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  1. I recently bought the SSR. I am running MinimServer on a fanless synology NAS. BubbleUPNP as the controler. I am loving the sound. Much better than my laptop running Windows Server and AO. I am using the SPDIF out to my Dac. I2S may be better but I am very happy with what I have.
  2. New streamers from Aurender!

    Thanks Mate.... I cannot wait. So far I have ordered and am waiting for the following: - SSR -Fanless NAS from Synology -Fiber media converter - Ethernet over Fiber - WD red drives You can imagine the anticipation. All should be here by Easter.
  3. Network Isolation

    That's why I ordered a 10/100 version. Still waiting for it to be delivered though.
  4. New streamers from Aurender!

    SSR does not have a User interface or control point of their own. You use it with apps like the BubbleUPNP and if you get the Bubble server app on your NAS, you can use almost any control app that you like including the Linn apps like Kazoo and Kinsky, Lumin app etc to control the unit. Advantage of this way of doing things is that you are not tied down to one app to control the SSR. You just just choose the app that suits you the best. Simple. On a side note I have read about a fair number of issues with the Lighting DS app.
  5. New streamers from Aurender!

    I was also deciding between the above but decided to get the Sonore Signature Rendu. I have not yet received the SSR so cannot comment on the sound. I believe, based on the reviews here, that it has the best implementation of SPDIF among the renderers.
  6. Network Isolation

    wow > wow > wow Now thats a well isolated system .. :-)
  7. Network Isolation

    Not wanting to open a can of worms.. at least not on this thread... but I wonder if an isolation transformer connected between the renderer and mains will help in blocking SMPS nasties coming in via the back door.
  8. Network Isolation

    Thanks.. God I hate SMPS's .. well atleast the cheap badly built ones supplied with NAS's and the like.... Also wanted to add I will be getting a cheap LPS for the fiber convertor connected to my computer (SSR)
  9. Network Isolation

    I have just ordered the non Gigabit version of the convertor. I believe just for streaming music Gigabit is not needed. Infact my current switch is also not gigabit and I have not had any issues even with streaming Hi Rez. Looking forward to trying this in my set up. The fiber will be connected between my computer (or SSR soon) and the switch which has the NAS connected to it. With the isolation that fiber provides do you think adding a linear power supply to my NAS will make a difference ?
  10. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

    RIP I am truly devastated. "Live Long and Prosper"
  11. I was looking to get a NAS to replace my 4 year old Synology and came across this fanless NAS. https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/EDS14 It seems very interesting. It has no internal disk storage. It has two USB ports where you plug in HDDs or SSD's. It also has 2 network ports. I need a NAS to run Minim Server and serve Music to a rendered like the SSR and I am not looking to set up a RAID. Has anyone used this or have any opinions on this model. Obviously the main draw is that it is fanless and silent. Also it's is very flexible in regards to power requirements so upgrading to the LPS is easy if I wanted to go down that path. ATM I was thinking of getting this NAS and a couple of USB3 2.5" drives.
  12. Does your system sound consistent?

    I think the quality of mains power has a big affect. Evening are usually better in my place however on very hot days when many people put on their aircons, the sound quality suffers. Another big factor is what you have eaten. Unfortunately I have lost a link to the article which basically states after the heavy meal your hearing temporally suffers as a lot of the blood is used to digest what you have eaten. So to enjoy the system, have a light meal a couple of hours before the listening session. I am not sure what the article said about alcohol as I stopped reading further. If alcohol intake inhibits one ability to hear.... I don't want to know about it . And finally ............. that dreaded audiophile disease ... upgradeitis ....... My system sounds good most of the time..in fact sometimes I wonder how it can ever sound better........ But when I am looking to buy/upgrade a component everything in my system seems to be falling apart. All issues come to the fore and until I get what I want, the magic just isn't there.
  13. Thanks Ted. As someone who's opinion I value.... I can't wait.
  14. Hi JC I agree using SSR via the I2S output would be the best option howver I am sure SPDIF would be good too. On Chris's review of the SSR he did not use the I2S and only used the SPDIF out into multiple systems. His words on the SSR via SPDIF were "Sonically the Signature Series Rendu is as good or better than the best sources I’ve heard, including my reference music server the Aurender W20, SOtM servers, all the CAPS servers, and the Auralic Aries." So as per Chris, even via SPDIF it is better than anything else he has used.