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  1. I’d also never heard this ... but my cat-loving wife certainly did ... so vets have been letting the cat-outa-the-bag the world over.
  2. How general is that - showing idle consumption on the gear?
  3. Yes, I tried a local DIY item here in Melb, after reading some of the encouragement here & elsewhere - didn’t eliminate the not-all-that-intrusive hum, but changed it’s pitch, to somewhat higher ... no sense at all that it impacted on music sonics. So I took it out.
  4. BTW, anyone ordered 2xlps-1.2 for 24V usage? Looking fwd to some feedback on this ...
  5. iDSD Pro

    Really? Just keep away from intensively debated controversies ... if you have nothing to contribute to said debate.
  6. So, the ‘unfold’ is just giving us a 24-96 file, just like me playing one of my 24-96 files from my hard drive thru uRendu to dac? Sorry ... haven’t paid attention to mqa.
  7. Anyone dl-ed & listened critically enough to pass judgement - sonics, dr, comparisons, etc?
  8. I put my backups - of everything necessary - in my wine cellar hire locale ie. external to home. Have done for 2 decades, & at a certain point, music files were in the mix. Might look into these Seagate drives.
  9. Ok, that’s where the glow comes from! Mine is hidden at the back, in the middle of the WWI-war-zone spaghetti labyrinth of stuff ... I aim to sort it when we move house.
  10. JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    Any list like that invites the question - which of them gets the biggest relative uptick with the js-2? Not the kind of comparison you’ll see in reviewer-land!
  11. JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    It’s a pity more dacs don’t have that Brooklyn option of the ext psu. Depends of course on the quality of a dacs inbuilt ps. I was recently listening to a friend’s Holo Audio dac & wondered if my js-2 would have made an improvement, if that had been possible to implement. Mind you, that dac is a substantive thing & likely has a chunky ps.
  12. $s are always a good place to start! ... & then we contemplate the specs & functionality ... & then we wait for reviews & toes-in-the-water ...