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  1. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    I see what I did basically I messed up so essentially the configuration was... A: B-W B: B-W At first I liked this one vocals seemed more present but when switching to DSD I found all the air was zapped out of the recording no more atmosphere. but I’m intrigued about... A: B-W-Y B: B-W This one is similar to one above but works not as dry. This one is vocal king no edginess smooth presentation and decay is very quick. Acoustics picking is very distinct. Sorry for my misunderstanding I need to start taking notes on what configuration plus findings so I don’t get lost in the 10k permutations. music used Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser MFSL DSD “Songs Of Our Stars” for imaging Beck - Sea Change MFSL “Already Dead” acoustics and vocals Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet W.German target “Wanted Dead Or Alice” acoustics and vocals Michael Jackson - Bad “Speed Racer” for imaging PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me for vocals and drums
  2. kurb1980

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Thanks Peter I got my Lush^2 on Monday and after probably 50 or so configurations I finally found one that sounds exciting to my ear! Vocals on this one are unreal, soundstage is wide, and imaging is pin point. Acoustics are more distinct and decay is faster on guitars and vocals. A: B-W &&Y B: B-W The first & jumper is horizontal and the second & jumper vertical. Curious to know if others hear the same?
  3. kurb1980

    JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    Thanks Alex we spoke the other day about the JS-2. I just wanted to say it was apparent to me your passion for what you do and wanting to share your expertise with others. You covered a lot of ground in that phone conversation pun intended most of it was over my head. I could tell your a great speaker I could listen to a webinar have you ever considered doing that? Long story short can’t wait to hear the JS-2 once it arrives! i do have a question should I plug it in to my filterless power strip which is plugged into the topaz?
  4. kurb1980

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Just got my UltraRendu waiting for the JS-2. Super simple pretty much plug and play. I’m using my second gen HDplex adjusted to 7v to test it out works great sounds stiff I’m sure it’s the HDplex. It will be a great comparison to hear the difference in SQ once the JS-2 arrives.
  5. kurb1980

    Article: Free Higher Resolution Upgrades*

    I'd rather have the expanded color gamut than the 4k with that said I'd rather have dynamic mastering over 192kHz MQA because what's the point of having the added frequency response if levels are squashed.
  6. I love the sound of the HD800's with my Mjolnir2 w/Siemens CCa's all balanced from the DAC2 HGC. I also like them with the Reflextors too. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  7. I talked to Rory he told me basically if I have done the firmware update that will get you 95% of what the DAC3 is capable of. So I'm sticking with the DAC2 a while longer.
  8. kurb1980

    Computer Advice

    I use JRiver and I recommend the following.... 1. You can optimize JRiver for better sound quality by setting Prebuffering to 2 seconds, open DSP and change 'Clip protection' to 'Flat line overflows', change audio output to Kernel Streaming, ASIO or WASAPI depending on your preference and set buffering to smallest possible. You can choose to play files from memory instead of disk depending on your preference. 2. Disable dithering in JRiver in advanced set to off. 3. You can disable CPU throttling by changing power plan to 'High Performance' so CPU will always run at 100% utilization. On contrary, if you want to reduce noise from CPU on high performance machine, you can choose 'Power saver' instead and set CPU utilization to 0% for min/max. You can tweak your CPU even further by visiting here Black Viper | http://www.blackviper.com – Have You Tweaked Your OS Lately? this all really depends on how dedicated you want your system to be and how far you want to tweak it.
  9. kurb1980

    HQ Player

    I have two DAC's Benchmark DAC2 HGC and iFI iDSD Micro I'm using the latter for DSD.
  10. kurb1980

    HQ Player

    @ Miska I took a long break from HQP using JRiver with my DAC2 HGC balanced out to Mjolnir 2 and I was wondering how things would sound after a long break? I just spent 3 hrs dialing in HQP on Mjolnir 2 and let me tell you the SQ is unbelievable! I been torn between DSD256 and DSD512 subtle differences but I am leaning more towards DSD256. Needless to say there is huge difference in SQ between the two players. But mind you I'm using two different DAC's so I'm really just comparing two different systems. But I just wanted to chime in again to say thank you for all your hard work!
  11. kurb1980

    Rage Against The Machine (Numbered Limited Edition)

    I finally got to hear the RATM SACD and I wanted to really like it but on first listen I felt something was wrong. I went back to my rip of the original vinyl and night and day difference. The SACD sounds a touch warmer not as punching also the imaging from left to right and right to left not as good. Curious to here anyone elses impression who have heard the various versions ie; original CD and or original vinyl RL pressing?
  12. kurb1980

    Advise on Balanced XLR Cables

    Benchmark makes good professional grade XLR using canare star quad cables with neutrik terminations. Well with in your budget.
  13. I have the REGEN in my chain and no problems. I would try unplugging everything restart CPU re-seed everything. If that doesn't work then I would go into device manager and delete the hubs and restart. This will re-install the device hubs then hopefully the CPU will see the Intona in front of the Benchmark.
  14. I really like the new firmware it has worked wonders on my louder stuff "Loudness Wars" not as shrill steep roll off but rather a slower roll off. I like the new feature auto/off function activated by holding the power button down for 3 sec this also enables memory volume! Marginal improvements on the SQ front while not substantial leaves nothing lacking. The biggest SQ improvement for me was getting the latency min 256 samples.
  15. kurb1980

    Rage Against The Machine (Numbered Limited Edition)

    All remasters with exception of the new AF remaster are garbage.