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  1. coot

    Are you an audio hobbyist?

    Heck I just like pretty shiny things that either go fast (sports cars) or entertain me (tv) or make beautiful and exciting music (audio).
  2. coot

    Servicing My Aurender

    Does it still perform otherwise, ie., play music - does the controlling device still connect to it and perform normally? I have the same model and am interested in how this works out for you so please keep us informed. Best of luck.
  3. coot

    Album of the Evening

    Is this available for DL somewhere?
  4. coot


    I just feel sorry for the OP. Not so much about his expensive cable being ruined, but that he got so much crap about the expenditure. He should never have told you people about it!
  5. coot

    Now This I Don’t Understand :~|

    Damn I hate that. It's precisely why I moved out of the city!
  6. Precisely why I moved from Mac Mini to Aurender. Very happy move I might add.
  7. coot

    Article: AXPONA 2018 Show Report

    Interesting, but only 33Hz bottom end?
  8. coot

    I could not resist any longer...

    FYI: Liquidation sale on Sonus Faber now at www.upscaleaudio.com No, I don't work for them.
  9. coot

    Calling all women!

    Fortunately my dear wife of 55yrs loves music and cars as much as I do. Yesterday we enjoyed an all-Beethoven concert and later that evening 2 hrs of the Barrett-Jackson auction while reminiscing about the cars we've owned and loved over the years. She is fantastic - and to top it off, a gourmet cook and excellent driver. Life is goooood when you get the right ONE!
  10. Doc, yer divin' me nuts with all this Porsche talk... I sold my 61 356 Super 90 in a weak moment 40 yrs ago and been droolin' over every 911 I see since. Don't understand why the wife won't let me sell the house to get one. I brief stint with a 84 944 was fun, but still ...
  11. Yeah, I knew I had seen that car somewhere; Autoweek I think. It stirred me - stunning design. From the last of the article: "Polestar 1 order books are open now, for those that want to reserve a Polestar future right away."
  12. Ditched the Sennheiser. Living with louder center channel. No more "complaints".
  13. coot

    Dear Mr. Connaker

    I have been a CA member since 2008. In that time a day has not gone by that I haven't visited your site. In that time I have grown my system and tweeked it to what I now find an immensely pleasureful and musically satisfying experience. It has been a source of richness in my life that without a doubt would not have been possible without CA as I would not have known how to make it happen. Most of the information that has lead to the upgrades and changes has come from reading CA. For all this, Chris, I am sincerely grateful. Thank you!
  14. 2 favorites: Skrowaczewski, Grainger. Also have all their other classicals.