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  1. Well, being a Welles nut ... I’m now gonna get 2x ERs.
  2. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Where is the best place - or a sufficient one - to see a discussion which teases out what is involved in “direct DSD conversion”?
  3. jamesg11

    Chord Qutest

    @Miska - in your view, a definite step up then on the iFi idsd for dsd playback?
  4. jamesg11

    Chord Qutest

    Reservation for me - with a large dsd library - re jumping for Qutest, has been Miska’s question mark: “I'm not sure how Qutest handles DSD input, but if it is like Mojo (which leaks lot of DSD noise aliased down), then it is better to send it 705.6/768k PCM instead. HQPlayer can give you good DSD-to-PCM conversion”. Resolved only by extended home listening ie purchase, or Miska himself buying, listening, testing! But this quandary is of course a common enough decision-time experience ...
  5. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    Any thoughts on the new “iFi GTOTM DigitalFilter“, available for the idsd micro bl as well? Guess you have to implement the mqa dl ... hmm. Maybe missed earlier discussion ...
  6. jamesg11

    HQ Player

    This RME dac needs an ext psu - is it 24v? Elevates $s if you want to avoid smps ... But, looks good. Maybe some Miska measurements a la the ifi idsd are on the way ...?!
  7. jamesg11

    HQ player settings with iFI Micro DSD

    Do iFi know this ...?
  8. Budget uptick here! - on the original lps1, Herbies Tenderfeet + Supersonic Stabiliser.
  9. Tried any Herbies, by way of comparison ...?
  10. What is the “re-mastering” you refer to?
  11. Astonishing! Is there a DIY level higher than this? Unlikely ...
  12. Dsd256 is good on DOP, as long as your dac dac is capable of dsd512.
  13. jamesg11

    Sonore microRendu

    I like how all this is put together ...
  14. jamesg11

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Yeh, I realised early on that updates were more than regular ... I just do the update regularly - /& I don’t want that many communications on such!