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  1. iPad / iPhone Playback

    I hear similar in my own system. Honestly took me by surprise during my latest round of highly subjective testing I might add. Thank you Nathan! I love the app .. easy to set up and use, convenient, and rock-solid. BTW, A bit depth/sample rate indicator would be a nice touch .
  2. iPad / iPhone Playback

    Late to the party .. again. I just found this app and downloaded it today (before seeing this thread). So far my experience has been great playing all sample rates. I'm using my Tranquility DAC and the app down samples high res flac files on the fly without issue. An audiophile bargain at $3.99. Here's how I'm using it: iPad Air ➟ Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 Adapter ➟ UpTone Audio USB REGEN ➟ dB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC ➟ Decware ZSB ➟ APPJ PA0901A ➟ Omega Super 3i's I'm curious to know if it's bit-perfect into high res capable DACs. Anyone?
  3. Article: Introducing Superphonica

    Congratulations and best wishes Chris and Dave.
  4. Radsone EarStudio

    Yeah, I saw that .. speaks for itself, no? It's cheap & colorful at least .
  5. Radsone EarStudio

    Here's another on Indiegogo claiming lossless: Poppins
  6. Audio Goals for 2018

    I have a new SE84UFO amp on order from Decware. It's supposed to be a great match for my Omega loudspeakers. I'm hoping for the build to be finished by the end of February. Patience is not a virtue I possess.
  7. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ray-thomas-moody-blues-flautist-and-founder-dead-at-76-w515092
  8. Article: Readers Choice Awards 2017

    @The Computer Audiophile .. while these type of polls are interesting I'm honestly curious what your picks are for the top 3 products of the year. I believe you have access to far more products than the average forum member. Care to share your opinion?
  9. Radsone EarStudio

    Early reviews are starting to come in. Here is a link to Steven Stone's (Audiophile Review) if you're interested: http://audiophilereview.com/cd-dac-digital/in-july-2017-i-took.html BTW, I found this via Radsone's Facebook page which, surprisingly, also lists my blog post among others.
  10. Radsone EarStudio

    I'm not surprised another company decided there's a market for this type of product. Fiio certainly knows their market (and their stuff!). Perhaps we'll see a comparison soon.
  11. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Thank you. Makes me wonder if I'd just be happy with their lower tier service however, even though the Bluesound integration could be much more refined, I like it and it sounds great. The gapless is most welcome. Now listening to Keith Jarrett's The Köln Concert and it seems gapless as well. Could it be Deezer's cross-fade function is absolutely amazing? God knows I may be mistaken.
  12. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    I often use the Charlie Haden recording in my tests for several reasons, being gapless is but one. Since your posts I've been listening to Dark Side of the Moon .. it's gapless. Thank you!
  13. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Quoting you again .. I'm really glad you posted this. Proves one should never assume. I've updated my blog with an addendum. Interesting. Thanks.
  14. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Thank you. Now, wouldn't that be interesting if the iPhone app doesn't !?! My Pixel 2 does so I just assumed as much for the iPhone. Sounds great nonetheless. Clearly I need more info. Well, checking the settings on the Android app again .. "High Quality (HQ)". So, no flac. Funny, I still think it sounds better than through the Node 2. Clearly, my audiophile club card should be revoked.
  15. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Perhaps. I hope you're right and Deezer/Bluesound have addressed this. Last I remember reading on the topic was Deezer uses cross-fading to somewhat mitigate the issue. As I've already mentioned, I've heard the same on other albums as well. I will have to explore further. Thanks for mentioning this psjug.