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  1. Favourite Guitar Songs

    Musicophile, I couldn't agree more. First this song in particular is as good as it gets for DS. Second, if I had to choose just one guitarist to listen to, it would be Knopfler. He might not be the "best" or the "top rated" but to me, he is the best and most enjoyable. Plus, unlike most "rock" artists, he, more than any other is concerned about compression and quality of recording. I find his playing sweet, mesmerizing, hypnotic and the smoothest and yet he can still play the most complex riffs as well as just about anyone.
  2. HomePod first impressions

    Chris, I think if you replace the standard power cord with a Nordost Odin2 (yes it is replaceable), Nordost QRT system and an HRT isolation rack and run a dedicated 20amp line with a carbon fiber Furutech receptacle and some ASC bass traps the bass will be improved.
  3. I don’t pretend to know or truly understand what goes on over in the EU or the U.K. other than I don’t want what you guys have. There is an ever growing group here in the states that believe their interests are better served by the government than the free markets despite the government screwing up just about everything they touch with no ramifications for screwups. Appropriate regulations is one thing. Over regulation quite another. And yes the government here in the states would love to get their grubby hands on the NET and NN is a wonderful propaganda to justify their need with many buying into it despite things working just fine. You guys across The pond love government. Many here don’t.
  4. I get your point. I disagree with the premise of equating “regulations” with control/takeover. You can claim they are “monopolies” which those favoring government control and takeover love to do prematurely. I favor free markets WITH limited regulations to deal with any improprieties. I hate making an argument from anecdotes but in one of the least densely populated areas in the States, Montana, the growth of the NET was fairly rapid in the NW until the threat began two years ago and my prices doubled for a minimal increase in speed and service. Now cable is moving in, just received my notice, with better speeds (10x better) and cheaper with more to offer than Centurylink And yes I remain fervent about Medicine in America since 65 in my postulation of what will happen to the NET under government takeover. It sounds like you don’t live here in the states so maybe you fail to understand why I make the comparisons I do. We we have a fundamental disagreement which is fine. From my perspective I want less not more government because no matter how well intentioned it sounds when they get their grubby hands on something it never ends where it begins and like Medicare in 1965 calculated to cost 500 million and an “option” just 52 years later is a government monopoly (do you hate government monopolies?) costing 700 billion, lousy care with average retiree paying in close to 200k over his/her lifetime and still having to pay more when receiving the benefit of this broken government monopoly.
  5. Article: Roon Labs Releases Version 1.4 Update

    The best part of this release is I no longer have to fight with my poorly functioning Chord Poly to stream Roon. Prayers answered.
  6. Well as an American I would rather not follow India.
  7. Your presumption of why “NN principles count so much for them” IMHO has no basis in fact. Also the comparison to healthcare and Medicare in particular with Government takeover is very relevant and very appropriate as it is a perfect example of what happens when there is a government take over based on a false premise with a promise of a better future. The NET works fine for most and the presumption that Net Neutrality will fix what isn’t broken or provide better service to those with limited service is a specious argument based on presumption not facts. I am truly amazed that smart people want “solutions” dependent upon governemt interventions when #1 there is no “problem” and the supposed problem is always a supposition of what maybe rather than what is and #2 when we have past data to prove that government takeover and/or interventions leads to worse not better and is always more expensive directly or indirectly through taxes.
  8. Wonder if you could share specs LPS...info scarce on the web.  Thanks.

    1. Priaptor


      Dual rail LPS at 5v and 12v for JCAT and CAPS. 


      since core tech now out of business any change requires DIY. 


      However it is one of the finest ever made. Has Stillpoint footer, top of the line cabling new retailed for 3400 but given it is no longer being made looking to sell it very cheap at 650. 


      If if you search for Kaia that was the model. 




    2. 57gold


      Howie - thanks, do you have any specs on current capability in amps?

    3. Priaptor


      Let me look into it. 


      I should have have some paper work at home. 


      Should be be home on Wednesday and will get back to you on it unless I can find something in my emails 



