums to find info, and haven't found anything. So, if I'm missing something obvious, please be gentle.
  13. Hi, Do any of the iTunes alternatives (or piggybacks as some of them are) such as Audirvana, Pure Music, etc. work with Airport Express? Until I'm able to buy a mini to act as my music storage drive I'm stuck using MacBook Pro --> Airport Express --> DAC --> Receiver. I'd like to try the software to see if it helps make my music sound better but can't really use it if they don't support Airport Express. Thanks very much!
  14. howdyponcho

    SACD.iso files in Saracon.

    Hi guys, I've been using A+ to convert my SACD.iso backups to .flac files. Unfortunately, my network player can't play 88.2kHz files, so A+(which is a great program for everything else) can't get me what I want. I have since discovered Saracon, which looks like it might be able to provide me with 24/96 files. However, I don't know how to mount/load/open my SACD.iso files. When I attempt a DSD to PCM conversion it asks for a .dff file. How can I produce a .dff file from my SACD.iso files? Or do I have to use a different program to convert my SACD.iso files to a PCM format?
  15. Can anyone tell me if it s possible to somehow upsample the streams from TIDAL or Spotify? I purchased Audrivana which has a powerful upsampling filter, bypassing Core audio. Just wondering if there was some way to feed it the stream from a streaming service like Tidal or Spotify
  16. For Late 2012 build-to-order Core i7 Quad-core MacMini A1347 , (Apple no longer makes powerful Quad-core MacMini's and this is the one, it can run Final Cut Pro without breaking a sweat, in this one you can also add memory and change SSD, not that you need to but on new ones you cannot. All upgrades are genuine Apple including SSD and upgraded 8GB of RAM and installed by factory. The price new was $1280 for it. My price is $825 + actual shipping. It is in perfect condition, see the pictures, all factory OEM boxes, manual, AC cord are provided. I take extremely good care of my equipment and this one saw very low hours as it was supposed to be HTPC but we used our Oppo player 100% of the time. I know the price for it and you know the price for it. If you feel you can buy cheaper, please purchase there, my unit is immaculate in every way and runs Yosemite without a hitch. It has every single thing that came with it when new. Aluminum body is without a scratch or dent. I have perfect rating on eBay and Audiogon, feel free to ask for references. Specs are: The Apple Mac mini "Core i7" 2.3 (Late 2012/Aluminum Unibody) features a 22-nm Quad Core "Ivy Bridge" 2.3 GHz Intel "Core i7" (3615QM) processor with four independent processor "cores" on a single chip, a 6 MB shared level 3 cache, 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-12800) memory, a 256 SSD and Intel HD Graphics 4000 which shares system memory. Connectivity includes a Firewire "800" port, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Thunderbolt, combined "audio line in (digital/analog)" and combined "audio line out/headphone (digital/analog)" minijacks, a 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and an SDXC card slot.
  17. Thought it might be easier for the developer of A+ to have the bug reports in a single thread. Hope that this will help to improve this nice audioplayer. 3.1.5 Structured Filter Browser: First letter shortcut within filters are no more activ. User has to scroll down the lists, which is a ardous path. Almost every database uses this feature (BTW: feature was present in 2.5.4).
  18. hi i bought Audirvana and it really plays better at least for my ears then other software like itunes or others may i ask you ? does Audirvana really play better then other (output) ? and what does Audirvana play better? the decoders ? and it's there an alternative for windows ? i use foobar but output is not great like Audirvana and i have tried on the same hardware thanks
  19. Hi folks: sorry if this is a dumb question, but I wanted to ask if there are any reasons why I shouldn't be using an external HD (Seagate SSD Portable) to store my Audirvana library on? It's plugged into an older Macbook Pro, which in turn is connected to a Chord 2cute. I have a number of DSD files, and I wondered if there might be any speed issues with the data going through the Seagate's USB 2.0 cable to the laptop? Any and all advice gratefully received, thanks...
  20. I wanted to start a topic that focuses on the parameters of these two upsamplers in A+ and perhaps even get some objective measurements of Fourier transforms (impulse response graphs) from those people who can capture them. My experience comes from these software upsamplers as they are implemented in Audirvana Plus 3.2 - But I don't think there's anything keeping others with different players from chiming in here. To kick things off, I'm using @copy_of_a 's extreme settings for iZotope as shown below. In order to avoid aliasing with his settings, you have to use a software plugin to further lowpass the signal. In my case, I'm using FabFilter ProQ2 steepness: 3 length: 500,000 Cutoff: 1.25 Anti-Aliasing: 50 Prering: 0.36 For SoX, I've chosen the below based solely by ear. No LP filter is needed with an EQ plugin since the filter is much steeper it seems. Admittedly I haven't put near a much time into SoX as I have with iZotope: Bandwidth: 90 samples: 500,000 Anti-Aliasing: 85 Prering: 41 Overall, the biggest difference between these is the inability to finely tune the filter steepness in SoX. I've read some anecdotal things and tend to agree with most of them. For instance, Sox seems to present a great image/stage/separation, but comes at the expense of some more ringing that can be heard in the "shimmering" highs on cymbals. What's interesting though, is that the preringing doesn't seem too bad when I scrutinize the timing of a kick drum - hearing first its batter head which should be followed by its resonate sub bass thump. I find that my setting in iZotope still perform best here - but the SoX isn't nearly as bad in the lows as with the high frequency "smearing/shimmering" I hear. But this could just be my settings, more time will tell which is the better upsampler for me. What else have other's experienced?
  21. ravi1stop

