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  1. Benchmark DAC1 pre

    BTW - thanks for the offer of info. Actually, I am really torn between a handful of DAC's to try. I live in the far south of England rather than the USA so trying to find a local dealer to 'lend' me a DAC to try out is not that easy. However, I do now have the opportunity to try out a PS Audio DLIII but think it would be really interesting to hear it head to head against a DAC1 pre. I'll try to find a company who offers a free trial and I might run a personal test and publish my ramblings here. The feedback I feel I am getting one DAC to the other is PS audio have managed to find/create a more rounded and warmer sound against the more clear and accurate sound of Benchmark. Neither is wrong. . . I personally love my base and warmness that my valves give me and would not want to lose that - but equally I like accuracy. It is all down to balance - much like life eh? In terms of what each DAC box actually offers I do not need headphones (sod the noise, turn the speakers up!) or multiple inputs and am only interested in getting the best I can get out of digital files through to a fairly traditional front end and a limited budget. I know you have great knowledge of your subject, and I know I will make mistakes along my digital path - but I love the fact that we are at the cusp of a major new era of high end audio via high quality/high res digital files rather than old school crackle full vinyl and tinny skippy cd's.
  2. Benchmark DAC1 pre

    Hi Chris, Yep. . . seeing people's systems gives an understanding on where they are coming from and is always interesting/enlightening I find. I saw the DAC1 thread a while back and it was good to see Elias post - and also see the DAC thread on www.head-fi.org with the DAC guru's fighting it out! Which DAC's have you on the way? Are they something to make me wait a few more weeks?
  3. Right From the outset I 'spose I had better let you know where I am coming from and that is a > Lossless digital files > Mac Mini > Either PLAY or iTunes players > USB out on an otherwise free bus > a Trends USB DAC > Old re-worked Audio Innovations s500 tube amp with Border Patrol power supply > Living Voice Auditorium IBX speakers. Phew Basically I am building up a high (ish) end digital system and apart from a bit of fine tuning with cables and settings I am nearly where I want to be (well, apart from not yet converting my entire cd collection - but that is another story!) except from my choice of DAC. I know there are a couple of mid/high range DACs on the horizon if I read correct here, but I really like the thought of buying one of the Benchmark DAC1 pre. I know some of you have the DAC1 USB. . . should I wait? Oh and Hi to all here. . . been a bit of a lurker for a few months but its time to say hi.