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  1. kennyb123

    JS-2 Power Supply Installed!

    My preamp also uses a 1A slow blow, which means that I have a couple of spare audiophile fuses around that could fit (HiFi Tuning Supreme and Synergistic Black). I can’t imagine that a fuse could matter in the case of a JS-2 powering a Mac Mini. But maybe one of these days I’ll throw in the Supreme just to confirm. Thanks for sharing the fuse info.
  2. kennyb123

    Arny Krueger R.I.P

    I debated Arny many times decades ago on rec.audio.* forums. And maybe also on Compuserve forums prior to that. My condolences to his family and friends.
  3. I had previously reported on the really nice upgrade I got from swapping the LPS-1.2 for the LPS-1 powering my ISO REGEN. Shortly thereafter I moved the LPS-1 down to powering to the microRendu, in place of the second rail of the JS-2. I’m not sure it immediately struck me that the swap delivered an obvious improvement. A brand new Ghent DC cable might have been hindering it though. Also the LPS-1 was being energized with the original Meanwell SMPS. The new Uptone SMPS arrived a few days ago. Listening now I’m hearing the most grain-free sound I’ve yet to hear here. I really can’t say how much the SMPS swap is helping as past experience seemed to indicate that the Ghent DC cables do need some time to burn in. I wonder too if maybe the LPS-1.2 needs some burn-in time too. What I can say though is that the overall improvement I got from this series of moves was not at all subtle.
  4. I had in mind writing nearly the same post. I received my LPS-1.2 today and simply swapped it for the LPS-1 powering my ISO REGEN. I wasn’t really expecting to be blown away, but boy was I wrong. Initial impressions: - Everything has been brought into a tighter focus - A veil has been stripped away, with improved clarity and lower noise - Voices and instruments are more present - Greater separation between instruments - More snap and pop to dynamics I’m thinking I should just have Alex keep my credit card on file so he can just ship me whatever new product they come out with. LOL. Lastly an additional big thanks to Alex for getting it to me so quickly in light of the challenges recently reported. Much appreciated.
  5. I’m order 7044, so I just missed out on the earlier batch. Not a big deal to me though about the slip. I appreciate the great communication Alex.
  6. kennyb123

    Oppo to stop making players

    The 4K disc is not very pricey and well worth every penny.
  7. kennyb123

    Oppo to stop making players

    Very insightful. You’re likely correct that those with soundbars might not be equipped to appreciate the better audio from UHD discs. I must admit that it came as a surprise to be. I have a modest audio system serving home theater duties - Polk speakers plus an Onkyo TX-RZ710 receiver. The receiver set me back only around $350 late last year and I’ve been astonished by how good it is and how much better it is than the 6 year old Onkyo it replaced. There’s a scene in the first John Wick movie where he takes a sledgehammer to his basement floor. My gosh is this ever reproduced from the 4K disc in a way that shakes the entire room in a realistic way! Boy does that ever add to the thrill of movie watching.
  8. kennyb123

    Oppo to stop making players

    Agreed! UHD on Vudu can be stunning on my LG OLED - especially when encoded in Dolby Vision. I am able to watch 4K discs using an Xbox One S. The picture is better, but I find a bigger improvement comes from the audio on those discs. Vudu movies tend to be Dolby Digital Plus, which I believe is compressed. The audio on UHD discs is fuller with greater dynamics and a more dimensional soundstage.
  9. I will hold off for sure. Thanks for your insights.
  10. kennyb123

    Happy (belated) Larks Day

    One of my favorite albums.... https://www.dgmlive.com/news/Happy Larks Day The 24/96 version rippped from the 40th Anniversary Edition is highly recommended (though in my system the most recent vinyl reissue is even better).
  11. kennyb123

    Where to donate CD's?

    I’ve purchased quite a few CDs from Goodwills around the country as many are Amazon sellers. I think they’d be a good giveaway choice as they’ll get market value from selling them and the profits will go to a good cause. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodwill_Industries
  12. I’ll be eager to read your impressions should you get a second LPS-1.2. I’m presently powering my IR with an LPS-1 and my mR with the second rail of a JS-2. An LPS1.2 will be shipping in April. I will make a direct swap of the LPS1.2 with the LPS-1 and have it power the IR. Then I’ll move the LPS-1 to the mR. Then I’ll wonder how much better the mR will sound with the LPS-1.2. 🙃
  13. M12.R.0497 510 is waiting to be applied
  14. kennyb123

    Chord DAC

    Same here - but I determine such things by actually listening.
  15. Interesting finding with respect to the differences in treble. I wonder if this had something to do with me being less enamoured than SOTM owners with the Lush cable; favoring the USPCB instead with my microRendu. The Lush seemed to make more evident that distorted sound you describe - while the the USPCB brought things back into focus. Which USB cable were you using for this comparison? I wonder if the microRendu might be more picky about the impedance match of the USB cable, which might explain the treble difference.