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  1. sdolezalek

    How To Cope If Tidal Does Go Under?

    That's the easy and obvious part. So yes, BUT... How about also offering me subscriptions to different genres. I might only want Jazz and Classical and be willing to pay 75% of what I pay for everything just for those two categories. How much is Tidal paying others by giving me access to the whole catalog when I only use a bit of it? How about charging me for the total number of files I have "favorited" so they show up in Roon? Why should someone with 2,000 files pay the same as someone with 500 files? Put differently, if Tidal was $100 per month and these "lesser" choices were available for $50, $25 or $15/month, wouldn't you want that choice? To my mind, the streaming companies are leaving revenue on the table because, so far, their investors haven't forced them to be profitable. They are pursuing the early Amazon model: control the market, be willing to lose on every sale. Then, when you have them hooked and the competition is gone, increase prices slowly to become profitable...
  2. sdolezalek

    How To Cope If Tidal Does Go Under?

    It surprises me that Tidal has done so little with variable pricing. We subscribe to cable and satellite TV and chose a range of packages that can massively increase the monthly cost. We subscribe to online sports packages to stream via video. Why does a one size fits all price have to be the only answer for music? Yes, it complicates things but I'd be willing both to pay more but I'd also subscribe for a lot less (my guess is that 75% of Tidal content is of no interest to me and that the 25% that interests me is of no interest to others). Why have us pay for the entire catalog when we don't actually want it? Why not charge also based on the number of titles in our library? If I like it enough to keep it, make me pay half/one-third of what I'd pay for the CD. There are a lot of ways hi-res streaming can be priced more creatively than it has been. In an era where we individually price tickets to sporting events, to concerts, to hotel room, to airline tickets, etc.; we can certainly write software that more creatively and profitably prices streamed music. Streaming is the way of the future; we just having figured out the right pricing model yet. Has anyone looked at this from the other side? How much money do the artists/music publishers loose if Tidal goes out of business? I don't think we are going back to a purchase model, so the entire industry better figure out a way to make streaming profitable.
  3. sdolezalek

    Oppo to stop making players

    Huh? I do it constantly and given the fact that unlike music (where I listen to songs I like repeatedly) I don't tend to watch the same movie more than once, so the cost of streaming vs. buying a BluRay or 4K disc that I could watch over and over again (but don't) is so cheap as to make the choice easy.
  4. sdolezalek

    Oppo to stop making players

    My guess is that what this really means is that there just isn't a market for disc spinners in the video world anymore and that streaming has won. Wonder how long before the same is true in audio.
  5. sdolezalek

    Oppo to stop making players

    I didn't see this coming...https://www.oppodigital.com/farewell.aspx May not have been the best DACs, but the disk player/DAC combo was tough to beat at their prices. Wonder what went awry?
  6. If half the people on this site can't hear the difference between a 16/44 streamed file and a 24/192 downloaded file, why would anyone think that the broader market would have any reason to be buying downloads? Even though I believe I can hear a difference between a 16/44 download and the same file streamed to me via Tidal, I certainly can't hear enough of a difference to buy the download versus just rent the Tidal stream. So these days I only buy high-res content. Problem is, when the streaming services have finally put not only physical media, but also downloads, out of business will they still be offering 16/44 streaming at $19.99/month or will prices magically rise when there are no longer any alternatives...?
  7. When the rate of decline in my hearing exceeded the rate of improvement possible by upgrading my system.
  8. sdolezalek

    OT: Massdrop Power Sit/Stand Desk

    From the control and the machining, it looks identical to the ones that Jarvis makes (which are quite good).
  9. sdolezalek

    Civility falling

    I said this in another recent thread: We seem unable, in our Internet discussions to maintain the type of civility that almost all of us would accord the other if that same discussion were face-to-face. Is it because the Internet is anonymous and thus we can be "our true self" here, while never showing that side in public? If, so, one easy fix is to take away Internet anonymity -- force everyone to identify and be who they really are and see how many resort to "in-person" behavior. The deeper question that is both interesting and frightening is: Are we all really the personalities we reflect on the Web and is everything else an act? Does that mean than 1,000 years of evolution really haven't taken us very far? By the way, I don't in any way limit these behaviors to the Audiophile crowd or the computer crowd -- they are everywhere on the Web. But they do suggest a much more Darwinian view of life, one that civilization has mere put a thin veneer on.
  10. sdolezalek

    Blue or red pill?

    One of the things I think almost all of these tests get wrong is that they conflate difference and preference. If we simply focused on finding situations where listeners could reliably distinguish between A and B (without expressing any preference), then we would have a starting point from which could can then ask (does my equipment show a measurable difference between A and B or is there a consistent preference among those who can separate A from B as to which they prefer. We can also begin to test where does a difference that is clearly measurable in equipment begin to be clearly audible to most listeners. Quite often I find that when I can tell A from B and clearly prefer one at the moment that I have preferred something that moved away from accuracy. Only when I then listen to the preferred, but inaccurate version over time does it become tiresome. A second A/B test a month later will often cause me to then prefer B even though a month earlier I preferred A.
  11. sdolezalek

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    Thanks That's an elegant and smart way to handle it. Once I'm in listening mode, I'm in a different room anyway, so no need to use the computer for anything but music.
  12. sdolezalek

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    Yeah...That is what I was afraid you'd say. Upsampling to DSD512 in HQPlayer (depending on filter choice) can obviously tax even a high-end system and, in my case, I went with a powerful CUDA graphics card so it could do double duty for photography and HQP. That being said, since this is a T+A DAC 8 DSD thread, I guess the T+A is still limited to in-room rather than NAA applications, so it really does best with its own dedicated low noise computer. I'm using an NAA with Fiber solution that minimizes noise transmission from the HQP processing computer, but AO might still provide some benefit, even in that configuration.
  13. sdolezalek

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    Andru: Question re AO you may be able to answer. For those of us who have optimized a PC for use with HQPlayer, but who also do other work on that PC (in my case including digital photography, but also regular email, web, etc.) are there portions of AO that can be implemented to optimize sound quality without limiting the computer's use for other purposes? If so, how would you know which aspects only affect sound, versus which otherwise limit non-audio capabilities?
  14. sdolezalek

    T+a dac 8 dsd

    "Period" is a pretty definitive attitude for someone with 7 total posts... If you spend more time on CA you'll find that most here agree with the "bits-is-bits perspective," but also acknowledge that the analog portions of audio equipment can be affected by more than just the arriving flow of digits. We pretty much agree that if data errors were introduced into the digital bit stream that it would cause far bigger problems in the data realm than the music realm. But we also tend to agree that in the music realm there are other things that can affect the sound of a piece of equipment and that some of those can travel from one piece of equipment to another. Are you suggesting that a PC, NAS, or DAC cannot possibly be affected by anything other than the stream of digits it processes? If so, it would imply that there cannot be qualitative sound differences between DACs; as even the cheapest DAC can correctly decode the bit stream without error.
  15. sdolezalek

    How much disrespect is alllowed on Computer Audiophile?

    Name calling isn't the core problem, nor is Computer Audiophile in any way out of line with the mainstream. The problem is that the level of anger and disrespect generally on the web either suggests that we cannot behave online consistently with what we would refer to as human decency in a face-to-face exchange or worse that the world has been divided into a series of warring tribes that completely fail to accord each other any level of plausibility. Not a formula for a great place to live.