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  1. Hi folks, Would anyone be able to confirm the above as I am interested in trying the iPower? Is anyone using this combination currently? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  2. kramnotwen

    Sonore Sonicorbiter SE

    Please disregard - was looking to get the iFi iPower which was sold out. Have purchased the iPower and SOSE separately. Cheers, Mark
  3. kramnotwen

    Sonore Sonicorbiter SE

    Hi Jesus, I am keen to order but was given a PayPal message just now stating "Your item(s) sold out". When will I be able to order and what do you think the likely wait time will be? Any help greatly appreciated. All the best, Mark
  4. For those interested the answer is yes given the Pulse is XMOS based.
  5. Hi Barr, Thanks so much for your detailed response as it is greatly appreciated. I am on a Mac and tried all of the points you mentioned but try as I may I could not get the Aries to see my library either via wi-fi or hard wired. MinimServer is running correctly and my library populated into Linn Kazoo perfectly (all tracks and art visible), but the Linn app could not see the Aries and kept 'searching for room'. The Aries was on loan so I have returned it for now and gone back to my trusty MacBook Pro / Audirvana set up for the time being. Hopefully I can increase my knowledge some more and have another try further down the road (I was incredibly close and did in fact have Tidal playing successfully...). Thanks once again. Enjoy the music, kramnotwen
  6. Hi bplexico, I am new to the Aries and am having trouble getting it to see my music library. I am running a Synology NAS DS413j, MinimServer and a Netgear 5G wi fi set up. The Synology and MinimWatch are showing both Java 8 and MinimServer running without issue respectively. Regrettably though, I cannot see my library in the Lightning DS app at all. My library is 60,000 tracks all stored on the Synology NAS and I have been patient letting it populate into the app (i.e. waited 45 mins....). Can you offer any insight into what I am doing wrong noting that I can see and play Tidal through the Aries just fine? When looking under Music Library in Lightning DS it shows as greyed out and with a comment of 'No disk'. Any help greatly appreciated! Many thanks, kramnotwen
  7. Take two! Is anyone using a Pulse DAC with an Aries using the USB out of the Aries? Is it fully functional (32/384 and DSD128) and stable? Again, any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks, kramnotwen
  8. Hi guys, Can anyone confirm if the USB out from the Aries is compatible with the Qute EX? I suspect it may not be given it requires a driver to run on Mac. Any help greatly appreciated. Happy listening, kramnotwen
  9. kramnotwen

    Tidal Desktop App For Mac

    Hi folks, I am trying to locate a copy of the most recently available desktop app for Tidal and I was wondering if anyone can assist? Unfortunately it has been removed from the Tidal website as they update it. Any help appreciated. Many thanks, kramnotwen
  10. Hi guys, Is there any way of extracting a listing of all tracks in A+ 2.0 that can be opened in Excel? Any help is greatly appreciated. With many thanks, kramnotwen
  11. I totally agree with al210 after having purchased the Qobuz 24/192 version. It seems like an almost flat transfer that is thankfully free of any modern day mastering nasties IMHO. The DR numbers and graphs of track 1 are attached. If you are a fan, this is a worthwhile purchase but it is debatable if 24/192 is necessary (note the 54kHz tone of some sort though?). Happy listening! kramnotwen Strong Persuader [192_24]_dr.txt
  12. kramnotwen

    DFF to DSF conversion

    Thanks Yuri. Please let me know once it is available to test again. All the best, kramnotwen
  13. kramnotwen

    DFF to DSF conversion

    Cheers Yuri! I have sampled the latest software and after converting an ISO to DSF thought I was still faintly hearing occasional clicks at the start of some tracks. Is this placebo on my part or are you still working on a total solution for this aspect? I look forward to hearing from you and again thank you for your ongoing development and effort. It is greatly appreciated. All the best, kramnotwen
  14. kramnotwen

    DFF to DSF conversion

    A belated Happy New Year Yuri! I am curious to see how you are progressing with your update. Any news you can share with us? Many thanks, kramnotwen
  15. Hi folks, Has anyone purchased this album at either sample rate and, if so, what are your thoughts on the sound quality? If anyone has any DR numbers or spectograms I would be most grateful (although do not want to be too greedy!). With many thanks. Happy listening! kramnotwen