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  1. Entry Level Power Cord Suggestions

    A used Shunyata Venom would be a good way to go. You could likely get your money back flipping it should it not work out, I'd suggest using it on your Creek integrated. Run it straight to the wall.
  2. I totally agree with respect to the DAC. I'm not sure though yet that DACs with integrated Ethernet are the silver bullet... yet. I think the better dedicated renderers feature smarts not yet even considered by most DAC manufacturers. There are probably exceptions of course.
  3. I have 7 TB stored on CrashPlan for $5.99 per month. The only catch is that I don't backup directly from my NAS. I have CrashPlan running on a Mac and this is set to backup a folder shared from my NAS. When I first implemented this a few years ago, there was no way to backup directly from a NAS. I think that may have changed. I haven't looked into it as I don't want to have to go through the re-uploading of my music. I believe CrashPlan also allows one to seed a backup. Just mail them a drive and they will load it up.
  4. Sonore ultraRendu

    I also have a Chord Hugo TT. You ask a very good question. I've yet to hear the ultraRendu, but what I can offer is that both the ISO REGEN and the 1.4 update for the microRendu deliver a really good value for the dollar. I think the same would be true of the ultraRendu. Instead of considering bang for buck, I think you should consider instead which would be the better move strategically. I'd probably be more inclined to go with the ultraRendu as you can always add the ISO REGEN later if others start reporting that there is an advantage to doing so. I don't believe there's a consensus on that yet. The ultraRendu should be a nice upgrade from the microRendu (1.3). I'm thinking of trying an ultraRendu by the end of the year. I'll then decide if it's also worth keeping the ISO REGEN.
  5. USB audio cracked... finally!

    Good to know. Thanks!!
  6. USB audio cracked... finally!

    The fullness of the Lush balances nicely with my Spectral gear. Likewise the greater focus, clarity and temporal precision of the USPCB balance really well too. When the two are compared - it becomes evident that the Lush gives up some focus, clarity and timing precision - and the USPCB gives up some liquidity and lushness. As one more rhythmically inclined (I'm a drummer), I find it more difficult to give up on the timing precision, as that was one of the things that ended me up with Spectral in the first place. I do hear a bit of smearing in the upper frequencies with the Lush relative to the USPCB - and that's partly what detracts from timing precision. I'm wondering if that will lessen with more burn-in.
  7. Lush between ISO REGEN and my DAC sounds pretty darn good this time around.
  8. I did early on but preferred it the other way. Too much focus/precision was lost. A few who prefer the Lush into the DAC have the SoTM trifecta, This really dials in the precision relative to my microRendu based on what I heard in a friend's system. Maybe the Lush better balances things out following all that clocking - whereas I don't have all that clocking so I benefit more from having the ISO REGEN just before my DAC? I'm just speculating of course. I'll give the Lush another try between ISO REGEN and DAC and report back.
  9. The reason I asked about price - I once owned a Minerva, and my sense it's been surpassed by DACs well under a grand (like the Chord Mojo I also owned). So applying additional dollars to add an Ethernet interface may not make the most sense at this juncture. It really depends on the cost though. But knowing Weiss, I doubt it's inexpensive.
  10. Relative to the USPCB, there is a very slight smearing of the upper frequencies with the Lush. High hats are crisper and more "right" to my ears with the USPCB. Has anyone else noticed this? And if so, might I expect further burn-in time to help? I have only 5 days on the Lush so far. (For my comparisons, the ISO REGEN was left feeding my DAC via a USPCB. I swapped only what connected my microRendu to the ISO REGEN).
  11. USB audio cracked... finally!

    I just swapped the USPCB back in for the Lush. The difference was jarring. I didn't expect the difference to be so immediately apparent - and in a sense, profound. A different presentation - in an exaggerated sense it was big, full and meaty vs, clear, tight and precise. So which do I prefer? I want both. LOL It's still to early to state a definitive preference, but at this early juncture the USPCB may achieve the balance that aligns a bit better with my listening preferences. We shall see if that remains the case after more listening and further burn in of the Lush.
  12. I just set it there to take the photo so Rajiv would have an idea of the fit. As far as a thermal pads - I wondered the same thing with respect to using these sinks.
  13. I use it to draw heat off my preamp in the summer. I purchased one just to see if it would pull some heat (it does) with the intention of buying more (which I haven't gotten around to yet). Pic attached showing the fit on my LPS-1. The LPS-1 is powering only my ISO REGEN right now, so it's only very slightly warm. t
  14. I have one of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RE6KB3Y/
  15. I've had ones and zeros flowing through mine since Friday. Last night it seemed there had been improvements in the upper frequencies. I really liked what I heard. At some point next week, I'll swap the Lush for a USPCB. I'm eager to hear this.