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Found 5 results

  1. Please be aware that the Audeze lineup has changed with sonic improvements starting nov/dec sometime 2015. The head-fi.com forum has confirmed by several people that they bought new headphone 2016 LCD3 especially and it sounds to have a 10khz peak, and more brightness, and some say it might be uncomfortable. Also people replacing their driver now in 2016 will get the sonic improvements. Audeze confirms on their support that they have made sonic improvements, however they are small, but still improvements. The LCD4 has changed to 200ohm LCD3 made in oct 2015 (the one I have, but purchased from dealer in march 2016!) has starting model number 282, and the new 2016 version of LCD3 also starts with 282 of serial number. There is NO markings on the product whatsoever which version you will get purchasing this headphone series now in 2016. The only proof you get is date of inspection, just make sure it is a recent inspection date and not back October 2015, as you will get the old version. Theres been speculation towards Audeze not communicating to the market to allow dealers to sell out the old version while new version could be shipped without having to drop the price. Also that Audeze will deal with each individual that complains through their support. I did that, and I did not get anywhere as they first offered me to change driver for 375 dollars.!!! in that case I could have gone for the LCD4 instead, then they retracted offer ( I didnt get a new offer for my LCD3). Then they came with another offer that put me close to new price for LCD4, but thats just too expencive with shipping involved.. then I could also just have purchased LCD4 to begin with. THey did offer to deliver them back to dealer, but I bought mine in another country, together with shipping and tax return and everything its gonna cost me too. Be aware about the lineup, make sure you get the 2016 version if your in the market of a new Audeze headphone. At Head-fi forum theres already several individuals that purchased a oct 2015 version and is upset on the change as they recently bought it (last month).
  2. I'm interested in these three hi end headphones. Problem is 560 and Ether are new and no reviewer seems to have heard all three. Anyone here have experience with them? Also I've got a Ayre Codex driving a pair of Senn HD 600s and would like to know if I'm crazy upgrading (by over $1000). I know diminishing returns sets in. I'm a classical music lover and want smooth neutral sound. I've listened to the 600s vs the Audeze 3s and really don't like their recessed sound. Good hi end and low end but a problematic midrange.
  3. Audeze LCD -3

    If you own these which DAC or headphone amp are you using? Thank you.
  4. I received an Audeze LCD-X earlier this week and currently look into buying a replacement for the stock cable that was included. Now I have the choice of copper versus silver cables and wanted to know what you would recommend? Since I will be using the headphones mainly for critical mastering work I want to avoid any kind of sonic pimping. I'd like to get the best from what the Audezes have in a linear way. The cable will be balanced, so I can connect to the main output of a Sound Devices USBPre2. Thanks a lot for your time, I look forward to hear from you. Stephan
  5. We were just there exhibiting as always at a professional audio trade show (we make professional DSD and PCM ADCs and DACs in addition to this DAC). It was a very dynamic Show with a hint of Hi Res Audio talk and raised awareness about high resolution music formats. We had a hi res PCM and DSD computer playback system with some DSD recordings with Mytek DSD DAC driving closed Audeze LCD-XC (it's loud on the floor). Stevie Wonder stopped by, and listened for solid 10 mins to DSD recordings, he liked the sound very much... Cheers, Michal at Mytek New York