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  1. jhwalker

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Love the new "go to top" button - exactly what was needed
  2. jhwalker

    Need Audio CD Ripping Software Recommendations

    Take a typical track ripped from a CD. If even ONE byte (among several millions) changes in the rip, the resultant CRC will be WILDLY different; i.e., a COMPLETELY different string. That's just how CRCs work. Thus if you have a match to EVEN ONE other rip, it means the odds are literally billions to one that both are correct (or both incorrect in EXACTLY the same way, which is absurd). To get the same CRC from two DIFFERENT rips of the same track is so wildly improbable as to defy imagination (IOW, it doesn't happen).
  3. jhwalker

    Need Audio CD Ripping Software Recommendations

    Sigh. If your CRC matches even ONE other rip, the odds against your having a bad / inaccurate rip are billions to one. It's obvious - that's just how it works. All this talk about "odds" and "possible" are just that - talk.
  4. jhwalker

    Age of your "stuff"

    I haven't yet a "serious" stereo system - my home theater system does double duty The oldest piece is an M&K subwoofer I bought about 20 years ago (!), but most of the other components are replaced every 3-5 years, as new tech / capabilities are made available.
  5. I think the current tiered pricing model shaking out in the industry right now is about right: $0 = lossy streaming supported by ads $10 = lossy streaming $20 = lossless streaming I certainly wouldn't pay any more.
  6. No. I wound up using a Windows 10 VM I had sitting around
  7. jhwalker

    WAV or FLAC

    Not sure what your anecdote about ripping with iTunes has to do with the accuracy of AccurateRip, but more power to you, I guess.
  8. jhwalker

    WAV or FLAC

    No. The way the code works, it's literally impossible for two rips of the same CD to have the same checksum unless they are actually identical; i.e., both correct. If your CD matches even one other in the database, the odds are billions to one it's correct. If there are two or more, it's guaranteed.
  9. jhwalker

    WAV or FLAC

    I use dbPoweramp with AccurateRip comparison turned on, with a Blu-Ray drive external to my 2017 MacBook Pro and rip 10s of CDs / week. I can count on one finger the number of errors I've had in the past year, and it was corrected by popping out the disc, wiping off a fingerprint, and re-ripping that one track. In short: if you have a clean CD and a functional disc drive, you can get verifiably bitperfect rips.
  10. jhwalker

    WAV or FLAC

    And . . . ?
  11. I've tried it for a while, but a couple of recurring issues keep it from being more than a curiosity for now: 1) At least half of my downloads or rips apparently contain a track that is considered a "Broken audio file", though the same files process just fine with any other player, including Roon which does error checking. 2) Of the remaining half, at least 50% generate an error message "Disc is too long to be a valid audio disc” - this can happen with digital downloads that are the equivalent of a single disc or several discs (e.g., new recording of the recent NBC TV broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar, the recent release of the complete Brahms Symphonies by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Ticciati). Either way, processing stops at that point. 3) Some discs generate an error, "Disc could not be verified" (e.g., Original Studio Recording of Jesus Christ Superstar) So right now, only about 20-25% of my collection can be imported. Until these issues are corrected, it's will not be able to continue testing. PS - I very much like the interface and would certainly consider giving it another try in the future.
  12. With a "real" MQA DAC, you would disable the first "unfold" in software and your MIDI program would actually show only 24/48 (or 24/44). The first unfold + any subsequent upsampling ALL happens in the DAC in that situation.
  13. jhwalker

    MQA is Vaporware

    Sorry, not following. This has been the description of MQA since (literally) Day One.
  14. jhwalker

    Oppo to stop making players

    Yeah, saw that earlier today I've always respected the quality of their devices, though I've moved on to lower priced players replaced more frequently over the past few years.
  15. Ah, OK. I didn't see anywhere they documented it's a renderer vs. decoder implementation, so I was ASSUMING decoder Now I know what to do - thanks!