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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent A-to-D converter with USB output and MacOS software, all that comes under USD300? Audio only, up to 24bit/96kHz I should tag @mansr and @Miskasince they've shared a lot of measurements around here on CA. Their personal preferred gear may be well above my budget but maybe they can still recommend stuff <USD300 Cheers!
  2. Lampizator is planning to enter the Analog to Digital (ADC) market with a modified Tascam DSD128 ADC. Looks interesting. https://www.facebook.com/FikusLampi/videos/2044940989071162/
  3. Hi! In the era of vinyl comeback, the wish to digitize might grow. In the iFi lineup, there is one important bit missing to accomplish this: the ADC. Are there plans to offer such a device in the not so far future? I somehow have more faith in Thorsten and team than in all these ubiquitous pro audio gear manufacturers to produce something "right". Their "cheaper" offerings (100-400 USD) are not that convincing to me (might be a subjective feeling, but anyway). Thanks!
  4. I'm currently looking at the Benchmark ADC, Tascam DA-3000 and the PS Audio Analog Phono Converter. I know the Ayre is out there but it's very pricey at around $3K. If anyone could could share their experiences with any of the products I listed above that would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks! Arleigh
  5. Having just seen a couple of post recently about USB regenerators/filters, I was wondering (and hopeful) that I could use one of these such products (see link & attached pics below for examples) for an ADC audio interface. Now the interface in question is a Propellerheads Balance, which is designed primary for recording instruments such as electric guitar or Mic input via XLR. Now, my use case is slightly different but no less valid. I have a DJ mixer to which I connect a Technics SL1210 turntable and use this setup for digitising my vinyl collection at 24bit/96khz. There is a lot of noise in this setup which I am hoping to be able to reduce. This is not my end game set up; I intend to buy an audiophile turntable and phono stage (more research required before I'll commit my cash), but in the mean time, I would like some help reducing the noise I'm experiencing. I am using Propellerheads Reason as the DAW for recording and editing the audio, and it has a rather useful level meter. When all kit is connected but no audio playing, the meter is showing the noise floor is at around -60db, which is far too high. I think that most of this noise is coming from the analogue input via XLR from the mixer/phono stage; but I'm not sure how much of this is due to unpurified/unfiltered power supply going to mixer/phono stage and the turntable. Sellers of USB regenerators/filters would say that noise from host computer will infect any attached USB audio devices, but is this the case for ADC devices? Actually, the Propellerhead Balance is a DAC and ADC, but the usage scenario I'm focusing on is the ADC function. So can these type of USB purifiers/regenerators/filter devices help to reduce noise in this situation? (please see this link for device examples [ps, not the audio interface]: A Collection of USB Audio Enhancement Products | AudioStream ) Thanks.
  6. I am looking to buy a high quality USB powered ADC device supporting 24bit 96KHz analogue to digital conversion so that I can convert by Vinyl to high quality FLAC files. I am currently using the line in port on my Mac Book Pro and am not happy with the audio quality of the embedded sound card so I would like an off board device to do this instead. When recording with the sound card on the Mac I am regularly hearing scratchy noises, which I initially assumed was because of a worn stylus, but when I listen to it directly from the mixer, those scratchy noises were not there, so the conclusion is, this is as a result of the A to D conversion going on in sound card as they are not present in the source. I would be interested to hear what products anyone can suggest to support this, thanks.
  7. Looking for recommendation on audio card for new system I'm building. I acquired the Benchmark ADC1 and will probably get the Schiit Bifrost as DAC. Main purpose is to record/palyback vinyl & other analog sources at 24b/192k, into stereo system, not thru A/V amp. Now since I'm bypassing both ADC & DAC in the audio card what function will it perform? Not an expert on this, but is the DTS handled by motherboard or audio card?? Also need an SPDIF Input (that can handle 192k) either on motherboard/audio card for the ADC1 output. Cant find a motherboard with SPDIF In, and most cards with SPDIF In seem to be higher end cards... Any suggestion? Thx!