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  1. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    If your Mac can mount it as a drive, then yes. For example, I have a Synology Diskstation (NAS) - I can browse to the "Music" folder on the NAS and select it for monitoring. Any new music I add to the Music folder on the NAS automatically shows up in Audirvana. I will say it's awfully slow, at least on my network and with my 100k+ files. Takes a few minutes to select the folder in the first place, then an hour or more to populate the database the first time. I certainly have better results with storing my music locally; i.e., on the same Mac on which Audirvana is installed.
  2. LOL - 1 MILLION new albums / week? I don't think so.
  3. Not really "static", exactly - many of the new releases each week are MQA . . . but they sure don't make them easy to find / select, as you point out.
  4. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Same here - DSD64 is actually greyed out, too, but if you select DSD upsampling, it *does* upsample to DSD64, but DSD128 or DSD256 are not selectable. PS - Not to be ungrateful - very much enjoying the ability to stream to my microRendu from Audirvana The best way to listen to Qobuz streaming!
  5. Another major look at MQA by another pro.

    So anyone who likes MQA must either stop posting or be "more neutral", but those who don't are free to post anything negative they like? What kind of thinking is that? I'm hoping I missed your point.
  6. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-3-build-247-is-live/28868 'This build contains a fix for files that were incorrectly identified as MQA in our last release. All files previously identified as MQA will be reanalyzed when you install this release, but the rest of your collection will not be reanalyzed at this time.'
  7. How is this "annoying" or in any way bothersome? It's simply a display bug in the interface, and has literally ZERO impact on usability, sound quality, whatever. For me, it's simply an interesting / amusing interface bug, certainly not worth even a maintenance release.
  8. I happened to be in London about this time last year, and took a couple day off work to see some shows, etc. Went to my first "Proms" concert - final performance of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Roger Norrington. What a wonderful experience!
  9. headless Mac remote access too slow

    Got it. I run iTunes (needed for dealing with portable devices and tagging), Roon (complete with upsampling and other DSP), and HQPlayer (at times). I know it's my choice to do so just trying to balance performance vs. having to buy multiple machines, each with a single purpose.
  10. headless Mac remote access too slow

    Do you have any concerns re: dual core vs. quad? Concerned the newest models do not offer quad core i7 - I had enough trouble with slow performance on my 2011 (2.3 i5 dual core) to want to make sure the newest models perform *considerably* better before shelling out $1,300. Of course, the 2011 model also had a 5,400 RPM hard drive, which I'm sure contributed greatly to the perception of slowness!
  11. headless Mac remote access too slow

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My 2011 Mac Mini gave up the ghost and all of the current options are actually less capable than my 2011 so I didn't want to spend $1,000+ for a replacement. Right now, I'm using an old Windows laptop I had lying about (ugh), but unless Apple comes out with an updated Mini, looks like I'm going to have to migrate to a NUC-based option - which I hate, because macOS is my operating system of choice.
  12. Sonore ultraRendu

    Agreed. I don't need a second device (i.e. ultraRendu) at this time (certainly not @ $875!), but would be very interested in understanding the degree the 1.4 upgrade improves my existing microRendu.
  13. No. It's a bug that crops up with recently edited / ripped files, as well as some others. READ the post from Roon Labs. The release notes clearly explain what the code is supposed to do, and the post confirms who they got it from, confirms that it's a bug and they're working to fix it, etc. No need for all these conspiracy theories.
  14. No, all my CD rips are in ALAC, and I see 100+ CDs with the "MQA" moniker. Obviously, buggy code.