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  1. Question: from the many CD's, DVD and Bluray that are part of this remaster, where is the 24/96? On the DVD or Bluray? If so, won't you need something like DVD audio extractor or similar read off the disc? Perhaps I misunderstand but expect high res files to be carried as DVD audio when in disc format.
  2. sometimes it appears this site has slowly gained the apperance of a bunch of guys in a park, on a bench playing checkers...the topics are often more click bait than useful. ya, I think we're not talking about audio enough...(post number 22,879)..,your move well, but those guys with their usb delusions really get to me...(post 12879)...your move
  3. Very interesting...great question, one I've often pondered.
  4. just sayin' check out this thread for a sample of Devialet's relationship to their customers....I have their mono blocks and these are simply amazingly, wonderfully musical, dynamic and all the audiophile bits (seriously!) but as a company their customer relationship team is so poor as to be simply astonishing. Is it a French thing...dunno. https://help.devialet.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001996589
  5. dCS Network Bridge

    Would love to hear if this has been done as well
  6. dCS Network Bridge

    Had an Auralic Aries...replaced with the ethernet virtual soundcard "AIR" that Devialet offers as it was audibly superior....to the collection you list...dunno but would wager that this dCS Bridge is the leader of the pack...have seen some posts from Aurender folks saying something similar...best digital we've had in house...
  7. dCS Network Bridge

    Yes, good advice....best, wdw
  8. dCS Network Bridge

    Have one in house to review from our local HiFi hut....Sound Room, Vancouver, the best! Two seconds in it was apparent how discreet, quiet and fascinating our most well-known playist is from this musical device. Piece was brand new, cold out of the box, no burn-in, etc.... amazing!
  9. An honest man....! You're the best!
  10. Very helpful, thanks again...is there any value in the higher speeds of the SSD you've chosen?
  11. Chris, The Samsung SSD you've used appears to have a differing end connection when compared to the Transcend SSD recommended in the ROON ROCK article. Yours has two "fingers" while the Transcend has three (shown below). I'm a complete novice on this subject so just wanted to confirm either will seat into the NUC. Planning to install to a ROCk once the Devialet AIR inclusion is announced...assumed to be next week or the following. Also note your choice is blazingly fast...is this a valuable upgrade from the Transcend? Thanks for your guide...very helpful.
  12. Munich High End Show 2017

    Even better news...if the MQA group would freely offer these comparative demos and, if the results are as you and Chris report, they have done their work. In my case and a in few others these comparisons weren't offered. Apologies for the OT.
  13. Munich High End Show 2017

    This is encouraging....we, the great unwashed, aren't offered this comparison so am happy to hear your report. I attended the last Vancouver, BC, Canada, audio show with the sole purpose to hear MQA as was reported to be demoed. The MQA guy played one or two MQA tracks but was unwilling, even after direct requests, to play the non-MQA'd track. This is at the nub of why there is so much suspicion as to motive. The audio press get these auditions; the public, not so much. Wonder why.
  14. Munich High End Show 2017

    ...announce it to the public YESTERDAY? Typo or editorial comment? Would welcome any news on these guys..
  15. Munich High End Show 2017

    Now this is interesting...nothing on the ROON site yet. Any info you can relay would be welcome. Best, wdw