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  1. Article: Introducing Superphonica

    Chris, All the best in this endeavour...a minor typo se below
  2. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    HA! not too many. Just one or two disagreeable meanies. Blue meanies.
  3. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    See above....plissken and his little buddy.
  4. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    So now you’re Joan of Arc! Pleeeese.
  5. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    The issue is not whether you imagine your position to be correct, that is a debatable point, but more so the malice that you write into them. You constantly offer these silly BS $$ challenges. Please go back to hacking Hillary’s emails. I personally believe this site as a whole should put you on ignore. Queue Cogley and Kamakame.
  6. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    Not sure when and why you've imagined yourself to be the arbiter of moral/immoral, right/wrong, etc...it is just staggering the positions you take with such apparent ease...seriously doubt you be willing to speak so rudely to someone across the table at, say, a bar as, I suspect, you'd have your lights punched out in no time flat........but I truly think that JA has more to offer this site than your persistent, arrogant and negative postings. Please don't chase another industry good fellow away.
  7. The fact that Atkinson showed up here

    John, your comment abouts outlines my particular concerns about MQA....based on your earlier very positive writings as well as the effusive praise from Harley, I was keenly interested in hearing it. A few years ago, here in Vancouver, BC Canada we had a music show and MQA was a primary exhibitor. Based on their participation we happily attended with the sole intention of hearing this new format but found they would only play a file claimed to be MQA but directly refused, even upon repeated requests, to play the non-MQA equivalent. I have posts of very similar behaviour at other shows. It is this appearance of skulduggery that raises my suspicions. It appears, from our/my perspective, that the Hi-Fi press have been marketed far too heavily while the general consumers is, generally, sent to sit on the sidelines. I know their behaviour has become more open over time but it still doesn't pass the smell test. Best,
  8. Hello all. Not sure where to post this so here goes! I see my copy of dbPoweramp Music Converter is suggesting I upgrade to version 16.2. (a paid update from 15.6) Seems to me the science of disk copy is largely completed by now so wonder if anyone would have any comments as to the merits of this upgrade. Lately my music purchases have been more downloaded than hard copy but still do buy CDs (bought two today) so use the program often during the month. Cheers, and best for the Holidays
  9. Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    .... ///// ???? should have a feature to simply delete the whole of a post or a thread....... Most of the these endless MQA discussions are just so debilitating. Surely there is no immediate nor apparent need for MQA. Full stop. (..and I take the late Mr. Hanson's thoughts to heart and am saddened by his demise).
  10. Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    Lier is defined as someone who rests or reclines. An example of a lier is a dog who is often sleepy. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Lier dictionary definition | lier defined - YourDictionary www.yourdictionary.com/lier
  11. Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    could, at the very least when insulting someone on-line, spell it correctly! (see you edited your posts to the correct spelling....just to keep the record straight)
  12. Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    John, Glad to see you here but suspect it will only be short-lived as the shit storm of abuse is just queuing up. Hold tight. Best, Warren
  13. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1. ROON and as importantly, ROON ROCK (it rocks) 2. dCS Network Bridge 3. Devialet Expert PRO and Core Infinity upgrade. (Truly spectacular!)
  14. Article: Computer Audiophile Turns 10 Today!

    Congratulations on this anniversary date of the site and my thanks for all the assistance it has offered. Best