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  1. There is a lossless tier defined in the spec, but I suspect it would not save much (if any) over existing compression methods. The big savings in file size for MQA is the fact they do not encode all the "empty space" (i.e., most of the content) above the uncompressed 0-22k band, as mansr mentions above.
  2. Bette Midler in "Hello, Dolly", 23 June Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole in "War Paint", 24 June Really looking forward - haven't been to New York for Broadway shows in a few years
  3. Same here - I had the "free with Prime" unlimited offer, and was using Amazon Drive to mirror my music and photos collection (around 8TB) - now will cost me ~$500 / year I already use CrashPlan to backup everything, but would still be uncomfortable having only one offsite source for this.
  4. I'm looking on the upgrade as a good option. The printing on my microRendu has worn off completely - it's just a nondescript silver tube now - so not sure it would have any "resale" value whatsoever. But I'd be happy to get an upgraded board with better clock and a new 1-year warranty to extend its life. And $875 for a new ultraRendu is a bit beyond what I'm willing to spend right now.
  5. Like many of you, I have a large classical collection (some 1,700 albums, with some truly amazing recordings among them), but one I keep coming back to is actually a film soundtrack: Tous les matins du monde, a 1991 French film. It has some lovely early French Baroque music featuring Jordi Savall. Well worth a listen.
  6. What you're describing is not really any different from several so-called "high end" CD players, from what I can tell (as I'm sure you know). I'm willing to accept that a clean rip (e.g., verified against AccurateRip database, or generated via a secure ripping protocol), played back from a hard drive direct to a DAC, could potentially sound "better" than a CD played in a CD player which may or may not be using error correction, subject to high jitter or electrical noise, etc. But the source of data, if read correctly and not subject to other "gotchas along the way, should be immaterial to the final sound quality.
  7. Just checked my account - I would be going from $0 to $480 / year. Really hating this - along with CrashPlan (a reasonable $120 / year for unlimited storage) and local NAS, Amazon Cloud was one leg of my backup plan
  8. Same here I'm at just less than 10TB, but I had a "free with Prime" offer, so I'll go from effectively free to several hundred dollars / year
  9. Either dBpoweramp (paid) or XLD (free) - either ensures an accurate rip by comparing with the AccurateRip database and if the CD is not found (e.g., too new or too rare), will allow you to select some sort of secure rip; i.e., re-rip until you get an exact match at least twice in a row.
  10. To be clear, the new social features are part of the updated Music app, not a feature of the Airplay 2 protocol - though the new architecture also allows multiple users to manage the "Up Next" queue, which is a bit social, I guess
  11. For one thing, it allows one player to multiple endpoints, instead of one-to-one. I haven't seen much else about it yet.
  12. I *really* wish you'd stop making this claim - you're wrong. The latest Internet "wayback machine" capture of the products page is from November of 2016 - you're right, it wasn't there then (hint: the ISO Regen *page* was not even there then)! But the information *was* there as of 30 May (still cached at Google as of that date), which was well before you started complaining about it not being there a few days ago. Basically, you're calling Alex a liar, and that's not fair or true.
  13. Definitely interested. I have the original, would love to compare it with the Black Label
  14. I've noted both of these - I set a fixed IP address on my router to address the first issue. As for the second, Spotify Connect has not been stable for me at all - every once in a while it will work, but most of the time, no; i.e., it shows up as a "target" in the Spotify app, but when you select it, it says "connecting" for 5-10 seconds before simply returning to the existing output
  15. I was largely unaware of popular music as I grew up in the 70s - I was much more attuned to classical, especially opera (I was a budding singer). So the world of 60s - 70s classic rock / folk, etc., completely passed me by until I reached my late 20s. Even then, The Beatles were not of interest to me until the USB version came out a few years back and I took the plunge. Since then, they've become one of my favorite bands, and I am thrilled with the new Sgt. Pepper release - like ted_b, I ripped all the material and have been listening to it obsessively for the past several days - the 24/96 stereo rip from Blu-Ray, especially, is wonderful. Looking forward to listening to the DTS and DolbyHD 5.1 mixes this weekend