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Found 5 results

  1. When Valerie June's album "Pushin' Against a Stone" came out, I scooped it immediately on iTunes, since I had waited months for this album to "drop"... Then a few days later I see that HD Tracks is selling it in 24/48... Well of course I scooped that up too... Then, I checked her website and lo and behold, they were selling vinyl... Yep, I scooped it up too... Which got me to thinking... Exactly how different are these, especially on my modest equipment... VIDEO TIME!!!! Of course I realize that audio quality is not going to be very discernible being recorded on an iPhone and broadcast on YouTube... But perhaps there may be some value to the exercise to someone, somewhere... Then again maybe not... You can watch the video here and determine for yourself: PS. All things considered my preference is the HD Tracks>AppleTV>Bifrost (yes I know ATVs 16/48 limitation)
  2. Greetings, I am a novice, but have the above elements. The trouble is how to connect them. I have HDMI right now from Mini to AVR, then HDMI out to TV. In addition, AVR is connected to router. Movies work fine, but when I go to iTunes, the AVR switches to Network and the sound is bad. I have a Toslink, but don't see why I should need it. There are plenty of HDMI connections on TV, but I don't understand how this thing should work. I just want to switch from movies to music without deterioration or hassle. Can anyone help me? arthurinrsa
  3. Greetings all, I need help finding a DAC with digital bypass. I have an Anthem AVM50v and I want to use that pre-pro to continue to decode all multichannel digital sources. However, for Zones2 and Zone3, I need an analog signal or I cannot send audio to those zones unless I copy the MAIN zone to Zone2 or Zone3. That's fine in most instances, but sometimes, I want to play a different source in Zone 1 (MAIN) and a different source in Zone 2 or Zone 3. The only way I can do that is to have an analog signal to feed the Anthem. My biggest problem is currently my AppleTV and my iTunes Media server. Neither have analog outs. (for my iTunes server, which is 50 feet away, I'm using the V-LINK USB to S/PDIF converter. I'm looking for an inexpensive DAC that will have digital bypass so that I can get the analog out from that source to support Zone2 or Zone3 but at the same time, it will continue to send the original digital signal to the pre-pro in case I want to decode multichannel audio that comes from movies and multichannel music, etc. The only unit that I'm currently aware of with this capability is the DAC Magic Plus from Cambridge Audio, but it's $600. I was looking to spend less than half that amount. Any thoughts or suggestions?? I haven't been able to find any other options. Thanks, Theo
  4. I have a very simple question: Can I plug an AppleTV into a DAC and run it headless with a iPhone Remote app, and stream music from my iTunes that is in the cloud? In other words: no TV, no iTunes library open on another computer. Thanks.
  5. Mother F$%#%^@#^, Help!!!

    So I pulled the trigger on a NAD M2. I use iTunes for my music. Everything ripped to Apple Lossless. I use an Apple TV to stream to my Hifi. I have used this solution for 2 years without a problem. I was using a Benchmark DAC pre to convert D to A. Now I am using the M2 of course. The ATV has an optical digital output and that is what I am using into the M2. Well, the M2 loses the signal from the ATV intermittently. It will play fine for say an hour and then for no reason the sound will start to cut in and out quickly. I spoke to my dealer and NAD and they think it might be a compatibility problem which is hard to believe. I reconnected the ATV to my Benchmark and used the NADs analog input and had no problems. I also tried an iPod dock with digital coax output into the NAD and it also had no problems. I've tried both toslink inputs and they both experience the problem. I still have all my old gear and I could just go back to that setup, the problem is, the M2 sounds bloody awesome and I'm comparing it to over $10k worth of electronics in my old system. I love the sound of the M2 and want to keep it. But I really like iTunes and I really like my Apple TV. It's cheap and it sounds better than you might think. I'm willing to buy a different streamer, but there doesn't seem to be any alternative other than Airport Express. I've started looking at music servers like the Bryston BDP-1, but man that would be a major change and a ton of work not to mention over $2k in expense. Any suggestions very much appreciated.