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  1. "Network Receivers"

    A couple screenshots from the Onkyo Controller app showing you the networking capabilities. I have the Onkyo TX-RZ710 in my AV system, but I’d imagine the Onkyo receivers you mention would have similar capabilities. Of all its networking capabilities, I’ve only used Tidal.
  2. Charles Hansen of Ayre RIP

    Very sad news
  3. HDMI Cable for audio - Does it Matter?

    For HD, yes. The comparisons involving the Monoprice were limited to HD with the DirecTV receiver as a source. I found it easiest to spot the difference when watching NFL football games. The Xbox One S was the only 4K external source. This was kept out of the comparisons until the end when a friend showed up. (It was his Xbox.). The conclusions I offered above were reached before that. I found it much more difficult to spot differences in cables with video than with audio on my big rig. Exception was between the Monoprice and Island when watching football especially. The players at the top of the screen gained dimensionality with the Island due to the better edge detail. It surprised me to find that my brain seemed to need to work harder to turn those images into football players in my mind. The Island was easily a no-brainer over the Monoprice for that application, though the UV improved things further in that same area over the Island. Passengers is a stunning on 4K disc as it’s true 4K. The picture actually looked mind-blowing with all the cables. I struggled to see improvements as easily, though some seemed to turn up between UV and Startlight, but not enough to justify the price difference. Seems HD is in greater need of all the help it can get. And as far as the sound quality improvements I mentioned, when they first grabbed my attention was during football with the sound of the announcers coming from the center channel. There was a bit more coherence, naturalness and treble extension with the Starlight over the others. And this was with the compressed audio from DirecTV. But the Starlight stood out even more with the David Gilmour “Live at Pompeii” on HD blu-ray. The sound was slightly harder with the UV. The Monoprice was already disqualified by the time that we got to that disc.
  4. HDMI Cable for audio - Does it Matter?

    A few months ago I purchased an LG OLED 4K TV. I obtained a handful of HDMI cables to see what difference they’d make, if any. Except for the TV, my AV system is quite humble: DirecTV receiver, Xbox One S, Onkyo TX-RZ710 receiver, Polk speakers. The HDMI cables i compared: Monoprice (purchased years ago - not sure which model) Wireword Island, Ultraviolet, Starlight Nordost Blue Heaven Visually speaking, most obvious improvement was to Island from Monoprice. I struggled to see differences between Ultraviolet and Starlight, but both were better than Island. I wasn’t paying attention to sound quality, but it grabbed my attention nonetheless. Starlight seemed to bring with it subtle improvements to sound quality each time it was tossed in. Shortly after completing these comparisons, I attended RMAF and spent some time talking to a rep from Wireworld. He was in the Canjam room so the conversation began with headphones cables. I segued into HDMI cables, by saying I struggled to see improvements from Ultraviolet to Starlight. He said where the differences will more apparently show up is on the audio side - confirming my observations. I should point out that the improvements I heard no way justified the price of the Startlight in my system. But that may be more a statement about the quality of the audio gear in that system. I ended up purchasing a couple lengths of Ultraviolet for the benefits I saw on the video side, The Blue Heaven could not justify its higher price relative to the WW products, though I thought the picture was slightly better. So my recommendation to the OP is to try to borrow a couple WW cables and listen for yourself.
  5. New Fuse for Primare Pre32

    The Black fuses improved the sound of both my preamp and amp. I thought the improvements more than justified the price. I was told at RMAF by Synergistic that the improvement of the Blue over the Black is greater than Black over a stock fuse. I intend to swap a Blue into my preamp at some point. i say ignore the critics and buy the fuse from a seller that offers a 30 day return policy and listen for yourself.
  6. I do think your findings correspond to what I experienced, but only from the “cup half empty” perspective. My server at the time I first switched to bridged was a noisy Mac Pro. Bridging made me more aware of the harm it was doing. But the additional musical goodness that came along with the change to bridged rules out ditching the bridge entirely - no way I could go back. The switch to a bridge Mac Mini powered by a JS-2 ended up being one of the best moves I’ve made. The bridged connection does seems to make the mR more sensitive to what’s happening upstream. But it also opens the door to more musical goodness being passed. But how would one measure the increase of musical goodness that comes along with bridging that those who have tried it have reported? Isn’t this the same mistake critics of the microRendu on other forums have made when choosing to base musical enjoyment of the mR on a measure of noise alone?
  7. RMAF 2017 Reader Reports

    I'm leaning towards buying a pair of those speakers. I was hugely impressed with the bang for the buck.
  8. It was great getting to meet everyone!! I just wish I would have had more time to spend with you guys. RMAF was a lot of fun. I'm already looking forward to going next year.
  9. RMAF 2017 Reader Reports

    The $5000 ELAC speakers punched way above their weight. Apparently the total cost of gear in this room (excluding cables, etc) was around $10,000 and yet the sound was better than in many far more expensive rooms
  10. There is an abundance of vinyl that’s not been through the digital machine of course. I generally avoid vinyl that’s from a digital source and I’m still left with way too much to want to buy. I recently sat down to listen to my MoFi “one step” pressing of Bill Evans Trio “..Village Vanguard...”. Mind blowing how great this sounds - made my digital versions sound flawed.
  11. RMAF 2017 - Who's Going?

    Thanks for mentioning that. I will want to attend.
  12. RMAF 2017 - Who's Going?

    Me! I'll be arriving by noon on Friday - and staying through Sunday morning. I'd love to meet up.
  13. That's never been an issue here - and I've been running the bridged connection since just after it was suggested in this thread. I do have a reservation configured in my router for the microRendu so it always picks up the same IP address.
  14. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. You are certainly correct about offering caution about "isolated". Total is never the case in this hobby. I will admit though that there are limits to how much I'll want to obsess about some things in this hobby. That the Hugo TT freed me from having to obsess about how I was powering it seemed like a nice additional benefit. Isolation may not be perfect, but the noise floor is far lower than I imagined possible. I could stop right here and remain delighted. (But of course I won't. Not yet, but I'm getting closer.)