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  1. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    This is not a neurotypical response.
  2. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    In my experience, folks here are all over the spectrum from COMPUTER audiophile to computer AUDIOPHILE.
  3. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    Probably just me but I find both audiophile jihadists and anti-audiophile trolls equally tiresome...
  4. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    I've got you. Who are the five folks you are referring to?
  5. If you decide to go Firewire, I suggest taking the drive from your current enclosure and putting it in one of these: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/ME3QHKIT0GB/
  6. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    Why are you assuming "willful ignorance" on my part?
  7. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    Ralf11 nailed it in the post above. No idea who you are quoting in the last sentence of the last paragraph or what the 99% is.
  8. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    Please provide some examples of evidence, reason, and science related to high performance systems. I haven't seen a lot of it.
  9. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    I do and I agree that we shouldn't trust pseudo-scientists selling and manufacturing high-end audio equipment.
  10. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    An Armchair Expert like yourself would be MY last choice on who to trust...
  11. I'm pretty sure "ditor, Streophile" is "Editor, Stereophile" in MQA-format.
  12. HD Vinyl

    The perfect playback solutions for these records: http://elpj.com
  13. I think he meant smooth jazz: Versus rough jazz:
  14. Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2015-06-musical-social-class.html#jCp
  15. WAV or FLAC

    With apologies in advance to Leo Tolstoy: