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  1. Hi, So, any news? Is it ready to public release? Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys! Sorry for the late reply :-) @Jay yes i do look at the room and treatment as well as speaker placement. I got jim's get better sound book and dvd, highly recommended @firedog ATC SM-25 look great not a single distributor in Australia has them in stock :-( I am leaning towards the KEF LS-50 Anniversary with a classe 5.1 multichannel power amp They are small and coaxial supposed to be best for near field Ive listen the Magies 3.7 they are a soft beauty ideal for analog and voice. I do a lot of electro
  3. Is there any indication if mch DSD playback will be later available in the Mytek 8x192 DAC? Timeframe? It would be nice to have 5.1 and 2 spare channels for a dedicated headphone amp
  4. Ted, One more big thank you for doing this! U already have a proof of concept working! Now with proper clocking and fine tuning is becoming a great DSD dream come true. I am looking forward to your progress and the reaction from other manufacturers. U are making a bit if history on mch DSD! Cheers
  5. In doing that the DSD will be lost to PCM? I remember that Flac can be the "containner" of DTS but not sure about DSD If it holds DSD that will make flac much more atractive for tagging etc
  6. Thanks Tailspn, After I wrote my previous post I started thinking about what u exactly said, thanks for that. I am upgrading Amp-Speakers as well, for which we are not waiting for a new mile stone :-) I will re-focus on Speakers now and Hopefully is a matter of months for the DAC. Then the rest of the industry follows to support DSD more. Cheers,
  7. Thanks guys, very clean explanation sadly its wait time then for me. :-) I rather get something that plays every format, no that i have to switch the output to send DSD then back to PCM
  8. Well, it looks like the Myteck 8x192 is a clear winner. It does DSD and PCM just $3500, it's it that easy? Would this audio chain work? Windows 7x64 PC ISO DSD64/128 SACD file (effectively should play anything like DVD-A ISO and FLAC) Foobar with DSD plug to ASIO Lynx Driver installed Lynx Studio Technology AES16e (does the Lynx card break DSD in to PCM?, then I need to go Firewire to bypass and keep DSD) DB25 to DB25 (EAS/EBU, need to check pinouts?) Myteck 8x192 DB25 to 4 XLR (8ch Balanced Analog) Any tricks? e.g. re-clock the Lynx card from the Mytek CX 797 clock out? Thanks,
  9. Thanks for these detailed replies It sounds that we are not there yet for 5.1 DSD from ISO files Btw, daniel Weiss reply a similar enquiry from myself that they are working on DSD support for the DAC 202 (stereo) via firmware and driver upgrade Don't know of any time frame and if it will include other products I was tempted to have 3 stereo dac 202 with one as master clock but that would be more expensive than the emmslabs DAC 8 :-) And a silly 3 volume controls etc Is it fair to say that weiss and emmslabs are much better SQ than mytec? I ve only listened to weiss 202 dac If so, I would say better to wait then. Cheers,
  10. Hi, I have been looking for a multichannel DAC 5.1 that plays DSD64 multichannel SACD ISO images but seems that not many solutions out there. I use foobar SACD plug in (PCM) in 2.0 The EmmLabs DAC8 MKIV 8 Channel D/A and D/D converter seems interesting Manufacturer Link: EMM Labs - DAC8 MkIV Multichannel Digital to Analog Converter Price is around $8500 EMM Labs and Sonoma Pricing An out of production model DAC6e look interesting too: EMM Labs - DAC6e SE 6 Channel Digital to Analog Converter I suppose that a PCI card is required to input in the DAC. I would use Lynx Studio Technology AES16e in to the DAC PCM input. Any feedback welcome on this DAC or other. Thanks, Yogui. BTW, I am no expert in Multichannel nor DSD so take easy if I got any concept wrong. :-)
  11. Thanks again, Purite Audio, I did listen to some Genelec (8030 & 8040) but didnt like them and went for Focal Twins. I may listen to higer end Genelecs, I do like that they are strong build, integrate 5.1 and DSP/room correction. Danq, I will have a listen at the Magnepan. I really like Monitors (no amp hanging around) and I do listen at Near field (1mt) from them. I plan to integrate 5.1 later on. That narrows my options, may be I should give up the monitors type and have an amp I definetly have to go arround and listen to more systems to make an opinion.
