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Found 3 results

  1. Apple gave us Airplay so we can stream music to several speaker systems. This is ideal if you want to hear your music in different rooms in the house. I bought a B&W Z2 speaker for in the kitchen. We were very happy with it until I installed Pure Music on my Mac. Suddenly there was no more music streaming in the kitchen. Naturally I blamed PM for this. More so because the Internet-radio music that I stream from my iPad through the Mac was received well in the kitchen. Then I learned that Apple is to be blamed. One can stream to more then one speaker set through iTunes, but not if another program is used to play your music. In that case one has to chose only one speaker set. There is is a workaround solution, though. It is called Airfoil. See: Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil I installed it and it works perfect. Two speaker sets playing at once. My HiFi stereo set (with PM) and the B&W Z2 in different rooms. There is also a remote app for iPhone or IPad to control Airfoil. This is may not be big news for many of you but since I had struggled for a long time with this 'problem' I thought I might publish this here.
  2. JRMC and Airfoil for Mac

    G'day CA Fans Heard that JRMC, JRemote and Airfoil (connecting 2 x AEs) was a great combo so I've installed it and I feel like I've just bought a whole new set up as compared to iTunes! One thing I noticed happening is that when I select a different song, Airfoil will stop playing through the main computer and only stream to AEs connected. When I quit Airfoil and try again, the main computer's sounds turn back on. When I open Airfoil again, it plays through all speakers. Does anyone have the same issue? Cheers
  3. Audirvana + with AirPlay and Airfoil

    Folks: I have a specific question about Audirvana Plus and some remote play issues. I am trying to play a 24/96 file and I want to pipe it over AirPlay to a remote system. The remote system works fine when I am playing iTunes with OR without Audirvana, so I know the basic setup is okay. When I play the files to my desktop computer (USB --> V-link 192 --> BiFrost --> etc.) everything works great. However when I try to play to a remote system via Airfoil, nothing. It could be that I just don't have Audirvana set up for that which is the likeliest; it could be that Audirvana won't play to a remote system which is possible but unlikely; it could be that Airfoil and Audirvana don't play well together which is most likely. The only solution I can think of is that I need to keep the files I'm trying to send through Audirvana and Airfoil to 16/44.1 but I haven't tried that yet - reluctant to purchase 16/44.1 files and I don't know how to get one off of iTunes... I'm sure it is something trivial but I just can't figure out what it is. If anyone has worked this kind of (I assume) mundane issue out, please advise. Thanks, Mike