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Found 1 result

  1. I'm building a 2-chassis music server/controller and have been reading about all the various external power supply vendors. I'm pretty confident that replacing the switch mode supply that I buy from Newegg with a purpose-built linear supply will make a big difference, especially in a highly resolving system like mine. There are a ton of companies that make lab-grade multi-output linear supplies that have very good specs. However, I've not found anyone in a forum who has re-purposed one to power a music PC. For example, this model (http://www.tequipment.net/InstekGPC1850D.html#tab-specifications) sells for $400 and appears to have superior specs compared to the audio PS vendors. Of course, in order to power an ATX mobo a custom wire loom is required but that isn't overly hard to make. Which brings me to my questions: Are there aspects of the purpose built music server power supplies that make them superior to the lab-centric benchtop products? If so, what are they and could I find a lab power supply that has those superior specs. Ultimately, I like getting good value for my money and there are an order of magnitude more lab PS vendors than audio PS vendors which means I can get cheaper gear and have a good selection of excellent used gear as well. I appreciate any thoughts, feedback and guidance you can provide.