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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I've been waiting a long time to enter the world of audiophilia and I'm looking to start a decent budget set-up for a turntable in a small room. I'm currently set on the MB42X, however I'm deciding between two options. 1.) Get the Orb Mini T- Amp and integrate a sub later. 2.) Get a different T-Amp with integrated EQ controls. I'm aware that the MB42X has much better highs since the crossover upgrade, but I'm concerned about my lows. Would the speakers themselves be sufficient for the time being without integrating a sub for a while? Or should I just pitch the sub idea out the window and go with a T-Amp with EQ controls. I don't see much talk about the Orb Mini T. What's the general consensus on it?
  2. Hello all. I was all-vintage until recently purchasing a pair of B&W 685's. Seriously. I hadn't purchased new speakers since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. The difference between the B&W's ($700) and my JBL L20T's ($902 inflation adjusted) was an eye opening experience which convinced me to embrace 21st century audio electronics. Since CA is modern audio's premier community, I humbly ask its members (you) for input & opinions. I'm leaning toward this bang-for-the-buck system ("*" = already own): *Win7 netBook with *JRMC/*FLAC on internal hdd (connected via *Audioquest Forrest USB to...) Emotiva DC-1 as both DAC and preamp (connected via XLR to...) Crown XLS1500 power amps (x2, connected via Blue Jeans speaker cable to...) *B&W 685 S2 speakers (bi-amp'd) I haven't yet worked out how or if 2 stereo power amps can be connected to the DC-1, but the more immediate question is whether or not one can expect audiophile results with just $900 for a DAC, preamplifer and 2 power amplifiers in the year two thousand and fifteen. Much obliged. Gary
  3. Advice Needed

    Greetings, Im hoping I can get some advice with my new setup. I have just recently purchased and hooked up a miniwatt n3 amplifier and a pair of wharfedale 10.1 diamond speakers. This is currently hooked up straight to my pc's soundcard. I have been thinking of getting a dac but the soundstage i am quite happy with at this point. My problem (or i think it is a problem) is that I feel that the sound even though has a great soundstage, seems to be lacking a little bass. As you may know the miniwatt only has a volume control so levels are set. My question is, is this sound the natural sound it should be or am I just used to the heavy bass a lot of cheaper hifi systems pump out, or is due to more of an in-compatability between speakers and amp. From what I have read the miniwatt can pretty much run most speakers well, so I dont know if Im just being picky. Is there anyway i can increase the base slightly using any computer programs or is it worth getting something like a preamp to give me more control? Any advice would be greatly appreciated......Thanks
  4. Hey everyone! I've been having issues with echo for some time now, so I decided to buy a headset. I'm really bad at making decisions, and I don't know much about headsets, so I'd like your advice. I've got about 150 euro to spend, though I prefer spending less. I'm looking for a comfortable headset with very good sound quality for games, and at least good quality for music. I also want it to be 7.1 surround sound. I prefer wireless but its not a must. And it should have a decent microphone. Because I already have a microphone, I could also buy headphones instead of a headset if this gives better quality, but I couldn't find many suited for gaming. If you can recommend me any which has everything I noted above (except the mic), please let me know! I've did some research myself, and these are the headsets I came up with: Wireless Gaming Headset G930 - Logitech NL SteelSeries - Gaming Headsets - SteelSeries 7H Razer Megalodon - Gaming Headset | Razer Online Shop DR-GA500 (DRGA500, DRGA500.EU8) : Accessoirezoeker : Sony Vengeance® 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Sennheiser Worldwide - PC 323D I was also wondering, even though It''s really expensive, is this one worth the money?: http://store.razerzo...goryId.58507000 I've also found these headphones, though I think they're a little too expensive: MDR-DS6500 (MDRDS6500, MDRDS6500.EU8) : Draagbare audio : Sony Let me know you're opinions about all these. Which would you recommend and why? Thanks a lot for your help!