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  1. coot

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    If I were a rich man... http://avisolation.com/audio-stands
  2. Regarding the name - did they realize using those letters they could call it "PAN-FRIEDS"?
  3. coot

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Kinda kills the practicality of A/B testing usb cables as many CA folks claim to have done. I don't think I could go thru the shut-down/usb wire change/restart quickly enough to make an accurate comparison of usb cables. But the again perhaps my braincells are just too old. 😥
  4. coot

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Ditto on my N100H w up-to date Conductor.
  5. coot

    The "Official" Aurender Discussion Thread

    Is Qobuz coming to Aurender?
  6. coot


  7. Brush of the cat's tail. I know from experience.
  8. coot

    Help CA Find New Speakers

    If it's actives you're after: Legacy Valor
  9. coot

    Is anyone using IsoAcoustics Iso Pucks?

    What thickness bamboo and are they the butcher-block type?
  10. Larry, What a wealth of insight! I very much enjoyed your comments and indeed am envious of your concert-goin history.
  11. They are solid brass. Look it up. Explained on Mapleshade.com
  12. Just a word of warning: Those points are very sharp! I have the damaged wood and casings to prove it. Ended up grinding off some points and now just use them as weights.
  13. coot

    Are you an audio hobbyist?

    Heck I just like pretty shiny things that either go fast (sports cars) or entertain me (tv) or make beautiful and exciting music (audio).
  14. coot

    Servicing My Aurender

    Does it still perform otherwise, ie., play music - does the controlling device still connect to it and perform normally? I have the same model and am interested in how this works out for you so please keep us informed. Best of luck.