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  1. Dear Mr. Connaker

    I have been a CA member since 2008. In that time a day has not gone by that I haven't visited your site. In that time I have grown my system and tweeked it to what I now find an immensely pleasureful and musically satisfying experience. It has been a source of richness in my life that without a doubt would not have been possible without CA as I would not have known how to make it happen. Most of the information that has lead to the upgrades and changes has come from reading CA. For all this, Chris, I am sincerely grateful. Thank you!
  2. 2 favorites: Skrowaczewski, Grainger. Also have all their other classicals.
  3. Re: Cats male/female. Stop and think for a sec. If ALL of any animal is one gender or the other, there would be no mating or reproduction now would there?!
  4. That's a great story. To some folks all cats are girls and all dogs are boys. Never heard all orange tabbies are boys - and we've had cats for 54 yrs. -Al
  5. Alex, You made my day with the shot of "UltraCat" helping you out. Best pet I ever had was one just like him, (her?)
  6. Album of the Evening

    Ohlsson really does it seriously well for me. Have to have one every day. Excellent SQ for CD.
  7. Adding a pre amp

    I highly recommend adding a pre. I did so acoupla months ago. It improved SQ by "fleshing out", providing a fuller, richer body over all. You will like the improvement.
  8. Do audiophiles watch the Superbowl?

    We watched every minute. Finally a SuperBowl that was actually exciting. So glad Pats were defeated. Congrats Eagles. You go next year, Seahawks.
  9. Once had a friend whose mantra was a hobby should be something that does not cost anything. Sorry, but I could never get excited about collecting dirt, rocks or even wildflowers. It had to be shiny, expensive things like cameras (Nikon, Hassies, Leica, Linhof, Sinar, etc.), cars, (32 in all including 2 Porsches) and of course hi-fi equip. Holy cow how much $ did I spend?! --And yes, waste. I'm one of those who had to have the ill-fated Apple Lisa computer ($10k) and printer. Lost count of how many computers (mostly Macs) since. Obviously I should have bought Apple stock instead. Now when I'm not listening to music most of my time is spent playing catch up reading about investment opportunities. We grow too soon old and too late smart!
  10. Not sure what being rugged up in acrylic fibers would be but the rug in the room is prolly acrylic as well as some clothing. But I get your point. It was all the recent discussion of proper grounding/earthing that prompted the question. Thank you all. Now back to the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton . . .
  11. Cultural Death of Hi-Fi

    You guys are depressing the hell out of me! Go here and get a lift. https://www.quora.com/Do-teenagers-hate-classical-music Hint: There are a LOT of answers and you WILL enjoy reading. I know I did.
  12. I'm dumber than a rock when it comes to electricity, so please be gentle when answering. Also, can the sparking cause damage to my system?
  13. The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    I just use an old Apple AirPort Express I got off eBay for $12 and configured it as a wifi extender. Ethernet cabled to the N00H and the iPad connects wirelessly. Works great. Any wifi extender should work.
  14. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    W4S 10th Anniversary DAC Cardas Clear ICs