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  1. FredM

    Antipodes CX

    Here you go: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-cx-ex-part1/
  2. For a non-DIY article, you can consider the DS-1 as a subject: - it has its roots in AL, - it is easy accessible for less-technical-equipped readers - the AL DIY spinoff/route can be mentioned And for most, I would love to see Rajiv to write an article about it. I enjoyed reading his previous articles a lot!
  3. 😎👍 Thanks for your swift audition, great to hear the result! In a non 'clock additions' situation, upgrading other parts of the chain could well be more beneficial (with a budget of appr. €6000-8000, depending on accessoires). Great insight!
  4. Yes I understand that. I’m wondering if you also have tested or thoughts on: A) Default SE, including your ‘clock additions’ (tX, REF10, SR10). This would be situation 2 in the table vs B) SE with AL only (so without the clock additions in the chain) It would be very interesting to get an impression how Software improvements (B) would stand up against a very well Clock implementation (A). The well established contribution of adding Clock additions could have a serious competitor/alternative (for users without an added clock and without AL), especially given the huge price difference between A and B. It would also create some meaningful insights on the relative contribution of AL. Sorry if my question wasn’t clear, I hope with this explanation the question is better to understand.
  5. Great write up again, thanks for sharing your findings. With the SE as a baseline, do you know how improved software (AL) would compare with an improve clock (Ref10 with additions), in other words: 7 vs 2+(tX+Ref10+SR4) ?
  6. There are already 2 keen streaming projects on the shelve: researched, developed, tuned, build and available for individuals or groups to support / buy 🙂 As an alternative -if you’re keen to add a personal touch/experiment- I guess one can always ask if specific adjustments are possible.
  7. Hi Larry, Thank you, yes I understand that that there is more then a keen power setup. I should have used more words in my reaction, like: “..seem to be the catch in the confusion”. I was trying to say that it could appear that a normal NUC with RAM OS only would outperform ie a mR or SE. Therefore I wanted to break this down into a couple of power setup variable to create a common reference, regarding the power setup. I’m fully with you that RAM OS combined with a good power supply is not all it takes. The list with additional improvement area’s goes on and on. I’m certainly not an expert but from what I’ve been reading everything matters, using OCXO clocks, position/distance clocks, internal wiring, fuse, etc..(Which all goes above my hat) To create some kind of common idea/reference, it would be nice to get a rough impression on how a NUC with only a RAM OS (ie loaded from an external USB stick) and a good power supply (ie 1.2, SBooster,.) would perform in comparison to a known other product. I’m presume these two improvements are doable for most ‘novice’ users. Tweaking ie the bios setting will fit nicely in the ‘expert’ department.. 🙂
  8. The ‘decent’ power supply seems to be the catch.. it seems 3 variables are discussed at the same time: - At what level does a standard NUC with RAM OS perform, using a standard power supply? - what is the increase when using a better power supply (ie SBooster, 1.2, ..) - what is the increase when using an extreme power supply?
  9. Roughly translated it says: Soon available Scrion The PinkFaun Scrion is a Roon endpoint Equipped with a linear supercap power supply Standard outputs AES/EBU, coax and optical Expandable with multiple digital output variants such as i2s-TTL or LVDD
  10. @flkin and @romaz thank you both for the excellent posts. I enjoy reading your journeys and really appreciate that you share your experience with these comprehensive write ups! Roy, you mentioned a new PinkFaun streamer. Recently at the Xfi event they introduced the Scion streamer:
  11. FredM

    music server advice !

    Okay, do you have a preferred DAC input type? (usb, coax, i2s, ..), it’ll be easier to ‘shortlist’. And of course do you have a outspoken preference for a one box server or not? (when it’s not a problem to use 2 or more boxes, the options would increase considerably..) when ie you prefer i2s output using a one box device, there would only be a handful options. When you don’t have a preferred output and are fine with 2+ devices, possibilities and opinions will vary a lot (then it will be useful to first browse true the site to have an idea)
  12. FredM

    music server advice !

    Then to determine the 'server solution' , you'll first have to decide if you want to use the Brinkman as a DAC only or as a streamer/endpoint DAC. I don't know at what level the Brinkman endpoint works.
  13. FredM

    music server advice !

    Ah, so your DAC is already a Roon endpoint.. When you want to use the Brinkman you'll only need a device for music storage which can run Roon OS. Also no USB or coax output needed, as it can be connected via network/RJ45.
  14. FredM

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Great, looking forward reading your thoughts already! 👍