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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I've asked this on the Sonore and SoTM threads about outputting all the PC's audio out to a microRendu or SMS-200 endpoint. Sonore told me they are working on something but it will be limited to 16/44 or 16/48 and there is no ETA. Just something they are exploring. Are there any other USB audio output endpoints/devices out there, that allow all PC audio over ethernet? I know about the great Dante and Focusrite Rednet 3 combination (with the Dante Virtual Sound Card) which outputs SPDIF but I'm specifically looking for a USB output endpoint. I have a solution working with my micrRendu using Shairport but there is a 250ms latency issue (picture and audio are out of sync). This latency issue can be corrected in VLC media player and others but I'm looking for a solution that outputs all Windows audio regardless of the app used, without latency issues. Dante and Rednet achieve this but I need a USB output endpoint. What other options are out there with a USB output? Cheers
  2. I currently use a dedicated pc with multiple sound cards. These sound cards connect into a multi channel amp which feeds my speakers in four different zones. I'm about to replace the PC with a NAS and so will lose my soundcards. What I'm looking for is a device that can stream audio files stored on my NAS over the network and output to 4 stereo channels in my existing amp. I don't want an integrated amp as I'm trying to keep costs down and I've got a perfectly good amp already! I would want to be abel to stream different music on each channel or link zones and would like to control via iOS. I don't need video, purely audio. I've trawled the internet but, to my surpirse, I can't find anything that fits the description. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi Chris and fellow members, Did you hear about any new developments in the "Ravenna protocol" ? I found a short video (dated 2010) where Genelec shows an "audio over IP" speaker. Now they are waiting for so called AVB products to hit the market, although Merging already has one. Is there anymore you can tell us about it ? Kind regards, Jeroen