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  1. Calling all women!

    Why I don't know, but I did read through this thread and got many laughs. Thanks
  2. AXPONA 2018 - Who's Going?

    Yes it is VERY expensive, no doubt and the price went up with the introduction of the Aeon. I think the REAL introduction of the speaker, it's big brother, the Epoque Aeon Reference is occurring at RMAF with an all dual mono CH Precision front end similar to how it is shown in Munich. That will be absurdly expensive of course but comparable to the Von Schweikert, big Wilson, Magico rooms. Having had those "little ones" in my room, which is very large I can say they scale as well as my large main speakers, the Nola Concert Grand Golds. In my room I was truly amazed at it's accuracy, detail and amazing resolution without any harshness. Soundstage was spectacular. When I saw the room it was in at this show I was concerned how it would sound.
  3. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    JC, I didn't take your comments as a "judge" trust me. No problem. I was just doing some self-flagellating for spending so much on a chair.
  4. Schiit embarrassed at AXPONA

    Just my opinion but shows are a hit or miss for demonstrating one's wares. My buddy is showing the new Gobel Epoque Aeon Fine that were in my very large room for a month that while in my room was blowing away every single person who heard them. He sent me a picture of his tiny room at Axpona that he was able to get in haste for Axpona and I was sure his first introduction of these amazing speakers was going to be a dud. Apparently they are a huge hit. One thing I have learned is to never give a definitive judgement of a component or system from what I hear at a show.
  5. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    here isn the states they get you for import fees, etc and delivery so it is 5k
  6. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    Potrona Frau an Italian company that makes the leather for Ferrari and yes expensive at 5K, However, if you saw how my home is "furnished" it is with real crap downstairs because of my dogs who have literally made all my furniture theirs so my "rationalization" of spending so much is that I spend so little downstairs. At least it makes the rationalization makes it easier for me to spend the $$$ on a listening chair.
  7. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    Yeah sorry about that. I lost the picture of the guy in the chair in his listening room. He swears by it and is "never going back" to anything else. I have two philosophies when I listen. One is "seriously" in my main system, where I want to be at the right height, my ears properly positioned and I don't want the chair interfering with the music as the room is enough to deal with. Second, is WHEN I want to just mellow out I listen in a recliner, etc I just listen to my MojoPoly, in a recliner. I am not here to say this is right and that is wrong just saying what is right for me when I want to listen seriously to my main system, I have so much money and time invested in it I want to listen to it at it's best
  8. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    One of the most exciting purchases of my audiophile life. I have tried and been disappointed by too many chairs. When I listen to my main system I listen "seriously" and don't recline, don't want no stinkin headrests and want support for my back and comfortable position for my arms. Right now the best I could find was a "McIntosh directors" chair which is uncomfortable as hell. It is pretty funny actually when people come to my room to listen and see this uncomfortable piece of crap that McIntosh gives away to dealers. I happened across this chair on some site that some guy is using for his sound room. As soon as I saw the chair, it was "enlightenment" and I quickly searched it down. It turns out to be made by the same company that makes the leather for Ferrari and the person whose picture I saw, actually sent me a message telling me how much he loved the chair and his going on 8+ years. In any case, the seat height is "perfect" at 17", the back is curved and it is at 26" and the location for your arms in the back of the chair is 31" sloping down to 26". They sell it as either stationary or swivel, of course I went the stationary, as, IMHO, no legitimate listening chair should be a swivel or have a headrest.
  9. Next upgrade...Eames style lounge chair?

    I finally found the “perfect listening chair” https://www.poltronafrau.com/en/catalogue/armchairs-and-pouf/willy Ordered mine in red and takes 12-14 weeks. No headrest, perfect dimensions for serious listening. Not cheap.
  10. Van Den Hul "Health ring". Gotta see this!

