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Found 3 results

  1. Just wanted to invite everyone who might not have seen the 24-bit vs. 16-bit audio test I have on the blog post. 3 musical pieces, 2 samples - either 24-bit or dithered down to 16-bit. Have a listen. Can you tell the difference? Think about how easy/hard it was to differentiate... Then complete my survey :-) I know many here have mad audio technical skillz. Please try to listen 1st before running file through the audio editor! Collecting data until June then I'll publish a summary analysis. Archimago's Musings: INTERNET TEST: 24-bit vs. 16-bit Audio - Can you hear the difference? All the best, Archimago
  2. Downloaded this today.
  3. Hi, I just signed up here today after discovering this site during some Googling. Maybe it's a bias on my part, given what I was originally looking for, but it seems quite an omission not to have a forum here that's specifically for the whole business of converting vinyl to digital. FTR, what I was specifically looking for (but can't find) is a true audiophile grade ADC unit that focusses on doing just the job I need it for, for which the specific specification would include: - highest-quality AUX level analogue inputs via standard RCA type connectors - Firewire 800 connection - Thunderbolt connection (at least as an option, if not standard) - maximum resolution/sampling rate of 24-bits/192 kHx (are higher capabilities yet available? I haven't seen them) - minimalist controls (if any?) - clean/smart aesthetic design I don't want/need: - phono stage/RIAA correction - masses of unusable inputs and outputs - front/back panels cluttered with costly and unneeded sockets, controls etc I want a box that puts the emphasis on the quality of the sound, not on providing a list of functional capabilities as long as my arm, which I'll never have a use for! I surely cannot be the only person that's in the market for such a product, can I?