  12. Thanks for the replies! :-) I forgot about my signature, so my system was there all the time anyway :-( Probably the numbers make it sound hard and fixed but that’s not my intention. May be the numbers are not that good, but otherwise I can not think of a reference. From the comments and my experience I get that Speakers + Amp are a big influence in Quality (nothing new there), I suppose second by DAC. To follow the example, I do read the specs of speakers, but dont mean much at all. The final decision is done after a good listening session. Living in Sydney, Australia makes it harder to audition my next speakers which don’t have a name yet but I hope they will keep me happy for long years. May be is a good excuse to go Rocky Mountain :-) So this was just an exercise to put some frame around the cost.
  13. Hi, Short Question: Is there any guidelines/ideas on how to split the money spent in components to get maximum audio quality on a system at a given price. My own system example: 10 % Desktop PC 03 % PCI to USB CARD 01 % USB Cable 33 % DAC (Stereo) 03 % XLR Cables 50 % Active Monitors (Stereo) $5K-$30K Price Range I did a few searches on the topic and came empty handed, but please post a link if any or your toughts/example. Long Explanation: The idea is to have a guideline in to how much to spend in a Component versus an other in a given system. There will be too many variable behind those %, probably hundreds of disccusions about components etc. Please, I'm trying to stay away from particular discussions, brands and models, I know it's hard :-) I assume that everyone will pick their favourite component brand influenced by they priority's e.g. Connectivity, Design, Power etc. Don't quote me on the %, I'm guessing base on my limited experience/reading (I suppose most will do the same) (the leading 0 on the % number is just to keep the alignment) It will change with the whole system price, so price range should be a factor. But may be wider than $5K-$20K. Also avancement on technology of a component will tend to reduce it's % vs the rest. This should be the case of DAC vs Speaker If you change the system design itself just list the components as a chain, e.g. Active Monitor may change for Amplifier>Cables>Speakers How I think to use the guideline: For example I'm upgrading all cables. Currently my DAC is the best component, which is likely stay in the system longer. So I would take the value of the DAC $6500 and apply the % in reverse to get the whole system value Target System ($) = Component ($) / Component (%) $6500 / 33% = $19,696 33% will be 0.33 in this case or 100 / 33 That is not my current system value, but the one I would build if I keep the DAC in place and upgrade all the other components. Now, How much should I spend on my next XLR Cables to match the DAC value? Component ($) = Target System ($) x Component (%) XLR Cables $ = $19,696 x 3% XLR Cables $ = $590 Remember it's just a guideline, to somehow "relate" our audiophile daydreaming with the pocket :-) Regards, Yogui. Chris, If the site have some kind of user form everyone could place their current system components, that may also be an indication and work as a reference with profiles etc. head-fi does it and I found it usefull.
  14. Does anyone know where the Hardware version is printed? Which one is the current version? (probably that's a question for Weiss) The questions are to be sure that the current firmware will work and will upgrade to the next one etc. Being a just released USB version DAC, I'm concern that the hardware version has been superseded recently. Thanks!
  15. A path from 2.0 to 5.1

    I'm no expert, but what I thought when single clock was suggested was that the each DAC Buffer etc (as the time from receiving the Digital signal to output the Analog) on each DAC would be different (since they are different brands/models) and ergo need a single clock. But looks like that is not the case, after reading "dwkdnvr" comment. Is it? I have my doubts now, if clocking is required (or at least highly recommended) then the cost of a high end clock may be comparable to a multichannel DAC, any way whatever it is it will count against the Multichannel DAC since it’s only required for the multichannel set up. On the other hand, I definitely want to upgrade to Weiss DAC202U, it will become my main stereo DAC. The Lynx Studio Technology AES16e sound card is also on the upgrade list. With all the good reviews and feedback it has, at $700 is not a big worry to waste that money if I go wrong. Also the AES digital output will clean any possible noise from the PC. So at the moment even if clock or other reasons make it a “bad” multichannel set up I didn’t really waste much money at least for a 4.0 set up without the single clock. Thanks for your links “ccclapp”, I did a few hours of reading there is definitely a lot of info there but, I didn’t see anyone suggesting multiple Stereo DAC for a multichannel. Did I miss someone?