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  1. Run, do not walk, to buy any Pono Player that may be on deep discount due to the failure of Pono Music. A serious good DAC and substantial internal memory upgradable with SD card and can drive your 650’s with confidence. Also can be run as balanced. the sport community is still active so if you download the last firmware you can play DSD. beats the AQRed easily.
  2. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Is a mystery why a review about a new DAC brought out this stuff. First the endless posts about a speaker with a topology from 1950’s then this aggression about cost.....sheesh! not sure what Chris could do without a heavy hand which may cause more ill will than order.
  3. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Amir, Think you made your point in your first post. We get it. Thanks
  4. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    Was surprised by his comments as well... dCS General Manager John Quick unveiled a prototype of the Rossini transport (approx. $22,000, coming to the Munich show in May),
  5. Article: dCS Rossini DAC Review

    See the latest from Stereophile article by JVS on the music show where he writes about a new Rossini Transport which will play both CD and SACD.
  6. Pono Player Firmware Update

    Question for anyone who may care to reply...can the volume be "locked" so if the player is stuck in a pocket the volume cannot not be changed inadvertently? Thanks, WW
  7. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    with respect...my apologies. Best respect to all. This response from this GUTB guy is just beneath contempt. Apologies, Warren
  8. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    this site is, at times, just to fucked up to participate in. GUTB, whatever little hole your belong to, go back into it.
  9. Not attempting to defend anyone but I do not need to degrade someone to make my points. There are a number of N. Young fans on this site although I am not one of them. I enjoyed Tellig although never took it as anything other than entertainment.
  10. Dear Mr. Connaker

  11. Perhaps Mr. JA is so completely bound up in layers of NDA and cannot easily participate.
  12. Pono Player Firmware Update

    Thanks for the reference to the video...will seek that one out....further to the card, am assuming there is a read/write overhead for the card as well as simply keeping it energized but it must be very modest in demand. You answered a question I hadn't asked but wondered about...the purported 128Gb limit for the SD is not a hard boundary if you can read the 200Gb offered by your card. Best
  13. but hey, really, who gives a squeak about this issue...Tellig was entertaining! I am serious. His Russian sweetie, his love of all those funny and noisy bits of electrical devices. I alway went to his page right after opening the cover. Was never looking to be persuaded on any issue but liked his prose and attitudes. To my mind Dudley is in the same realm. Great evocation of a musical ideal although I personally suspect his system has a fair bit of low level electrical noise that would be remarkable to most of us. Comforting, tubey, woody, the older noisy needle in the groove, etc...totally loved reading about it. Then there is his tractor! .....totally OT but just bought (3 hours ago)a PONO Player at a serious discount and listening through Etymotic in ear monitor and the music (Takac Quartet of Mr. Bs Late Quartets) is truly 3D...so very surprisingly so. I had to look up a couple of time around the room. So very sad about Charley Hansen. Run to get any that are now wholesaled out of the store. My young and dear hearted sales assistant was ernestly asking me why I was so interested in the product so I began by saying, well you know, Neil Young, but that wasn't working at all...so I regrouped and started in about levels of resolutions...but no further success. She is taking music something at a local college but they haven't gifted her with any understanding of these very modest technical issues.