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Found 12 results

  1. I am trying to understand some things about the sound from my system. First my system: Windows 10 pro 64 bit i7 4930k on an Asus Rampage IV Black Ed with 32gb of G.skill ram ar 2133mhz Sound Blaster Zx sound card connected via optical to my Logitech z906 speaker system. I've had this setup for almost 4 years now. I ask this question because I have noticed a few things with the sound quality when comparing and from of a discussion elsewhere on using optical. The primary is that the sound coming from my speakers is amazing. I've had people over that have decent home theater systems in their living rooms and they are amazed at the sound my system produces. My MB also has onboard optical out but I have noticed that it sounds much better coming from my sound card than my motherboard using optical out regardless if I am using the DTS or Dolby codecs or not. It also sounds much better than using just the analog cables. All this especially at higher volumes and better quality audio tacks. FLAC is the best so far but that comes as no surprise over optical. I have also tried other sets of speakers although they've only been pairs of speakers (that are considered higher end), but they just don't compare to using the z906's in my system. So why does it sound as good as it does when comparing to other systems or even with better (supposedly) speakers on my system?
  2. I'm in the process of building a new server and I would like to have it galvanically isolated from the router (although the ethernet specification implies non-galvanic coupling, the "gremlins" I've experienced with this kind of connection seem to show that some noise is making its way into the PC). I had in mind something like: ethernet cable >> rj45 to SFP converter >> sfp cable >> sfp pcie net card Do you have suggestions regarding both the fore mentioned chain configuration and/or recommentations regarding the components/cabling I should use? would the startech card be ok? Regarding the SFP, is there any vantage regarding the SC? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I just built myself a simple HTPC; parts list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/FraserJ90/saved/#view=bbBp99 I was wondering if it's better to use the optical out on the motherboard instead of USB to connect to a DAC/Receiver? Thanks in advance for your repsonses, Jack
  4. I have long been under the impression that the optical connections on Macs (i.e., the headphone jack) were limited to 24/96 and that if I wanted anything higher than that, I'd need to use USB. Using the optical connection of my 2008 iMac, this 24/96 limitation appeared to be accurate. I'm now using Audirvana Plus 2.5.3 on my new Mac Mini (2014) and have connected to my old Musical Fidelity V-DAC using the optical connection. If I enable "maximum rate upsampling" in Audirvana, the Audirvana window shows 24/192 but I get no sound at all. If I enable "power of 2 oversampling only," the Aurirvana window shows 24/176.4, and I have audio output. I'm not sure what to make of this since I thought optical wouldn't do higher than 24/96, and I am fairly sure that this old V-DAC maxes out at 24/96. Is this a bug with Audirvana Plus or do the optical connections on the newer Macs work differently from the old ones?
  5. Hi, am looking for a optical drive to transfer all songs from my music CDs into my Mac, may I ask for recommendation and advise from any audiophile brother here? I'm using iMac and iTunes to store music data, the built-in drive sometime doesn't work and CD jammed inside sometime, so I bought a LaCie slim DVD+/-RW to replace the built-in because it seems that the LaCie is specially made for Mac, but it doesn't work after a while, so I want to get another one that can transfer music data into my Mac perfectly. - Does anyone know any really good CD/DVD-Rom Drive in the market? - I found one from a Japanese brand called "Buffalo", is this good? or actually the core of it is same as LaCie? Buffalo Inc. Thanks for helping
  6. Another basic question. The CA Academy article is now six years old. I've read lots of articles about being sure that the renderer has control of the USB clock and this seems to be pretty common these days. But when I read specs, the optical connection can usually handle higher bit rates. Odd since the bit rates of any music are so far below the actual transfer rate possible with USB 2.0. In any case, given the choice of a USB or optical port from my iMac, is one clearly better than the other? Just for context, consider that I could be feeding either an integrated amp with it's own DAC (NAD, Anthem, etc. etc.) or a discrete DAC like a Chord 2QUTE.
  7. So I jumped into computer audio but I have some questions that some of you might be able to answer...? I currently have an iMac (2012) with a Peachtree DACIT. The computer is in my family room while my Audio Gear is in my living room. Running a cable from the computer to DACIT would be around 25'. I believe that's too long for USB...? So I learned that my iMac has a dual audio output. Meaning if I put in a mini toslink adapter in my 1/8" audio jack I can run an optical cable to my DAC. Would this be a good idea or bad idea? Seems to easy...? I want the best sound possible! Any advice you can give I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Hello. I am confused about what is the best means (sound quality wise) of moving digital music files to a DAC. I read all about USB DACs using asynchronous connections so that the DAC takes over clock duties from the Pc (is that something to do with jitter?), how the various types of connections can be limited in the music file's maximum bit depth and sampling frequency etc etc. How does ethernet fare up sound quality wise? I assume it is unlimited when it comes to the music file's bit depth and sampling frequency, but what about jitter, clock ownership? Please, can someone out there tell me what the best connection is, technically? I am assuming that the best connection technically will also be the best connection for outright sound quality?? Many thanks.
  9. I've spent countless hours trying to configure my 2011 Mac Mini Server to my Rotel HSP-1572 receiver. When the server is connected directly to my HDTV via HDMI, audio works perfect. Whenever it's connected to the receiver there's absolutely no audio. After making sure all the output settings were correct in system preferences and audio midi setup, I read in another forum that a user had to connect an optical cable in addition to HDMI to get it to work. I've tried this as well without any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work either through HDMI or HDMI and optical? The last thing I read was someone buying a Gefen HDMI Detective Plus and connecting this between the server and receiver. Would like input before spending more money. Thanks MacMini i7 server hdmi sound issue [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
  10. Hi everyone, My basic setup is as follows: Custom built PC with both USB + OPTICAL outs > Arcam rPAC (with an unbalanced RCA passive volume control) > KRK VXT6 active monitors + 10s subwoofer I want to replace my Arcam rPAC and the unbalanced volume control with a DAC which has: balanced XLR outputs, a volume control and optical input. (budget around £350/$500) I'm hoping this will eliminate the noise issue I've been having for ages now. And yes, I've tried endlessly to fix that other ways but to no avail. One I've been looking at is the Matrix Mini-I Pro, however I haven't been able to find any retailers here in the UK which sell it. Any suggestions are very much appreciated! Thanks all.
  11. Marcello Povoa

    Digital cables -- which one is best?

    I am listening CD and studio quality music files from a Win 7 64bit PC. Question 1: Since the audio data being sent is binary, what are the real advantages of a high end USB cable ( ex.Kimber Kable USB B Bus ) versus a regular USB cable? Question 2: Which digital audio connection is better: USB or Optical fiber (TOSLINK)?
  12. Hello everybody! Current setup - Windows 8 computer connected through regular audio to M-Audio AV40s (3.5 mm computer to Line L/R input speakers). The only inputs on the speakers are the Line L/R and TRS 1/4" L/R. I have an Optical audio output on my computer. I'm wondering if I will get better quality sound if I use a converter from the Optical (computer) to Stereo TRS (speakers)? These converters seem to cost min. 40 bucks. Any other possible solutions to utilize the Optical out? Thanks in advance.