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  1. I suggest you download EAC and compare with dbpoweramp first. I have both but prefer the rips from EAC. It is finicky with some marked or scratched discs but you can change settings. The odd disc with no perceived imperfections can give problems. I ripped my 100's CD's in dbpoweramp initially but have steadily re ripped with EAC. I do use slow HQ rip settings on EAC. So it is slower. Slower is better in the long run. Anyway both do the job well.
  2. robocop


    I suggest you run no security software including Windows on your Audio PC. They all detract from the sound. This does mean never using this computer to randomly search for unknown sites that could be a problem. I have run no security software for years but this is on a dedicated audio computer. Even my AV only computer hard drive has Windows security nothing else, but I only run secure sites at a minmum(Netflix, Amazon, Spotify). If I'm searching to download some random audio download I use an old laptop which does have Kaspersky and Malwarebytes or my main online machine(for HD tracks, various audio music sites) but even this I'm very careful with. Have to say have not had any problems in a while. I do think twice before hitting the search button these days since a major hack virus which resulted in reformating hard drive after spending days trying to rid my computer of it. This proved to be impossible actually. Malwarebytes has been problematic on my main online machine, often turning itself off and have to restart to put right. Kasperskys latest version does crossover with Malwarebytes now so I wonder if I'm getting conflicts with the software. Robert
  3. robocop

    Audio Magazines (Print & Digital)?

    I subscribe to Stereophile digital only but find little in it for me these days, save odd industry news items and music reviews. I do enjoy reading Kal Robinson's digital reviews and a recent review in the August issue Herbert Reichert Power Cords and puzzlements. I mostly read online HiFi reveiws/articles of interest from a variety of sites. I will keep subscribing though at the low digital rate. If you don't subscribe, you have to rely on someone in an online forum mentioning it. Strangely one always looks forward to the next issue with bated breath. Experienced this years ago with the printed TAS mag when Harry P was in control. Always something to tickle your Audio brain. Never Stereophiled in those days but always bought the "Recommended components yearly" issue. I guess you take out of it what you will. Robert
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    Well you can learn a new thing. I certainly didn't know this feature existed. Not sure its the right answer but at least one has the option if one gets annoyed. I prefer to glaze over these comments and dismiss the topic/s which I have to say is all too common for me lately. It would not be in my interest to ignore or block others but they have lost my respect. Its getting hard to find the meat in the sandwich. Robert
  5. robocop

    Mark Waldrep In Trouble Again?

    This whole blog is bent out of shape from the original, gosh this is happening all too often these days on these forum's. Shame we can't meet in person to sort it?????
  6. robocop

    Mark Waldrep In Trouble Again?

    I believe the Cables were the Nordost Odins. Very interesting article in the latest August Stereophile re power cords by Herb Reichert.
  7. robocop

    Mark Waldrep In Trouble Again?

    Have to say Mark does bring it on with his incessant opinion on any cables more expensive than Zip wire being "snake oil". I do agree, the unbelievable pricing on cables like the Nordost Odins does make us all wonder, but really if you spend $150,000 on a system you have to have these cables and well, money is probably not an issue!!!!!! Generally on most audio issues I do support Mark and he is a lonely voice in the industry. His book is well worth reading if you havn't already. He is totally behind 24/96 pcm digital audio files as a minimum standard but the recording industry doesn't seem interested. His audio files compare all formats. Just today I was emailed a sales blog from Bandcamp with Cassettes now available from some artists. Gosh are we going backwards now. They really were the worst audio format. Well some on this forum today are extolling Reel to reel tapes another backwards step, at wait insane prices. Really its not the audio quality is it, its about having something no one else has. You could put vinyl in this camp. But I have seen it all now after spending $1000's over 40 years to get better sound???? Robert
  8. robocop

    what is better than Jriver

    Gosh havn't heard the latest Jriver but in the day when comparing to XXhighend, XXhighend easily beat it in sound quality. Jriver is trying to satisfy a broad band market of needs whereas Xxhighend is all about the quality of sound. At the end of the day you need to compare and try different software setups. And I guess it needs to suit your setup and convenience factor. Often convenience over rules sound quality for some.
  9. Personally the 205 is the best, and worth getting, it has major advantages for video and audio over the 203. Power supply and double layer chassis benefit both audio and video. The Sabre 9038 chips are excellent for the audio. Below is from Oppo site. Differences Between the UDP-203 and UDP-205 Features UDP-203 UDP-205 7.1-Channel Analog Outputs(AKM AK4458VN DAC) Yes Yes (ESS ES9038PRO DAC) Stereo Analog Outputs7.1ch Output Configurable to 2ch Dedicated XLR and RCA Outputs (ESS ES9038PRO DAC) HDMI Audio Jitter Reduction Circuit No Yes USB DAC and Coaxial / Optical Digital Inputs No Yes MQA File Support No Yes Built-In Headphone Amplifier No Yes Toroidal Power Supply No Yes Double-Layered Chassis No Yes Robert
  10. ronkuper I have compared the HDMI input to the USB and the USB definitely sounds better using my audio computer as source. This is primarily using streaming audio services. I do use the HDMI input for my TV decoder and streaming netflix etc from a computer. I do have a voice sync issue currently with this HDMI input. Oppo are looking into it. The audio is fine from the video sources. I only use dedicated stereo XLR output. The HDMI input did work fine until a software update last year. The current update has not corrected this. I guess Oppo has to cover a lot of bases to get everything working with the software. Otherwise its one hell of a piece of equipment and possibly the last of its kind from Oppo. Robert
  11. robocop

    Oppo UDP-205

    Check my profile for computer setup. I use Xxhighend for sonic reasons but it takes some computer expertise to get working but once mastered it works well. Havn't found better audio software for PCM. The Oppo 205 is my DAC. Can't justify spending more on another DAC.
  12. robocop

    Oppo UDP-205

    205 has two Sabre 9038 dacs but only one is used with the stereo DAC and the other does 7.1 multi channel. Not dual ganged. Its the best SACD/Cd stereo playback I have owned in a single box player. But my primary use is Blueray, DVD live concerts and computer audio upsampled to 32/768 from my computer into USB input, output via XLR stereo to system. I run Sennheiser HD600 headphones and no problems driving these. It does run at the top end of the volume scale but this is a good thing. If you need it louder you may have hearing issues later in life. As a dedicated Preamp/Dac its out on its own. The 205 Dac is outstanding for the money, I believe its because of the new 9038 chips which are way better than the old 9018's which I had in the Benchmark Dac2 preamp/dac(now sold).
  13. robocop


    "Waste of time" participating in this poll and others off late, seems some CA contributors have nothing better to do with time online!!!!! Really, if you have nothing of value to add, say nothing. Less crap to troll through to find the good.
  14. robocop

    Black Sabbath on HDTracks

    I downloaded Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 24/96 Wav today from HD Tracks what a disappointment up against a ripped CD 16/44 Black box flac version. Not only was it 10db quieter, also seems to be lacking in detail. Quite noticeably even when volume turned up still no detail, flat sounding. Investigation on the web shows quite a difference between various Black Sabbath recordings. I also have Vol4, HD24/96 but this is better than my ripped CD 16/44 by far and recommended.
  15. robocop

    What music player software do you use the most?

    Other: XXhighend Ram OS