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  1. Roughly translated it says: Soon available Scrion The PinkFaun Scrion is a Roon endpoint Equipped with a linear supercap power supply Standard outputs AES/EBU, coax and optical Expandable with multiple digital output variants such as i2s-TTL or LVDD
  2. @flkin and @romaz thank you both for the excellent posts. I enjoy reading your journeys and really appreciate that you share your experience with these comprehensive write ups! Roy, you mentioned a new PinkFaun streamer. Recently at the Xfi event they introduced the Scion streamer:
  3. FredM

    music server advice !

    Okay, do you have a preferred DAC input type? (usb, coax, i2s, ..), it’ll be easier to ‘shortlist’. And of course do you have a outspoken preference for a one box server or not? (when it’s not a problem to use 2 or more boxes, the options would increase considerably..) when ie you prefer i2s output using a one box device, there would only be a handful options. When you don’t have a preferred output and are fine with 2+ devices, possibilities and opinions will vary a lot (then it will be useful to first browse true the site to have an idea)
  4. FredM

    music server advice !

    Then to determine the 'server solution' , you'll first have to decide if you want to use the Brinkman as a DAC only or as a streamer/endpoint DAC. I don't know at what level the Brinkman endpoint works.
  5. FredM

    music server advice !

    Ah, so your DAC is already a Roon endpoint.. When you want to use the Brinkman you'll only need a device for music storage which can run Roon OS. Also no USB or coax output needed, as it can be connected via network/RJ45.
  6. FredM

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Great, looking forward reading your thoughts already! 👍
  7. FredM

    music server advice !

    ?? What are you looking for: Storage, OS, digital output in one server device, with USB AND coax output?? For what budget?
  8. FredM

    music server advice !

    With music server, you mean one device for storage of music files and/or Roon OS and/or direct connection to the DAC? It'll also depend on your budget and needed digital output (USB, coax,..)
  9. Exciting times indeed, mine is being build at the moment 👍
  10. Exactly! Comparing the Statement with the SE 'plus' chain, prise wise it wouldn't be that much different. Or perhaps even in favour of the Statement (including all BNC- USB- Network- and power cables. Not to mention the PSU's, shelves, possible isolators, etc). Performance wise it'll be interesting to see how the two Innous setups will compare: one internal double (OXCO) clocked and tuned device, in comparison with a chain consisting external (OXCO) clocked devices. I wonder if a best practice design principle can be made up? (taking into account here that the Statement sits in the upper price level server group, there are less expensive options for a one box solution, i.e. TLS, PinkFaun, 432 EVO, ..) (Ps Looking at the flexibility in upgrading (in favour for 'chain' approach ) and tidiness/minimal space (favour for one device approach) the differences are luckily much easier to determine) edit: excuse me, I just forgot the Statement is a two box product, the message remains about the same
  11. FredM

    CA Is Hiring!

    Perhaps: Depending on national tax rules, if registrated as a company a reviewer might benefit a deductible tax and/or vat for hifi purchases/review samples.
  12. Fresh review of the TLS OCXO switch: https://audiobacon.net/2018/09/28/the-linear-solution-ocxo-audiophile-switch-reference-ethernet-cable-the-missing-pieces-of-digital-audio/2/
  13. Hi there, triggered by the keen Lush^2 design -using external connectors- a quick novice question, please brace yourselve: Reading about USB cable design it seems the 5v power wire seems to be a culprit. Would it be possible to disconnect the 5v wire after the initial connection has been made, and more important: would it then be beneficial only using the data wires?
  14. My 2 cents: Both are related, when you add 3 devices (tX, psu, mutec10), you’ll also need 3 extra power cables.. Which brings your pre-DAC device count to 9? Then also 9 power cables (not to mention the digital cables to connect them with each other) As an alternative option you could consider going for an all-in-one server (ie aurender, antipodes, the linear solution, pink faun, ..). Some of these also include very decent internal (OCXO) clocking. For the money of a tX, psu and Mutec10 with matching digital- and power cables you’ll invest roughly 80% of the price of a one box clocked server. Sell your other gear and you’re done, with probably some spare/saved cash at hand to improve your AC power matters.
  15. Ah, thanks. I'm interested in the Lush^2 and in the market for a proper USB cable. I'll most likely be there tomorrow. I you decide to go, perhaps we can drink something?? (please send a pm)