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  1. Why bother with a funded thread in if you ignore it?
  2. Totally helpful post...highly recommended for any having issues with doubled library entries. thanks, wdw
  3. Jud, I appreciate your concern but aren't these observatiions self-evident. Cheers, Warren
  4. Seriously? Amazing! Nevertheless, I will likely try again but the one takeaway that is of far greater concern to me is the inability of Time Machine to recognize the Synology NAS share....in trying to unearth the problem I found a number of posts outlining this issue and providing workarounds. I wonder how pervasive this problem is. Restore Time Machine backup from Synology - Technical Exchange bLog How to Restore a Time Machine Backup From a Synology NAS — timbroder.com
  5. My apologies....I'm sure it my clumsiness in copying the file. Regards.
  6. Suppose I shouldn't have tried this procedure...too much a novice....my system crashed completely and had to do a Time Machine restore...that went fine but a few days later the MacBook is showing the same crash behaviour. Is this malware? I assume that restoring to a time earlier than the attempted exercise the issue was closed and the corruption file no longer in the system but apparently not. Also discover that restoring from a NAS is it's own world of pain...Time Machine sees the NAS but won't accept the login name and password. Google search tells me this is a vey common problem with most suggesting that NAS Drives will not be readable from the COMMAND-R Restore window. Anyone have any success with login into a NAS from this window?
  7. One item that was implicit in the purchase of the DF was the promise of a firmware update enabling MQA and iOS app fo rcontrol of the DAC. Wondering where and when this may be released. Any one heard anything positive?
  8. Suggest you buy a copy of YATE. Not too pricey but is very easy and fluid in making changes to metadata. I have a lifetime sub to ROON (the supposed metadata master) and Yate is very much of use. A+ is far superior to ROON in maintaining classical metadata, IMO. WDW
  9. Downloaded and it is so easily apparent this version is lovely....hearing a nuance that wasn't there before. For the small amount of money to upgrade it so well worth it. Damien, I was expecting an upgrade price higher than you've asked and would have, likely, paid it. Your work easily leaves my "lifetime" ROON is the sonic dust. wdw
  10. I use DBPowerAmap and know the support is first rate...without anything other than good will in the suggestion, why not pose that question to them. Perhaps there is something that could be learned by all. If you do, please let us know how it turns out/
  11. Just downloaded MusicStreamer to my iPhone and iPad. Amazingly fluid install...found the NAS on my network easily, scanned the music folder and now ready to go. Clearly a well designed App. Thanks for the recommend. Looking forward to trying out my new Dragon Red with the iPhone. I hope the industry understands how influential this site! Thanks, WDW
  12. OK, got the AMM bit, so what's a doddle? ;-)
  13. Huh? ;-)
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. When I type in, say, Beethoven, in the search field I retreive roughly half of any Beethoven and have a list of, as written in this thread, Beethoven, Ludwig....et.al..... In the screen shot I show why are there a multitude of totally vague flags and largely useless choices to flag (issue date...hello!) but not a simple... check for "use my metadata"?
  15. this is straightforward? where is the composer field, etc? am I missing something?