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Found 5 results

  1. exaSound has announced that they are now offering their 8-channel DSD 256 DAC - the e38 - bundled with their Playpoint Network Audio Player - for $4,095. That's a 30% discount over the cost of buying the two products separately. So, if you're looking into the exaSound e38 for Multichannel playback, it's an offer worth exploring. No word on the exaSound website how long the bundled price discount will be in effect. https://www.exasound.com/Store/e38DACandPlayPointBundle.aspx https://www.exasound.com/e38/e38DACOverview.aspx https://www.exasound.com/PP/Overview.aspx
  2. I am looking for a second owner of my exaSound gears. Up for sale are: exaSound e28 FX Mark II DAC Femto Clock - Mini XLRs for $1,600 (***Sold***) exaSound PlayPoint for $1,200 (***Sold***) The units are well cared for and come with original packing materials. Please contact me for payment and shipping arrangement. Thank you.
  3. Excellent condition (including original packing), with latest updates and working perfectly. Fine sound and ease of use. ExaSound e22 DAC Mk 2 £1950/$2500 (UK price new £3500) ExaSound PlayPoint Network player £1050/$1350 (UK price new £1995) The complete solution: buy both e22 and PlayPoint for £2500/$3250 (UK £ price new £5495) Reason for selling is to economise by selling my second system. Shipping included if within UK. Craig
  4. Used but in perfect condition. Prefer buyers from UK. General description : Exasound e12 offers unbeatable value for the price (RRP $1999). Now I'm going to make it more unbeatable. I'm asking £900. The Reason for selling it: I'm abandoning my desktop HIFI system and trying to raise some money for my floor standing speaker system. Please note: this e12 is without stock power supply since I didn't ask for it when I purchased it from a UK reseller. Other tips: 1. Please please use the HQplayer with this DAC and upsampling all files to DSD256+ at 12.288 MHz and feel the beauty of DSD. 2. I would recommend Sbooster BOTW 12V and Sbooster Ultra for powering it or Vinnie Rossi's MINI PURE-DC-4EVR only if your wallet is healthy enough, for me Sbooster is good enough. P.S. I do have Sbooster BOTW 12V and Sbooster Ultra 12V, however, I'm feeding my Sbooster BOTW 12V to my LPS-1 at the moment, if you want the Sbooster Ultra, I can also sell it for £60. Thanks for your interest.
  5. I am selling my Exasound e28 Mk II with Femto Clock (with a low 82fs).The unit is in mint condition. It can be configured for 2 or 8 channels. It can be used for digital XO up to 4 ways, which is what I am doing with it right now. You can go over the web and see all the good reviews about this company and their products Original price was $3849US. I am asking $3200US, negociable. The specification are listed below. Will be shipped in the original box, including the power adaptor and the remote.