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  1. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    Elmo Hope Trio and Quintet .. a little bop for this late Sunday morning.
  2. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  3. Melvin

    Mark Waldrep In Trouble Again?

    Thanks for posting this @Sal1950.
  4. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    A lovely album on this lovely Sunday morning.
  5. Melvin

    An elderly newbie - hoping for guidance

    No one is trying to change your opinion, which you wield like a sword hacking at anything or anyone who doesn't share your opinion. You're opinion is clear and I'm happy you found your nirvana but it's an opinion which some don't share. We all have different taste and seek one of but many paths to nirvana. Enjoy yours.
  6. Melvin

    An elderly newbie - hoping for guidance

    This is crap also.
  7. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

  8. Melvin

    An elderly newbie - hoping for guidance

    First and foremost, I would add a subwoofer. In fact, Audioengine's subwoofer would be a perfect match and likely add a nice fullness to your already nice speakers. Then try the DAC to see if there's an improvement. Buy more music.
  9. @creativepart .. my Schiit Eitr suggestion was primarily due to their Gen 5 USB technology which may (or may not) be superior to the USB input on the BM1. Lots of folks think it's up there with the best of them. Of course, if you decide to go with an Yggy the point is moot. There are so many great DAC choices today .. best of luck.
  10. I didn't .. love the reference! I was thinking along these lines as well (with the added reclocking and USB/SPDIF conversion).
  11. Melvin

    Album of the Evening

    Great album. Great line-up.
  12. For $179 the Schiit Eitr might be worth a shot. It's garnered some great reviews and you can return it if it doesn't suit you.
  13. Melvin

    Consensus about upsampling to 512 DSD

    That would be way too reasonable. Some folks seem to be in desperate need of validation and approval from a perceived majority. Perhaps it's a lack of confidence in their ability to discern good sound. Or just mob-mentality.
  14. Congrats on the Lyr 3. Tubes, like most things audio, can be fun if you are the tweaky type. I've rolled a few but honestly, I have no interest in acquiring a collection of them. I do think it's wise having a couple of sets of backup tubes for those times when failure happens, so why not have different flavors. Best of luck with the new amp.
  15. Melvin

    USB improvement gadgets - a survey

    I also returned to USB after being away for a while. The Schiit Eitr has proved to be the best bang-for-the-buck gizmo I've yet experienced. I'm using it to feed my MHDT Lab Pagoda via BNC with fantastic results. It's been a couple of years now since Chord stopped developing/supporting their USB drivers for the early Qute iterations but, if my memory serves, the Qute EX didn't improve much (if at all) when using various USB helpers. I would imagine the same would hold true with their current DACs.