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  1. Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Never give up, do you! Funny but pejorative.
  2. Think I must be....You are very cynical, my friend
  3. Darling, how would you know?
  4. Haha!! Maybe you should start a new thread about all your dull-witted new threads. don't bother replying....
  5. that's a cogent response
  6. I give up...no wit, no nothing
  7. My thoughts....likely unwelcome Clickbait. This thread and a multitude of others are just so time wasting. Have to wonder why (largely) men spend so much time on these endless BS threads. To the question: Yes, I am an audiophile, so for at least for the quarter of this “pack”, I am thought to be delusional, so dull-witted that I spend inordinate amounts of money on expensive products without possessing the requisite judgement to know that I am simple stupid. All my thanks, guys. (wgscott, crenca, manser, kumakuma, elsdude...trumpers, et.al) think ML may have made a point.. .unhappy people just continually posting.
  8. Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    True, he brought out the wild dogs.....really don't get it.
  9. Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    You use the ignore list like a Paris Hilton......
  10. Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    Hard to tell if you are completely nuts or just love mischief ;-) <---------winkie of absolution included
  11. Michael Lavorgna strikes back.......

    You guys need to get out more often. No big fan of ML but plissken you and your continual animus is destroying this site for conversation. Why not go somewhere else...pull the wings off of something somewhere else?
  12. Civility

    Totally amazing that a thread with the understated request for civility brings foreward the worst.
  13. Civility

    Let's ask Eddie Haskell...oops! Esldude!