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  1. Because I'm curious - what about this is not correct? Any type of upsampling (other than simple multiplication of the sample rate) necessarily adds additional data points based on the algorithm used. Though I wouldn't call that an "educated guess", the overall concept is correct, is it not? Again, not challenging your statement, just wanting an expansion of your answer if you're game, so I can understand better
  2. I played DXD and DSD128 all day today thru iPhone X > LH Labs Pulse - very cool.
  3. Go to Tidal, either in the app or A+

    No problem here, either. Upsampling to PCM 384/32, playing via DLNA to microRendu to LH Labs Pulse Infinity DAC.
  4. about sacd ripping issue

    It may be the rip process is crashing - you can test to see if the process is still running using the command: telnet 2002 If it's working, you should see it go to a blank screen with the cursor flashing the upper left hand corner (I'm assuming - some processes actually respond with the name of the process on the screen). If it "hangs" (i.e., does not almost immediately return with the cursor or process name in the upper left hand corner), then the process on port 2002 is not actually running any more or something on your network is blocking traffic on that port. Not that that actually helps you to determine what's going on with the process but at least you would understand why it stops working mid-rip.
  5. when should i resample? a novice question

    Your internal audio card contains a DAC (digital-to-analog converter); else, there would be no sound. Whether that DAC sounds better with upsampling or not, only you can tell. Many DACs do sound "better" when upsampling input to their maximum rate because, by doing so, you bypass the DACs internal upsampling filter which (presumably) may be of lesser quality than that which you can do externally. In the end, there are no "hard and fast" rules about upsampling - either your DAC sounds "better" with or without, you either like it or you don't, etc. We can generally answer "how-to" questions here, but not "how will it sound", esp. "how will it sound with YOUR DAC and YOUR ears"
  6. Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow (Closed) is the best I've heard - very well balanced and clear. I use it balanced with LH Labs Pulse or SE with iFi Micro iDSD - sounds great either way.
  7. MQA is Vaporware

    He also could have chosen a balanced tone in his posts here, but he chose instead to be abrasive and condescending. So there's that.
  8. Massdrop Focal "Elex"

    I've been a professional classical musician for 35 years, thank you - so, yeah, I know what a tracker organ is. LOL. No need to throw around the "music-lover" vs. "feel-it" BS, either. I used to have you blocked, and now I remember why. Back to the block list.
  9. Audirvana 3.1

    Damien, I don't recall if we've ever had a definitive answer on this: does the underlying PCM upsampling code (e.g., iZotope, now SOX) have any effect if you're finally upsampling everything to DSD (in my case, DSD512 to a iFi Micro iDSD)? If so, any recommendations on what settings to use?
  10. Article: Roon Labs Releases Version 1.4 Update

    Wow. This is a pretty major release - iOS device endpoint support has been on my 'list' forever Looking forward to giving it a spin.
  11. Massdrop Focal "Elex"

    You must have NEVER been to a concert with a pipe organ Or an arena rock concert. The sound is more "body" than "ears".
  12. Yeah . . . NOTHING he posted is "left wing propaganda" - it's all fact. If you can't see that, it's you who has been blinded by "right wing propaganda".
  13. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1) MrSpeakers Aeon Flow (Closed) 2) Roon 3) Sonore microRendu 4) UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1
  14. Informed speculation is in the opposite direction; i.e., that Apple is looking to let macOS die in favor of iOS. Even if they keep "laptops", they'll actually be running iOS and essentially be iPad Pros with keyboards
  15. I fancy I can hear the difference between MP3 or AAC and FLAC / ALAC - there is a certain "solidity" to the sound that marks losslessness to me. I've found I cannot reliably hear the difference between Redbook and anything higher I'm still buying my releases in original format where possible (up to 96/24), but beginning to think it really doesn't make much audible difference. Which is sad when you consider how obvious is the difference between SD and HD video (or 4k) - even my 80+ year-old dad can see it!