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  1. Yes, barrows & jcn3, hence my question above.
  2. I can now play dsd iso, dsf64 & pcm redbook without issue - but any higher res files or upsampling is a stuttering mess. The macmini does much better than this with A+ direct into dac or with iso regen in between. Damien hasn’t really explained the fix required. Wait for the windows A+ & get a sonic transporter I suppose ... (Roon is good for every res file, but upsampling is an issue).
  3. Go figure ... wonder what the ‘upstream’ logic involved with that is?
  4. SMPS and grounding

    “Not sure I fully understand your question. If your after a special custom made cable, you can email Ghent.” Given earlier discussion of cabling issues, noise antenna etc, what sort of custom usb cable should I get Ghent to make?
  5. SMPS and grounding

    So, take away on the usb cabling - what should I use for my music files hd into macmini? /& do Ghent have an off-the-shelf equivalent?
  6. SMPS and grounding

    Well, nanny state is not a concept honoured by me. But ... if our place burns down, the insurance companies will find plenty in my audio gear to justify a knock back on any claims ...
  7. SMPS and grounding

    Yes, stumbled on the correct plug in jaycar, smps in hand ... So, now no smps to bother about. Just an lpsu guy here. Not that there aren’t things to bother about - a tweaker friend, who I tuned into the js grounding idea & who ordered some of the plugs etc for such, was told by an electrical engineer that the tweak was ‘illegal’ in Oz.
  8. SMPS and grounding

    Righto then - macmini has hd drive connected to it by usb, both lpsu powered ... router is ethernet into macmini but, even with no netgear switch in there, low freq emissions not an issue on ethernet ...? Best to cover bases by getting a jssg usb cable.
  9. SMPS and grounding

    Well, js covers the high impedance leakage from the smps - hasn’t yet seen it on ac mains; but not fully explored clearly, so yes, your question awaits further investigation ... Today I got round to getting rid of my sole smps - music files hard drive now on lps, using ghent splitter cable, shared with netgear switch. (it’s a 3 prong mains plug, so probably output grounded). Also, moved the macmini with the ethernet input further away from the AE, although still less than 1m. Still liking the sound of the isoRegen downstream of the ultraRendu ...
  10. SMPS and grounding

    Apropos? - https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/35129-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-the-microrendu-ultrarendu/?page=18
  11. JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    You mean price comparison ...?
  12. SMPS and grounding

    Netgear 105 etc switches & the such.
  13. So, shunting the high impedance to ground on these various devices is a good thing downstream - but what are the implication(s) of such noise now being transferred back into the ac power that all your audio components are connected to? Edit - just noticed that this is pretty much what barrows asked recently ...!