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  1. MQA is Vaporware

    Have you guys seen this yet? http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/mqa-live-launches-in-austin-with-exclusive-jake-isaac-livestream/
  2. Album of the Evening

    Such a terrific live recording.
  3. Album of the Evening

    Can't get enough of Chet lately.
  4. Album of the Evening

    A favorite.
  5. Embedded album art - or not

    @mjb .. back when I was using Amarra and aiff files I had nothing but problems with album art. After way too much frustration I converted my library to uncompressed flac using dBpoweramp. I then used Metadatics for its album art/folder.jpg function, which was somewhat automatic. It was a bit time consuming but I'm glad I did the work. Yes, I am a bit picky with metadata and all has been well since.
  6. Album of the Evening

    This is fast becoming a wonderful series. I hope it continues.
  7. Simple MQA poll.

    I voted against. Unfortunately, it appears MQA is poised to become the standard “end to end” mastering/distribution scheme providing a near-perfect DRM structure for the record companies. I envision a future where all mastering is done with MQA encoding .. 1 master to rule them all .. there will be no need for the studios to distribute any other format. Efficient and protects their investment. Why wouldn’t they want this? Just think, there will soon be a market for “pre-MQA CDs” costing twice (if not more) than the price we pay now .. not that anyone still buys CDs .
  8. Album of the Evening

    GoGo Penguin's latest: Via Deezer. You’re going to want to crank it up boys!
  9. Melody Gardot is coming out with a new album

    Also available on Deezer.
  10. How about Soekris DACs? The 1321 has a digital volume control, no headphone amp like their others, and is fairly inexpensive.
  11. The Pi P14 Pseudoacoustic Infector

    Power and Glory! Hilarious.