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  1. Least Horrible Xmas music

    You would be alluding to WH's "A Winter's Solstice" series of CDs. They had released 5 or so different "Winter's Solstice" albums, as well as some other 'Christmas-y' stuff that I can't think of now. Now, solo pianist George Winston's "December" is past 25 years old, and it is still a very relevant and timeless recording. Highly recommended.
  2. Free Primephonic Xmas Sampler '16

    OK, I'll give it a go...
  3. Just curious...has anyone downloaded the free 50+ minute long 2016 Christmas sampler offered by Primephonic? No biggie if no, but was curious about the AQ.
  4. Best Sounding Diana Krall?

    If I only wanted one download of a Diana Krall album, which would be the best overall sounding album? Please let me know if it is in PCM or DSD, as well as where the best download site for the album would be. I think that the consensus would seem to be her "Live in Paris", but please let me know. Thank you......
  5. I just wanted to first say "Hi!" to two of our DSD "ultra-gurus": MrWicked and Ted_B. Hope you both are doing well! Oh, Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Could either of you, or both, please give us here at CA an update reference your combined endeavors in your SACD-ripper project that you have been working on for many, many, many months?? I'm sure we'd all love to hear from you both, as some of us have growing SACD collections just waiting to have their DSD files ripped into our computers and DSD-capable DACs. Thanks so much for your time and attention.
  6. Has anyone else tried Allflac.com?

    Never tried this nor heard of it, as I live here in the USA. But I couldn't help but have to respond to this thread: Allflac.com looked an awful lot like that one insurance company we have here (Aflac) with those goofy TV commercials with that white duck that goes, "Aflac!"
  7. DACs better than the DacMagic?

    Hi Ralf11, I rip my CDs on my MacBook Pro > iTunes as well. I transferred all my CD rips and hi-res downloads into my Pono player with Audioquest Nighthawk 'phones. But I had to chime in when I read about your California Audio Labs ICON CD player. That was a sweet CD player -- you're a lucky guy!
  8. Parsons Friendly Card HDTracks

    OK, my search is over. I went ahead and loaded my ToaFC from my MacBook into my Pono player. It is the 24/192 rip from the Classic Records HDAD (DVD-Audio) via DVD-Audio Extractor that I ripped about 4 years ago. Thanks for everything, though.
  9. Parsons Friendly Card HDTracks

    Thanks for the image. Looks like the veeeeee-ree first CD of ToaFC. I wonder if I can find a copy (used or even new) out there (maybe Ebay), or just try the DSD... Hmmmm.......
  10. Parsons Friendly Card HDTracks

    Do you think you could provide an image of the rear art work? Otherwise, I could do one of two things: 1) load the 24/192 file I do have (into my Pono) from a rip of the Classic Records HDAD, or 2) go ahead and download the DSD from HDTracks.
  11. Parsons Friendly Card HDTracks

    Hi James45974, May I ask which ToaFC CD you have by catalog number, 35th Ann. or earlier, etc.?
  12. Just discovered over the weekend that the Alan Parsons Project album, The Turn of a Friendly Card, is available in DSD (2.82MHz) at HDTracks. ToaFC has also been available in DSD (2.82) at Acoustic Sounds. Now, the Acoustic Sounds reviews have been leaning more toward negative responses, while the dynamic range values for the HDTracks version (below) look pretty good: foobar2000 1.3.8 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1 log date: 2015-11-01 19:16:14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analyzed: The Alan Parsons Project / The Turn Of A Friendly Card [DSD DSF HDTracks] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Duration Track -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR14 -7.15 dB -24.08 dB 5:01 01-May Be a Price to Pay DR14 -6.45 dB -23.44 dB 4:24 02-Games People Play DR15 -7.15 dB -25.45 dB 5:04 03-Time DR15 -5.98 dB -23.96 dB 5:03 04-I Don't Wanna Go Home DR13 -7.33 dB -23.74 dB 4:35 05-The Gold Bug DR14 -6.69 dB -23.84 dB 16:35 06-The Turn Of A Friendly Card -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of tracks: 6 Official DR value: DR14 Samplerate: 44100 Hz Channels: 2 Bits per sample: 24 Bitrate: 5645 kbps Codec: DSD64 ================================================================================ I'm curious if anyone has tried the HDtracks version. If not, I guess I'll be ready to play the "guinea pig" again.
  13. New MoFi "I, Robot" SACD

    Great news! Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has released (apparently this past August 2016) a hybrid SACD of The Alan Parsons Project's "I, Robot". The link below has some preliminary comparisons between the SACD to it's many other physical and non-physical (download) incarnations. So far, it sounds like the "I, Robot" MoFi SACD is a clear winner and another great mastering effort by Rob LoVerde at MoFi. The Alan Parsons Project I Robot MFSL SACD | Steve Hoffman Music Forums And yes, to those (including myself) who purchased the Acoustic Sounds (AS) DSD64fs download, I think we'll find the SACD to be a breath of fresh air compared to the AS DSD download. It is said that the download sounds "muffled" compared to the SACD, and I know that some of you on this forum feel equally disappointed by the AS DSD download of "I, Robot". I ordered my copy of MoFi "I, Robot" SACD yesterday (9/13) from Elusive Disc and should be getting it soon. It should also be noted that I've also read rave reviews and comments about the MoFi "I, Robot" 45RPM vinyl just out last month, too.
  14. Article: exaSound PlayPoint Network Audio Player Review

    Dude! Didn't you know that some of the best Hi-Fi engineers in the world are in Canada! And here I am, a "Kentucky Yankee" extolling the technological superiority of Canada in many aspects of engineering, TV production, animation (2D and CGI), and in clinical research, let alone in Hi-Fi products. Not at all making the USA look bad (we Americans do have a lot of cool, kick-ass tech savvy, too), but I like to think of Canada with the ranks of the United Kingdom, especially the Brits and the Scots, in engineering prowess. I'm just glad to know our northerly friends don't fool around in the Hi-Fi world.