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Found 6 results

  1. I'm running a Mac Mini into a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC (first version). The USB maxes at just 16 bit 48hz. Question: So why does it sound much better in Pure Music when I turn on oversampling? I tried using the SPDIF but the DAC also indicates that it is only receiving the native 44KHz. Question: Does that mean that the software oversampling only works with USB and not with the SPDIF? I have a more modern Audiolab MDAC (on another system) that I will be testing with this system over the weekend. Maybe that will be even better. USB on that is up to 24-bit/96kHz. Both DACs rate 24-bit/192kHz on coax. Question: Do wise members of this community think that I should invest in some kind of USB to Coax anti-jitter thing, or save that money and get a better USB DAC? I'm in general happy with both my DACs but haven't heard new kit in a long while. The remainder of my system is two Musical Fidelity XT-100's bi amplifying a pair of B&W 705s. I think that tweaking my source (mac-mini / DAC etc) should be able to reap big sonic benefits, so that's what I'm poking around on this forum to learn more about. Thanks :-)
  2. miguelito

    Audirvana or Pure Music?

    I've been running Audirvana (1.5.12) for ~ 5 months, mostly in standalone mode (I do think it sounds a little better than in iTunes mode). I'm happy with the sound. However, I don't enjoy my music as much without something like iTunes to peruse my files and play music. It's just too cumbersome to deal with files and directories and drag them into the Audirvana playlist window - especially since I do it from an iPad using the Screens VNC client. CDs and LPs are a very different story b/c although cumbersome there's a magic and a physicality to them that files don't have. So given I want to use iTunes, what's the best integrated player to use from a sound perspective? I have tried: - Audirvana: integration is perfect but it doesn't sound as good in iTunes compared to standalone mode. - Pure Music: Testing it now - iTunes integration is not as robust as Audirvana (track position odd) but I'm willing to compromise if it sounds better. - Amarra: Doesn't do DSD files - this means it's out for me. My setup: Mac mini('09, 8gbRAM, 250gbSSD, Mavericks, headless and minimal install - only for music) => Lightspeed USB (split) => EmmLabs XDS1v2 (same as Dac2x from a DAC standpoint) => Audio Note Kondo Ongaku integrated amp => Avantgarde Duo Mezzo speakers. Would appreciate any opinions. Thx! Miguel
  3. eatapc

    DSD playback with Pure Music

    Last weekend a friend of mine had trouble at his audio society when trying to demo DSD playback. At one point he complained that DSD "isn't ready for prime time." I wanted to demonstrate how (relatively) easy it is to play high-res DSD downloads on a Mac with Pure Music -- even if you don't have a new DAC with native DSD playback. I'm staying out of the fight as to how DSD compares to high-res PCM. (Obviously, it's complicated.) The fact is, there are some good albums out there that were mastered as DSD, so I want to be able to buy them now and play them without sacrificing sound quality or iTunes convenience. Demo on YouTube. For convenience, I did the screen capture using my laptop and it's internal sound card, rather than my main music system with its external Bel Canto DAC (which does not do native DSD conversion). A few months ago I tried Korg AudioGate to convert the files to PCM first, then bring them into iTunes, but I didn't like what AudioGate did to the sound. Some albums showed signs of clipping with AudioGate. Pure Music sounds much better -- even doing the conversion on the fly. The CPU usage is not that bad. Take care -- Mark Block
  4. Greetings all, I've downloaded the demos of both Amarra and Pure Music. I'm sure that there are battle lines across both camps; however, I'm interested in folks who are using or have used PureMusic to give me suggestions on the best setup and configurations. I'm outputting iTunes/PureMusic on a Musical Fidelity USB to S/PDIF connection on a MacPro that then runs to an Anthem AVM50v and I've chosen to use the DAC in the 50v to process things. In very, very casual listening, Pure Music seems to make the highs of the music a bit more delicate (in a good way) adding more air. There's seemingly more separation and definition in the music and instruments. I'm playing both lossless, CD ripped, and iTunes purchased music on the DAC. Much of what I listen to is classical and orchestral, but also lots of female vocals, with rock, acoustic, folk, acoustic, jazz and more. Thanks for any insights or feedback on what I should be focusing on. Regards, Theo
  5. Hi, Do any of the iTunes alternatives (or piggybacks as some of them are) such as Audirvana, Pure Music, etc. work with Airport Express? Until I'm able to buy a mini to act as my music storage drive I'm stuck using MacBook Pro --> Airport Express --> DAC --> Receiver. I'd like to try the software to see if it helps make my music sound better but can't really use it if they don't support Airport Express. Thanks very much!
  6. HighFidelity

    Settings for PURE Music w Ayre QB9

    I am running a Mac Mini using Pure Music software through a QB9. Should I be upsampling my regular and hi definition music before it reaches the QB9? Does anyone mind sharing the proper settings within PURE Music so that it performs best?