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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, Since I am new here and this is my first post I hope you bear with me. I have been reading this forum many times and figured I should finally register and get some advice and hopefully also contribute to something. In my quest of finding out what I could do to improve the sound quality of my system I have been reading and googling a lot this weekend. At first I was almost confident it would be Amarra Symphony 3 with IRC and Amarra SQ. My living room is open planned, lots of windows and tiled floor. This is where I have my setup, even though I know it is not the best room in acoustic sense. This is why I was tempted in reducing the negative effects with digital room correction. But then I found out about Auralic Aries, so I started to read everything I could find. Even though it was a lot of great info by you guys (thanks!) it kind of only made me less certain on where to go next. Let me start with my setup: Mac Mini (Non modified i7 from 2011 with 2xSSD) –> USB cable -> MSB The Analogue DAC (with upgraded power base) –> RCA cables -> Nagra VPA –> Marten Django XL I use WiMP HiFi on the Mac Mini often on AirPlay (via AirServer) and I have 1000+ albums in iTunes from CD Quality to DSD played with the help of Amarra or Audirvana. I guess that I should add that the Mac Mini also doubles as a media central a couple of times a week. A few scenarios: 1. Get a Auralic Aries and keep the rest as it is 2. Upgrade my Mac Mini with linear PSU (or just get something new like CAPS?) and also get Amarra Symphony 3 with IRC or similar. 3. Get that new "MSB Network Renderer" for my DAC and use the Mac Mini as a server (?) 4. Something else entirely or partially I will be really happy for just about any feedback. Everything from hunches to expert knowledge.
  2. Amarra re-design concept

    Hello guys I wanna show you a re-design concept ill be working on my free time, but first some clarifications: I don't work for (Sonic studio) Amarra I don't have any kind of affiliation (Sonic studio) Amarra or money interest. Who am I?: in a few words a designer and music lover. Reason for this concept: every time i use Amarra I feel the interface to be very disconnected to the apple guidelines, it looks like doesn't belong to the apple environment and even less now with Yosemite. I understand that this was maybe intentional, to create an unique interface that stands out, even though I understand this motivation I believe that it can be done better. Also I think that even tough Amarra SQ is great it should not be use an an excuse to forget about the appearance, I know amazing functional mac software with delicious interfaces: for example anything from Panic software, Pixelmator, Snippet, Capo, LittleSnapper, Things, Tangerine, Coversutra, Ecoute..etc Things I wanted to improve: General UI Use of color Typography Iconography Wording Layout My goal was to improve the UI and not to change everything. My objective: To promote a new re design Know what Amarra users think and feel about this concept and the Amarra UI. Some comments about design decisions I made: UI: The progress bar should be work when user clicks on any part of it like any other music player. Color : I feel the orange should only be used as secondary color, as an accent ant not indiscriminately through the interface. Hello integrated search: Dynamic search: for a 650 dollars program ( Amarra symphony) I would expect an integrated search field to look for an specific song, band or album, I mean we are in 2014…and paying premium price... Thats all folks hope to hear what you think about this concept. PS: Sorry for my poor english, is not my mother language. Greetings from berlin!
  3. Upgrade from Amarra to Amarra Symphony.

    Any opinions? Is there a difference in sound quality that would justify the significant upgrade cost? Thanks in advance for a thoughts and suggestions.