    You think this a "miracle product"? If people want to see a real health miracle I recommend they come to the Palm Beach airport around the "holidays", go to Southwest Airlines flying up to NY and see how many people need wheelchairs and "assistance" in boarding early. Lo and behold, none of these invalids need a wheelchair or assistance to deplane!! Miracles happen at 35,000 feet all to avoid 15 dollar early boarding fee.
  11. "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    First, CES has become a basic graveyard for high end audio and should not be used as a metric for the health of the high end audio community. I have been hearing the death of high end audio for years and it just keeps on going. Yeah, there are winners and there are losers BUT make no mistake plenty of them are making money and some are making huge amounts of money despite your claims to the contrary. Oppo shutting down has no relevance to the discussion. It isn't worth it for them, period. In fact, more Oppos were sold to video than audio enthusiasts so are you suggesting video and makers of video like Sony/Samsung/LG/ETC are going out of business because Oppo is shutting down??
  12. The famous conundrum of where and how to park. I still remember in 95, had a bright yellow 355 Spider. Didn't want to park it near anyone. Was running into a CompUSA for just a minute. Left the top down. Came back out, all looked OK and lo and behold a bird took a huge dump onto the stick. Those cars had what was called a gate shift, so I had to literally take it apart and clean every nook and cranny of the apparatus. Not a pleasant day.
  13. Sometimes. I had an M3 years ago that was nothing but trouble and BMW did everything they could do to ruin my experience. Sometimes I wish they didn't "include" their service with the price of the car as I felt they felt less accountable then more. This was about 6 years ago but it ruined my BMW experience. My Z8 on the other hand ran beautifully, was made like a tank (handled like one also but that is another subject) and never needed any signifcant repairs. It was also one of the most beautiful cars ever made, by BMW or anyone for that matter. On the other hand, I have been a Porsche buyer since 87 and will state that reliability on the early ones was a crap shoot when everything was "hand made" with a "26 step paint process" as compared to today where they are very reliable as mass produced cars. Now for my Yogi Berraism. A Ferrari (with the exception of the California soon to be replaced with the Portofino) is the cheapest car you will ever own assuming you can afford one; LOL. First, mine was "driven" unlike most Ferrari owners. The repair guy in at the dealer, straight from Maranello absolutely loved working on my car as it was the only one that had 10K miles per year. I kept it for 2 years, drove it like crazy, loved it but it's reliability sucked. One day I wake up, wanting to drive it, of course it wouldn't start so I just pushed it out on to the street and told my dealer get it out of here. After owning it for 2 years, with almost 20K miles on it I lost only 5 grand on it. Hence why it is the "cheapest care you will ever own assuming you can afford one".
  14. AXPONA 2018 - Who's Going?

    Hi Barrows, I am currently "burning" these speakers in for them as their showroom in Southern Florida is not yet finished and they wanted them burned in prior to the show. Yes they will be showing with CH Precision stuff. These are Gobel's new speakers, called the Epoque Aeon Fine, as compared to the old Fine, which have many changes from his last version (I never heard the last version) including better sensitivity. These are the smaller of the Gobel line, the larger Reference they will be showing at RMAF, which I have never heard but right now are in a crate until their showroom is done. I believe the ones in my room are the first and possibly the only ones right now out there. I actually just helped them yesterday get everything set up with Roon and your Signature Rendu SE. These are incredibly interesting speakers, both in terms of technology, accuracy and neutrality. One panel, the "bending wave" handles all frequencies between 170Hz to over 31Khz. Soundstage is outstanding. Truly a world class speaker that I recommend anyone going to the show go and listen to. I hope they get a good room to demo as these things are amazing (and expensive). I will cease with the superlatives and let others make up their own mind. I have made up mine and can say I never have heard anything like these. One last thing. I have NO financial interest in Bendingwave or Gobel, just a lucky guinea pig and temporary burn in location for them until his studio and distribution warehouse is finished, which should be in the next couple of months. Howie
  15. I’m assuming you have the Cayman GT4? Congrats! IMHO, the best Porsche ever made for the price and I have had more than I care to list. I was driving a Cayman GTS waiting for the GT4 when I screwed up my hip and had to get rid of the GTS and cancel the GT4. I love the Cayman and wish they really did more with it and screw their concern with competing with the 911. Again congrats.