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  1. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    @Ralf11 Unfortunately, unlike for the EITR, Schiit says "no returns" on the Gen 5 USB upgrade (my preferred alternative to get rid of the extra box on my desk).
  2. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    I am guessing that the (silent) concensus is that there is no reason to replace my V-Link 192 with either the EITR or Gen 5 USB upgrade to my Bifrost for SQ purposes. So unless anyone else or Schiit chimes in someday, that is what I plan to do for now.
  3. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    I am asking for an opinion as to whether or not there would be any benefits, and, if so, whether it would be worthwhile to make any change. If there are any SQ benefits at all, then I will decide whether or not to make any changes. If there aren't any, I probably won't make a change (the V-Link doesn't really take up that much space and if I keep the V-Link , it would save me from having to purchase a probably expensive new USB cable). @Liborio I take from your response that you do not think that there probably would not be significant sound quality benefits. Can you clarify why or why not? Thanks!
  4. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    Yes. That's why I am wondering if getting an EITR or Gen 5 USB upgrade to my Bifrost would provide any SQ benefits. The practical benefit of getting the Gen 5 USB upgrade is that there would be one less box on my desk (I could get rid of the V-Link). But I would also then need to also invest in a new 6 foot USB cable to go from my computer to the Bifrost. (The V-Link is currently connected to the Bifrost via coax cable.) Sorry, I am kind of clueless on sound technology - just looking for opinions from people who aren't so challenged that way.
  5. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    I am currently using a Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 as my USB interface leading to a Bifrost Multibit (purchased before Schiit made the Gen 5 USB standard). (On an iMac; High Sierra.) Would the Gen 5 board or the stand-alone EITR provide any advantages over the V-Link 192 (now discontinued)? I am not tech saavy enough to answer this question for myself, unfortunately. I don't necessarily want to upgrade unless it might make some kind SQ improvement. One difference I can see is that the EITR requires a power supply (V-Link does not). Also, EITR doesn't specifically mention 192 (I listen to a lot of 24/192 files) but does say it has "precision clock sources for both 44.1 and 48kHz multiples". Is this another way of saying that it will handle 192? (4 x 48 = 192) @Schiit or at anyone else who might have thoughts or an opinion. Thanks! Here are the specs for the V-Link 192: Capability Input data: 24 Bit 192kHz USB stream (maximum) Output Impedance: 50 Ohm SPDIF Operating Systems: Apple Macintosh Apple OS X 10.6.4 and later, Windows XP (SP3), Vista, and 7, Linux Kernel 2.6.33 or later Inputs 1x USB 2.0 Type B Outputs 1x Coaxial SPDIF galvanically isolated 1x XLR AES/EBU Balanced Digital, galvanically isolated
  6. Tonal works fine with my Schiit Bifrost and external speakers.
  7. Just a few additional observations that may be unique to the situation where the source of the music being added is a digital flac file from a needle-drop.... The cover art does not match the actual lp cover (even when the actual cover art is included in the file folder) - Tonal must just try to make as close a match that it can based on other information. A minor nit, I guess, but I am would prefer the actual cover art. Like the cover art, Tonal is making an educated guess at the name of the LP - though close, the guesses are sometimes off, different from what is possibly a more accurate name. Again, a minor thing, but it is a little disorienting to see the titles changed to something different than what I have provided. At this stage in its development, at least, Tonal is probably better suited to CD information rather than needle drops. I also noted it would not accept an ISO file. I am going to experiment a bit with some of the files of CDs that I have ripped from my collection currently located in my iTunes library. I haven't yet done any A/B listening comparisons (listening to the same music on Tonal as compared with Audirvana or HQPlayer), but Tonal does sound good.
  8. Unfortunately, just had another failure. Flac , 24/96, classical. Spent a number of minutes processing and got the success/added message, but it is not there. So have added 5 out of 7 - two failures.
  9. Follow-up: The fifth file I tried to add has failed. Flac 24/96. It seems to process, and I get the "success - you have added the disc" message, but it is nowhere to be found. I have also tried searching by name - no results. Tried this 3 times now with same folder - same results - nothing added. Hmmm. Any thoughts? (Trying a different file now; still processing slowly... taking quite a few minutes. Perhaps because this one is 24/192? Finished and success! But not sure what happened with my fifth try.) Also wanted to say that the interface is very nice! Clean, uncluttered. Album art looks great.
  10. Have added 4 hires (24/96) flac files from external hard drives. Different genres (rock, jazz, classical) and metadata all handled very nicely. Sounds very nice. Question: Where are the music files I have added being stored? It appears somewhere in the cloud? Is there a limit on the amount of storage? Could I add a terabyte (or more) of data if I wanted to? (That would take a bit of time - seems to take several minutes to process each music folder.) Is there a chance my data might just disappear in a puff of smoke some day? It will take some getting used to not having any way to adjust preferences... Thanks for the opportunity to try this out! Follow-up: The fifth file I tried to add has failed. Flac 24/96. It seems to process, and I get the "success - you have added the disc" message, but it is nowhere to be found. I have also tried searching by name - no results. Tried this 3 times now with same folder - same results - nothing added. Hmmm. Any thoughts?
  11. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    I am not very well versed in these things, but would this allow me to get rid of the V-Link 192 that currently resides between my Mac and my Bifrost Multibit DAC? What would be the advantages of getting this upgrade to my Bifrost?
  12. I assume that there are special cd mailer boxes that I can get for eBay sales. Is a simple cardboard wrapping like box sufficient to protect them during mailing? I just remember back in the day receiving cds with cracked jewel cases because they were shipped without padding... and never being very happy about that. The alternative is to pack them in a larger box with padding, but then the shipping costs start to add up probably.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts! I am leaning towards the idea of trying to put the most valuable items up on eBay. As for the rest, maybe Decluttr, or donate to the public library. I will also check out murfie.com.
  14. I have thousands of music cds (mostly standard issue, but also deluxe versions, limited numbered editions, SACD, MFSL Gold, box sets, etc.). Many have been played only a handful of times. I don't use them - ever - because they are all ripped in lossless to external hard drives. So the cds... they just sit there in a dark closet. I have started exploring what would be the best way to sell my collection. A quick websearch led to Decluttr - this seems the most painless way - they will buy anything, pay for shipping, and deposit the money in your bank account. However, the prices they offer seem low, particularly for some items. Case in point: I entered the barcode number for the David Bowie, Station to Station 3 Cd deluxe box (bar code 5099964758329)(you can use your phone to scan the barcode and it makes an offer in a couple of seconds). Decluttr will pay me $4.00 for it. Checking the web I see this going for on average around $50 (and even twice that much some places). I want to sell things as absolutely quickly as I can (I have a busy life and job), but I don't want to have excessive seller's regret either by selling something for $4 that might sell for $50 (with the tradeoff being significantly more time invested). So I am stuck. Maybe use Decluttr for more regular cds, and even if I only get a buck a piece, I might be happy and will still realize a nice sum quickly? Then spend time screwing around on eBay for the more valuable items? Anyone been through this? Anyone use Decluttr? Or similar services? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!