    Comparing software players

    I have for some time been using a PC with Media center and Foobar 2000 as my source for audio. Recently I acquired a Mac and tested a number of software programs. During this process I became quite intrigued with finding an objective way of determining if there was any differences in the audio generated by these players or if the perceived differences were more placebo effects. I designed a test to make this as objective as possible and found there to be quite noticeable differences. There are quite a few charts involved that cannot be included in this forum but the results can be seen on a blog I created to research this subject further.Visit Audioignite high end audio blog for details. I am very interested in hearing if others have conducted similar tests.
  22. Hello all - recently traded my Marantz SA8004 for an HD Dac1 and decided that I wouldn't buy a new CD player in that I have all of 2 SACD's and can rip the rest of my CD's to my hard drive to play through Audirvana. I've just started doing that using XLD and while it's outputting what appear to be flawless folders - all tracks present and in the proper order - when I import them into Audirvana they are missing tracks or are mislabeled in a strange way. For instance, ripped the XRCD of Quiet Kenny the other day. All tracks were perfect in the folder but when imported the first track was missing. With Jaki Byard's Here's Jaki, the tracks were divided into a Disc zero and a Disc 1, once again with the first track missing entirely. Anyone had this experience or have any ideas for me? Thanks. I'm using XLD on a 2012 Mac Mini running El Capitan, ripping with the Mac external drive.
  23. So, i have been running my audio system off of a 10 yer old PC running XP until now. The only things on this computer are JRiver and Chrome to run Tidal. I know it's a security risk, but since the only time I ever access the outside world is through the Tidal website, which is my home page, I figured the risk was minimal. Yesterday a notification came up saying that Chrome will no longer receive updates, nor will flash. I think my time with this cheap solution may have come to an end. We just recently bought a house, so I was not planning on spending money on audio upgrades for a while, but it seems as though it may be necessary. I've considered all of the available options and I've come up withe the least expensive, option that has the most long term upgrade potential. I currently have an iMac in another room that accesses the network by wifi only (the house is not wired for ethernet) that will be running Audirvana Plus 3.1, controlled by the iPhone app. I planned to purchase a refurbished MicroRendu and and iFi power supply that will plug into the router which is near the audio system. With this setup though, I have a few questions that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. I'm sure the answers are there somewhere, but I just haven't found it. 1. Has anyone had any experience with the refurbished MicroRendus? Anything i should be concerned about? 2. Should I expect any problems with the server being on a wifi connected computer as opposed to via ethernet? I don't have a good alternative right now. 3. I understand that the Audirvana iPhone app can be set to wake the iMac, but what if the iMac is locked (as it usually is). Will that matter? If so, do I have to get up and unlock the computer every time i want to do anything? That would be a bit of a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for your help! Jason
  24. I'm new to computer audio and need help with the following. I have a trial version of Audirvana Plus 3.0. I'm using a Benchmark DAC3 that can receive DSD in DoP1 format. The problem I have is that the Forced Upsampling to DSD option in Audirvana is greyed-out and Audirvana does not recognize the DAC's DSD capability. Otherwise, and in PCM format, Audirvana and the DAC play well together. What am I not doing correctly?
  25. Is there a way for me to switch Audirvana on and off while listening to Tidal? I'm running Audirvana's free trial right now and I'd like to know what I'm actually gaining by using it. If I can switch it out, I'd be able to do an A/B comparison before springing for the $75.