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Found 4 results

  1. Having a lot of trouble with the new AEX. I get split second drop outs every minute or so using both optical or analog out. I have tried every setting on both my extreme and express, manual channels, 2.4ghz vs 5 only, and still have the split second stutter about every minute. Any solution? setup: pc running latest itunes apple extreme router (latest) apple express router (latest) acting as an extender optical out to NAD d3020 OR analog out to powered speaker condition: split second "stutter" on both
  2. I am looking into a Bryston/Marantz/CAPS/Aurender type media server. Is there a difference in sound quality having Cat-5 Ethernet directly from NAS or router to media server versus say setting airport express in the listening room and running CAT-5 out of it into the media server? My problem is that we have an old house, and large distance between room where the router/modem is and the main listening room, and hardwiring everything will cost some $$$. Present Setup: a Synology NAS upstairs in an office hardwired via CAT-5 to an Apple Time Capsule. The Time capsule, however, is NOT hardwired to the Router (downstairs), but runs off WiFi. My listening room is also on the main floor (with the router/modem), 125 feet from the main router (and downstairs and 100 feet from my NAS) I can hire someone to hardwire CAT-5 from the NAS to the listening room or router to listening room,but not sure that is worth it as the NAS is essentially already wirelessly connected? I assume, if there truly is a benefit to hardwiring it, that I would also need to run CAT-5 from the 1st Floor modem/router to the 2nd floor NAS in the upstair office, and then also to the main listening room on that 1st floor. Then, how much of an audible difference would there be, to say just getting a $99 Airport, and extending the wireless network into the listening room, and hardwiring from that Airport to said media server? I am hoping this makes sense, and appreciate any help. Thanks
  3. I just changed my router to an AE I am trying to get iPeng to work on my iPad2 and it is not seeing the Touch. The touch is visible on Airport Utility and I can manipulate the Touch manually to play Radio. System: Alienware Aurora Win7 Pro AE just installed; mixed network (not a separate 2.4 or 5.0 gHz; have not gotten that far yet) Squeezebox Touch; 50% wireless signal iPad2 w/ iOS 6 iPeng up to date LMS Nightly update (October 17 downloaded this morning). I have not checked my SqueezeCommander on my Android phone yet. Am I missing a setup option somewhere? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi everyone. Getting back into 2-channel audio after a long break. Original setup: Windows XP, a Juli@ sound card to a Musiland MD10 DAC via coax (I think) to a set of Rotel separates to a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 V.4s. Much of the system was also used for surround sound/movie watching. Current setup: Windows 7 64 server sending mostly lossless CD rips to an Airport Express (wired) to the Musiland MD10 via optical then directly to a Rotel RMB-1066 and finally to a pair of Paradigm Studio 10 V.5s. Analog cables are a pair of DIY cables I built years ago. Decent quality. I use iTunes and control it with the Remote app. It sounds great, but I was hoping for a bit more. My memory is telling me the previous setup sounded better. Obviously the 60 series Paradigms had more low end, however I was expecting the highs to be at least as good. I should probably just do an A/B comparison. Here are my actual questions: Is the Musiland DAC a weak link? There seems to be newer/higher quality DACs out there for a few bucks more. Also wondering if not using a preamp is a problem. The Musiland has volume control. Last question is regarding placement of equipment. Everything is fairly close together. I once read someone heard a noticeable improvement by moving their Airport much further away from the other gear. I'd really appreciate your much more experienced opinions.