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  1. hello there, I'm Marcello from Italy, I own an Audio research dac8, I know you had the same dac in 2011, I have lots of problems with A.R. service and italian distributor about Windows drivers.

    I have the original CD with 1.23 Windows and mac drivers and they don't  works well, A.R. sent to me mac driver ver. 2.03.50 and it works well and Windows driver ver. 1.36.1 and I can't install it, the same with the recente downloadable driver on A.R. site.

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit actually. With your dac 8 experience can you help me?

    I'm sure are available most recent drivers than mine, see attached pic, and perhaps I hope more recent than pic.

    I'm sorry for my bad english.

    If you can please write to me direcly to may e-mail: masim20@inwind.it

    Thank you

    Marcello Masi - Italy 


  2. Msb dac and bit perfect

    You need to use the latest MSB ASIO driver Rev 3.34.0. I had the same problem until they got this driver out. Try it in GUI mode first.
  3. Munich High End Show 2017

    Have you heard their smaller speakers? The "cheap" variety?
  4. Munich High End Show 2017

    If you get a chance try to get a listen to Gobel Speakers. They look very interesting.
  5. Hi there. I have noticed you have a very simiar system to mine - I am using Ref10 and MSB signature/diamond DAC IV on Avantgarde Trios. I am also using Caps with jriver and LPSU and am thinking of buying a microrendu. May I ask you some questions about it? Rgds, Marko

  6. Album of the Evening

    Anna Phoebe: Between the Shadow and the Soul Really wonderful music and recording. On my must have list. Enjoy
  7. Is MQA a Threat to American Democracy?

    No further comment other than I fart in your general direction and as I said your are one of the uninformed wide eyed zombies well indoctrinated. Good luck in the homeland. Now back to MQA and Democracy and "These are the times that try men's souls" as it pertains to MQA of course
  8. Is MQA a Threat to American Democracy?

    Did you care about the "new President" when it was Obama who carried that title? How has Israel, your homeland, fared under the "Old President". Hate to say it BUT it seems like you may be one of those uninformed.
  9. Yes definitely leave it on all the time. I have found differences in keeping it off and turning it on when wanting to listen to just leaving it on. This topic is often debatable but I leave all my gear on except my tubes which I usually turn on 30 minutes before listening. As to HQP, the biggest benefit from this DAC is using HQP to oversample everything. You definitely will NOT get its maximum benefit until you do. That is why I tell everyone, although a "relative" bargain compared to higher priced alternatives one MUST figure in the cost of a computer that can handle the processing of oversampling to 512DSD and the price rises as a result.
  10. Congrats I have this combo with the JCAT version of INTONA. Absolutely superb DAC particularly upsampled with HQP. As good as you might think it is, it REALLY gets better after 250-400 hours. Just let I play. Also just leave it on ALL the time. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  11. Is MQA a Threat to American Democracy?

    If ONLY our Framers were more prescient than they were they would have added an amendment to the Constitution claiming all digital formats are NOT created equally and NOT deserving of equal treatment under the law and then Congress and the Executive branches could have spent more money on more useless hearings and debates spending tons of money calling in experts like Stewart and our own Jussi to pass some senseless bill that would ultimately cost the American tax payer more and limit what music format you ultimately had the right to listen to??? Of course part two would then be a lawsuit against the "real meaning" of the amendment to the Constitution and more money trying to overturn executive and congressional acts regarding the "Constitutionality" of these new laws and Roberts will cast the vote to overturn all forms of digital formats rendering vinyl the only legitimate music format obliterating 250 years of Constitutionality of "digital". Now that's how things work here in America!! Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  12. One of the things I LOVE about open baffle speakers like my big Nola Concert Grands are the simplicity of setup. I grew very tired of getting it "just right" with Magico and Wilson. The Nola's b omg open baffle were straight forward and "dialing in" was how far fro the rear wall and the rest was musical bliss I like the "sound" of your speakers. Will give them a try when I get out to my other home. Thanks for the insight. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  13. I may just do that. In my main home I have an open baffle, the Nola Concert Grand which are wonderful. Just curious about your experience with setup of these. I would be using them in my second home. How far from rear wall? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the link. Sounds like my kind of speaker.
  15. I have never heard these speakers BUT have been very interested in the design given the open or should I say no baffle design. Can you give me a little insight into the SQ of the brand line? These caught me eye several months ago (not the new ones for preorder obviously but the ones now on market)