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  1. My move to Apple TV

    Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the Airport Express, but was interested in including an ATV because I understand that it can pull for your iTunes library rather than the AE which has music pushed to it from iTunes. If I understand correctly then with the ATV I could have two different things playing in different parts of the house accessing one iTunes library. Does that sound right?
  2. My move to Apple TV

    jaxwired, Could you also run this without the monitor using an iphone or ipod touch as a remote?
  3. NAS Help

    I am a little perplexed by preferences of one modern NAS over another. I use a D-Link 321 NAS without issue. Having never used one of the often recommended units maybe I don't know what I am missing, but really it just sits in a closet and just works. I can see the benefit of a 4-bay unit (over my 2-bay), but other than that couldn't see how one unit could be recommended over another. Admittedly I haven't had it very long and don't have many demands of it (backup and stream music / video), but it just seems to work without problems. T
  4. I am hoping to find a little guidance here regarding iTunes sharing among multiple users and computers. I have a Mac mini that I run headless for audio playback and controlled via the iPhone app. My iTunes library is stored on a NAS (D-Link 321) in another room and also accessed from my office PC running Vista. The PC us used to sync our phones (podcasts and a bit of music) and for managing the music library. The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to open the same library on both the mac and PC at the same time. I understand that I cannot have both machines editing the library simultaneously, but seems like I should be able to have it open on two machines. I am receiving an error saying that I don’t have permission to access the library (or something like that) when it is in use on the other computer. If necessary, I can accept giving the mini read only access and just rip CDs from the PC, but I really don’t want to have to close iTunes on the mini (since it is headless it is a bit of a hassle) every time we sync our phones. Any thoughts? Should it be possible for me to do this and I just need to do some more troubleshooting or is this just the way iTunes works? Would it be better to access the library through the NAS’s built-in iTunes server function? Could I tell iTunes to load this up by default so I could control via the iPhone? Terry
  5. Hi there, I have searched the forums without luck for my specific questions. I am looking to move over to a mac mini based music server. It will be wired to to my NAS and be used exclusively as a music server controlled by an iphone. Would I be able to get away with the early Mac Mini G4 with 1.25GHz and 1gig of RAM? Thanks, Terry
  6. I have only been using it for a few days, but so fat no hiccups and the best interface for my flac library. Looking forward to your investigations, Chris. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the tip.<br /> <br /> Terry
  7. Backing Up the Music Library

    On my non-media desktop, I use one of those online backup services (mozy.com). What is wrong with using something like this on our music servers? Seems like it would save the hassel of having yet another external drive or NAS. It is about $4-$5 per month for unlimited storage. It only backs up new / changed files, so ti wouldn't be a huge drain on your bandwidth once the initial backup is complete. Here is what I do: I have my music server as a mapped network drive on my desktop. I run a nightly backup (from the desktop) to an external hard drive that is then backed up to the mozy server. This way if there is ever a everything-burned-to the-ground type of disaster as least I still have my music. I know this could be simplified even further, but it works for me. What am I missing?