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  1. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    W4S 10th Anniversary DAC Cardas Clear ICs
  2. Article: Computer Audiophile Turns 10 Today!

    I add not only "Congratulations" but also a huge Thank You, Chris!
  3. Do any readers live on oceanfront and are there any negatives to oceanfront living regarding audio listening ie. vibration?
  4. Will this hurt anything? I want to amplify the center channel (where most of speech is in video) from my AVReceiver to headphones for my wife with hearing deficit. Can I do this safely with a headamp? That is, will amplifying an already-amplified signal do any damage to any electronics?
  5. My wife and I will always be huge fans of MTT. We particularly enjoy the excellent Keeping Score series and have always wished he would do more of those. Like Bernstein his mentor, he is a master music educator.
  6. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Still on 9.5. No issues. :>)
  7. Yup. Using center turned up for all the 12yrs we've had the sys. She describes her Tinnitus as like constantly being next to a grinder motor running and no off switch. Good thing she is a positive and naturally happy person.
  8. Yup 2-channel+center. This is on order. en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-tv-earphone-headphone-stereo-rs-5000
  9. 1. Music system is in another room. 2. TV sound is excellent. TV is 58" Panasonic monitor 12 ft from chair. AVR is Denon 200W/ch into Legacy floor standers. SQ is not the problem. Think I'll research Bluetooth audio devices some more. She uses an iPod regularly for music and likes the earpods so that part is done. She has been seen by an audiologist who specializes in Tinnitus and she's pretty well been able to mentally push aside the sound. In day-to-day life she is completely normal except for the watching TV thing. I automatically turn up the volume 6 db or so. It's mostly movies that are the problem when voices drop away or actors are whispering - many times against background music. Thanks, guys.
  10. My dear wife has requested I get her help for her tinitus/hearing deficit. She has trouble making out voices on TV particularly when there's music in the background. I have researched a bit and found some wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter/receiver sytems that seem to do what we want. Anyone have experience with these or any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Album of the Evening

    Sorry - didn't realize the image was so bad. 2nd try from Amazon Mahler Sym 2; Benjamin Zander conducting Philharmonia Orch. Correction: It NEVER fails to thrill and move me deeply.
  12. Album of the Evening

    Not new I know, but impressive none the less. This is my favorite Mahler 2. It ever fails to thrill and move me deeply.
  13. As sort of the antithesis of "Album of the Evening", what album(s) have you either recently discarded or very soon will? We all buy stuff and on later listening wonder "What was I thinking!"
  14. 1 Pair - Cardas RCA female to XLR male, non- magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate. Brass nut, Gold plate. Like new. $75.00 including shipping to CONUS.
  15. Yes. That's how I got mine. Only for this year, since 2017 is the anniversary year. https://www.wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/dac-2v2se-10th-anniversary-limited-edition