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  1. Audioseduction

    Synology Box RAID configuration

    That's the direction I may go SHR. I feel drives are very reliable nowadays. I've only lost 2 in the last 10 years.
  2. Audioseduction

    Synology Box RAID configuration

    I got the 1815+ and starting out with 5 drives. I will add drive later.
  3. Which RAID configuration did you select and why? Going to be setting up my DS1815+ this week using 5 WD 4TB RAID drives.
  4. Audioseduction

    Installed the UpTone JS-2 LPS Today WOW!

    Alex, after owning the JS-2 for over a year now powering my C.A.P.S. it still performs EXCELLENT! I had a friend over recently for a listening session and he said I had the blackest noise floor he has ever heard from a system. He owns a high end audio business and attends many of the high end audio shows like CES, RMAF and so on every year. I contribute part of my 2ch playback success to the JS-2. Still loving it!
  5. Audioseduction

    Why not toslink?

    I have owned the Benchmark DAC1 and found it edgy and a bit cold but not bad for the price.
  6. Audioseduction

    Why not toslink?

    I myself use the ST-optical glass fiber with my Bel Canto 3.7 DAC. To me It out performs the USB for SQ. In the image below shows the ST fiber in green.
  7. Audioseduction

    HDMI out vs USB out - Which sounds better

    I prefer USB converting over to ST Optical Glass Fiber.
  8. Hi there. Would someone please kindly tell me what cables/adaptors are needed in order to separately power an internal (OS) SSD?

  9. Audioseduction

    Info Re Windows 10 - Beyond Breathtaking.

    That's to bad. I ran the Win 10 Pro upgrade on my music server without any issues. The only thing I had to do is reinstall JRiver but no big deal. So far listening to it I get a hint of increased clarity and enhanced details. The upgrade was a good thing!
  10. Audioseduction

    Hifi Gaming PC - Silent and zero vibration!

    Not a gaming machining if you use the integrated graphics.
  11. Audioseduction

    How important is the Quality of a Linear PSU

    I’m experiencing very good results utilizing the UpTone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply which has dual adjustable rails. I have a custom C.A.P.S. and power the motherboard with one of the rails set at 12v. I have the second rail set at 5v powering the Samsung Samsung 850 Pro 128GB SSD.
  12. Audioseduction

    Which UPS comes with Baetis Reference?

    (The Pure Sine Wave feature is only when operating on battery) Quote from the CyberPower literature. "Pure Sine Wave: When operating on battery, the PFC Sinewave UPS outputs power with a pure sine wave that is identical to or cleaner than the power from the utility company grid, free of harmonic distortion and electrical noise, resulting in optimal line clarity."
  13. Audioseduction

    Which UPS comes with Baetis Reference?

    My primary reason for the CyberPower unit for my digital frontend is for Uninterruptible Power when the utility grid is down. Other important reasons are Automatic Voltage Regulation, EMI/RFI Filters and being totally silent. I experience no SQ degradation with the UPS in place. In fact the noise floor seem to have lowered a bit.
  14. Audioseduction

    Which UPS comes with Baetis Reference?

    UPDATE!!! After some critical listening sessions I have made a small change for BEST results in SQ playback. I now plug my Pass Labs Pre-Amp directly into the BPT isolation transformer. I have my entre digital front end which includes the music server external LPSU “UpTone JS2”, USB to Optical Glass Fiber media converter and the DAC plugged in to the CyberPower Sinewave UPS. NOTE: The UPS is plugged in to the BPT isolation transformer so that the UPS is isolated from the nasty utility power grid. I’ve notice a slight additional reduction in the noise floor. I also don’t have to worry about brown/black outs effecting my sensitive digital equipment any more. System is sounding just AWSOME!