  9. Asking 2800 dollars, USA only. Perfect condition. Will upload pictures when I get home from NY but it is pristine with all original boxes etc. I will answer the question before asking why. I use it for my headphone rig and am moving in a new direction, will be using MojoPoly (if it ever works) with iLCD4 for my can system while changing out some of my components for my main system as I am planning my move into retirement and smaller home in the next year (possibly sooner than later) Also selling a 1 meter Vahalla 2 XLR cable and Cavalli Liquid Gold if anyone interested. Will also be posting some other stuff, including microRendu original version with updated software, JCAT V2 card Caps and a great deal on an LPS by Core Technologies (now out of business) with dual rail.
  10. Be careful what you "advocate for" as the law of unintended consequences always comes up to bite you in the ass. Healthcare is a perfect example. "Municipal internet" is government by another name. I am not naive to think big, small or any corporation is acting in the best interests of the individual but #1 I trust them more than the Gov't because corporations are usually held accountable by the courts, competition or economics, #2 Government is never held accountable and when they make mistakes as they always do, the response is higher taxes, fraud and abuse and worse service. Plus where is the accountability with government? I'm sure you will say, vote them out, but that is not enough. When the Government literally steals money from the people, based on a half baked scheme, usually a Ponzi Scheme, where costs are 20x more than projected, they rob from the "pot" as they did in Viet Nam and leads to deficits and debt that jeopardizes everyone's well being just voting them out of office isn't enough. Since the potential ramifications to these "politicians" are virtually none, they get away with anything and everything for their own self-preservation with nonsensical oversight.
  11. Your cut and paste link proves my point about the Government. No better propaganda spewing than the Government and their enablers. NET NEUTRALITY, just like so many other hoaxes, are propagated by those you want to trust now. Amazing to me. I actually have Comcast and I find them great. Competition has been limited more because of Government and regs than any big business you may want to blame. And guess what, without the nonsense of Net Neutrality I have watched my net bills dwindle to less than 1/3 of what they once were, now being offered 1 Gigabit per second because ATT has come to town and is now competing. Surprisingly, every time I call Comcast, I am routed to someone, who almost always fixes my problem or directs me to the appropriate location unless of course the backbone is down because of a hurricane, or some other problem. Additionally as wireless provision of the NET becomes even more pervasive throughout the states, wired provisions will have new competition that will surely keep prices down and service up, unless you guys have your way with Net Neutrality. By the way, if we want to predict the future of the NET here in the states, this is a given: the grubby feckless Government, both sides, are chomping at the bit to take it over and will ensure that they will destroy what isn't broken (despite the usual issues) and will make sure it costs more, is less available and destroy the services just like everything they do. They get their power by directly or indirectly spewing their propaganda to those willing to swallow it hook line and sinker. Now my home in Montana, that is quite different, where Centurylink is the ONLY game in town and it sucks. My prices there have skyrocketed, with lousy speeds and when you call competing cable, they will be very willing to tell you with that with the "current laws" it is not in their financial interest to bring their products to my area. Just yesterday, lo and behold, they announced they will be coming to our area by summer, with speeds as high as 300 Mbs at 1/2 the price of what I am currently paying for Centurylink. Lets see free market vs. government provider, hmm, tough choice, but I think I will stick with the free markets.
  12. Stop with the "cut and paste approach" to debate. Don't go there as it is beneath any legitimate form of debate. "Benefits the wealthy" is absurd and is manipulated by so many periodicals including the once great WSJ for political purposes. If you want to debate taxes, lets do it, but this is about "NET NEUTRALITY" But as to net neutrality, let's count ALL the improprieties committed by all these evil companies since the net has been around for more than 25 years. How many? Twelve, the famous ones being Comcast throttling down for BitTorrent and the 2012 ATT FaceBook throttling down on their Cel Service. By the way, all 12 instances successfully settled by competition, regs ALREADY on the books and/or the courts. But why look at the facts when we can conjure up the make believe to make people fearful of what the net will become if left as is without the "good" government to protect us. You want to look at what will become of the net, take a look at healthcare in this country. Before Medicare, and more specifically before 1975 (yes I know Medicare passed in 65) when Medicare became fully implemented there were 1000s of insurers, no restrictions of where one could go, premiums so low anyone who wanted could buy them, no for profit hospitals, 100s of charitable hospitals providing excellent care for the most needy and where are we now? Yeah, LBJ sold the populace on a destructive path for healthcare similar to NET NEUTRALITY, claimed it would cost no more than 0.9% of one's income up to 3600, estimated it would cost NO MORE THAN 500 MILLION and if it did "I would look like one damn fool". Fast forward to today, we have Medicaid take over of charitable hospitals, 4 insurers, for profit hospitals, runaway expenses, 700 billion in Medicare and climbing, limited access, by Obama's own admission 15-20% of Medicare expenses in Fraud and Abuse, absurd deductibles, ballooning deficits/debt because the government can't administrate healthcare (by their own admission no less), etc. Of course you guys, like with the NET will say the answer is single payer, just like a single provider for NET provided to you by the wonderful Government. What is so amazing to me, is that example after example the Government screws up just about everything it touches YET you guys always want more. If you like I can do the cut and paste thing, but I will draw on facts readily available to anyone who desires to search for the real truth not some mythical what if.
  13. I haven’t posted here in quite some time and this thread is a perfect example as is this left wing propaganda BS as to why LMAO!
  14. hello there, I'm Marcello from Italy, I own an Audio research dac8, I know you had the same dac in 2011, I have lots of problems with A.R. service and italian distributor about Windows drivers.

    I have the original CD with 1.23 Windows and mac drivers and they don't  works well, A.R. sent to me mac driver ver. 2.03.50 and it works well and Windows driver ver. 1.36.1 and I can't install it, the same with the recente downloadable driver on A.R. site.

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit actually. With your dac 8 experience can you help me?

    I'm sure are available most recent drivers than mine, see attached pic, and perhaps I hope more recent than pic.

    I'm sorry for my bad english.

    If you can please write to me direcly to may e-mail: masim20@inwind.it

    Thank you

    Marcello Masi - Italy 


  15. Msb dac and bit perfect

    You need to use the latest MSB ASIO driver Rev 3.34.0. I had the same problem until they got this driver out. Try it in GUI mode first.