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  1. I hope he can repost. I usually check in here regularly but a flu knocked me on my butt.
  2. Has the original post by Jesus mentioning the mR update been deleted? A few folks have quoted portions of it, but clicking the link back to the quoted post comes back empty. Or I'm doing something wrong.
  3. I'm interested in hearing their thoughts too. I should mention that I ended up preferring the LPS-1 powering the ISO REGEN and the JS-2 powering the microRendu over the reverse situation. I didn't spend much time trying to tease out differences. It just seemed that the treble had a tendency to be a little hot with the JS-2 powering the IR. The treble became more balanced and natural when I swapped supplies.
  4. I own a Hugo TT and got a nice improvement from adding the ISO REGEN. The IR is powered by an LPS-1, while my microRendu is powered off the second rail of my JS-2. I'm very happy with the ISO REGEN.
  5. This is what I thought I heard as well - along with a bit more "pop" too.
  6. That was my thinking initially. Even when I scored a used Paul Pang modified switch, I was skeptical that there's be a benefit when inserted in the direct path between microRendu and Mac Mini in bridged configuration. But to my surprise there were subtle but meaningful improvements. I expect the SOtM-modified switch would be even better.
  7. The 200 Ultra plus LPS-1 would be a great move. I prefer Roon over DLNA for the awesome user experience. Some prefer integrating Roon with HQP as it can deliver better SQ. It did for my former DAC but not my current one. Once you get the 200 Ultra you should try HQP as it has a free trial mode. Let your ears decide.
  8. I tried powering the IR and uR from the LPS-1 with a Y-cable, but didn't like what I heard. I reported my findings in the IR listening observations thread. Basically there was a loss of low end heft/slam. Swapping in a separate supply restored and even improved upon the low end. The Y-cable I used was a cheap one I purchased from Amazon. Cheap enough to experiment on your own. That's what I encourage everyone to do because we may each come away with different impressions. i should point out that a while back I tried the same Y-cable to power the uR and an FMC from the LPS-1. It degraded the performance there too. Ghent Audio lists really nice Y-cable option for a fair price. Results might be better with this cable:
  9. That's a good suggestion. The Y-cable I tried was this: along with one of these: Cheap to try, but NOT a good way to go IMHO. I've settled on powering the ISO REGEN with the LPS-1 and the mR with the 2nd rail of the JS-2 set to 7v. It sounds fantastic. I must say that UpTone has hit another home run with the ISO REGEN. Yes, it most certainly makes reproduced music sound more like the real thing when used after a microRendu.
  10. And oh my you should hear what happened when I powered the ISO REGEN from the 2nd rail of a JS-2 (in place of the "el cheapo"). Greater weight and fullness across the board. Of course I'm wondering what I'd hear from having a second LPS-1 to power the ISO REGEN.
  11. The low end I heard with the Y-cable powering both the microRendu and ISO REGEN didn't sound more real to me. Bass drums lost the sense of being realistically whacked. Other drums gained a better sense of being realistically whacked after inserting the ISO REGEN - the lower notes just seems to run out of steam. Ditching the Y-cable and introducing an additional power supply seems to have rectified this. I've been listening to Led Zep 2 - this has never sounded better!!!
  12. GI is on by default. Turning off GI caused the loss in magic I reported hearing. I didn't invest enough time with it in the off position to get a good sense of how much magic still remained due to re-clocking.
  13. An update... After further listening, it became evident that I had lost some low end heft. I suspected the Y-cable powering both the microRendu and ISO REGEN might be the culprit as previous use of it to power the microRendu and an FMC had revealed it to be doing the microRendu a disservice. So out came the Y-cable. The microRendu went back to being powered by the LPS-1 via a very short DC cable that Barrows kindly made for me. My "el cheapo" supply was then put back in service to power the ISO REGEN. That change seemed to have returned some low end weight. I'm not sure I hear a downside yet, but will have to do some more comparisons. All the positives I reported in an earlier post are still present. I will have to experiment more with different ways to power these devices another night. I intend to try powering either the microRendu or ISO REGEN with the second rail on my JS-2. One other thing I tried was defeating isolation with that little switch on the back of the ISO REGEN. There was an obvious loss in magic. So it appears galvanic isolation in the ISO REGEN can benefit even DACs that are said to be galvanically isolated, such as my Hugo TT. To be continued...
  14. A change for the better can be immediately heard with the ISO REGEN in place. Cleaner, quieter, smoother, faster, more wide-open, more focused, more dynamic, more organic, more you-are-there. I'm using a Y-cable to power both the microRendu and ISO REGEN from the LPS-1. Digital chain is Mac Mini with MMK/JS-2 running Roon bridged to microRendu > Audience USB > ISO REGEN > USPCB > Chord Hugo TT. I'll likely share more observations after further listening.