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  1. I take it that you haven’t confirmed the above theory-propositions with some a-b listening?
  2. /& others have found this cpu to nail it? Jussi?
  3. jamesg11

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Yes, v interesting, ...
  4. jamesg11

    Signalyst HQ Player 101

    All good - got to it today & now sorted. Nice package therein - Roon is best of database & HQP is best of upsamplers, esp dsd. /& I still really like the A+ sound.
  5. jamesg11

    Signalyst HQ Player 101

    Thanks. Thought that was how it should work, but it doesn’t ... hqp just not streaming to ultraRendu. But does on its ownsome. Will spend more time on it.
  6. jamesg11

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Jeez, ... just read back thru these 2 posters - a major role-play flip, schizophrenia-scripting ...
  7. jamesg11

    Signalyst HQ Player 101

    Just noticed the roon - hqplayer nexus. Question @Miska et al - can this be played thru my ultraRendu? /& how is this implemented, if such is possible ...?
  8. jamesg11

    ISO Regen performance Improvement Cheap!

    Pics, please, of the finished product(s)!
  9. jamesg11

    iZotope vs SoX Upsampling in Audirvana Plus 3.2

    Think that was tried, as per above?
  10. Yes, read that somewhere ... But, I’m definitely now moving on from thoughts of getting the Qutest, re both potential streaming & dsd matters. Have to re-think ... a dac that does quality pcm + dsd.
  11. Thanks - /& on those graphs above, it’s better to use the ‘standard’ filter ...?
  12. So, if the idsd receives say upsampled 44.1 to 705 from a player - what then occurs re these digital filters?
  13. jamesg11

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Ok, thanks, using an idsd micro ...
  14. jamesg11

    JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    Interesting?! - when I temporarily put my gear back together (tree-change retirement house move coming up in 6 weeks ... sounds familiar ...), I just idly used a splitter to put the Netgear gs105 switch & lps-1 on a js-2 output. Might change this, given the above. Definitely looking fwd to my new non-temporary setup!