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  1. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    I am not very well versed in these things, but would this allow me to get rid of the V-Link 192 that currently resides between my Mac and my Bifrost Multibit DAC? What would be the advantages of getting this upgrade to my Bifrost?
  2. I assume that there are special cd mailer boxes that I can get for eBay sales. Is a simple cardboard wrapping like box sufficient to protect them during mailing? I just remember back in the day receiving cds with cracked jewel cases because they were shipped without padding... and never being very happy about that. The alternative is to pack them in a larger box with padding, but then the shipping costs start to add up probably.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts! I am leaning towards the idea of trying to put the most valuable items up on eBay. As for the rest, maybe Decluttr, or donate to the public library. I will also check out murfie.com.
  4. I have thousands of music cds (mostly standard issue, but also deluxe versions, limited numbered editions, SACD, MFSL Gold, box sets, etc.). Many have been played only a handful of times. I don't use them - ever - because they are all ripped in lossless to external hard drives. So the cds... they just sit there in a dark closet. I have started exploring what would be the best way to sell my collection. A quick websearch led to Decluttr - this seems the most painless way - they will buy anything, pay for shipping, and deposit the money in your bank account. However, the prices they offer seem low, particularly for some items. Case in point: I entered the barcode number for the David Bowie, Station to Station 3 Cd deluxe box (bar code 5099964758329)(you can use your phone to scan the barcode and it makes an offer in a couple of seconds). Decluttr will pay me $4.00 for it. Checking the web I see this going for on average around $50 (and even twice that much some places). I want to sell things as absolutely quickly as I can (I have a busy life and job), but I don't want to have excessive seller's regret either by selling something for $4 that might sell for $50 (with the tradeoff being significantly more time invested). So I am stuck. Maybe use Decluttr for more regular cds, and even if I only get a buck a piece, I might be happy and will still realize a nice sum quickly? Then spend time screwing around on eBay for the more valuable items? Anyone been through this? Anyone use Decluttr? Or similar services? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!
  5. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    I answered my own question, I think: the problem I was experiencing was with a large number of flac files, multiple albums, that were tagged by the same third person - other files sort properly. I guess I will try to look into the tagging and see if I can fix it myself. Simple question? I don't use the library feature, and listen by dragging files from an external hard drive into the Audirvana play queue. For some reason, the sort feature seems stuck on track title. I would like to sort by track number, but can't seem to get this to change (I can in library mode). In fact, nothing I do in the "view options" sort box seems to have any effect at all. The playlist stays sorted alphabetically by track name. I have the "apply to manual playlist" box checked in the "view options box." Another "bug" I seem to be experiencing... sometimes I can't even get the "view options" box to open, either by using the dropdown menu under "view" or by "command J." I have to empty the playlist and restart Audirvana and then try again. Sometimes this doesn't even work the first time. Any suggestions? Thanks!!! Using Audirvan 3.0.4 and Mac OS 10.11.6. (I have tried searching the forums first and checked the manual, but without luck.)
  6. Cable Upgrade - AKG K7XX

    New cable is on its way! Thanks again.
  7. Cable Upgrade - AKG K7XX

    That sounds just about perfect. I will check them out. Thank you! And thanks for the specific information on the connector.
  8. I would like to upgrade the (detachable) cable on my AKG K7XXs with something shorter than the standard 10 foot cable that came with them. I probably only need 4 to 6 feet. It has the AKG three pin connector. I looked online and their a quite a few available on Amazon, etc. Anything in particular I should consider for these particular headphones? (62 ohms) Any suggestions based on experience to help me narrow down the choices. I don't think I want to spend more than about $75 (it looks like there are quite a few well below that - but again, looking for something tried and true). Your input would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Bifrost USB Input?

    I am using the V-Link 192 out of my Mac to feed coax to the Bimby and it sounds great (IMO)!
  10. I have been converting a number of my MP3s and MP4s to Aiff so I can play them on HQP. Is there any advantage to using XLD to do this versus just using the "convert" command in iTunes. I am just doing straight conversions and not changing any thing else.
  11. Thanks. Two problems: I am not seeing any way to redownload the purchased music. I have looked through all the dropdowns, and looked at the music store, for example. Also, even if there is a redownload option, I have checked and many of the titles are no longer available from the store.
  12. I have several gigabytes of "Protected AAC Audio Files" in my iTunes library that I purchased back in the day when they still used DRM. I would like to convert these to a format so I can use them in HQP or Audirvana - but haven't figured out how to do it yet. I am aware that there is one way using iTunes Match (deleting the files and then redownloading them from the cloud) - but I am not interested in using Match. Is there some Mac software solution to remove the DRM (assuming it is legal to do so)? I did some googling around, but didn't come up with anything that looked legit. If you have any advice, I am all ears. Thanks.
  13. HQ Player

    Ok sorry. I am using this on my iMac. I went to preferences and chose fullscreen mode, but do not see any differences. Please advise. Thank you!
  14. HQ Player

    Is there any way to selectively use the "brush" to remove some but not all of the files you have loaded into the playlist window? In other words, say I drag an album folder into the playlist window, but then want to "prune" a couple of songs out. Or say I have dragged and dropped 5 different album folders - but I want to remove just some of the songs. Is this possible? If not, this would certainly be a nice feature - to be able to command click on various songs to remove them.