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  1. Album of the Evening

    Cara Dillon's latest, "Wanderer": Available as Redbook download: http://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/wanderer-cara-dillon/5052442012139 As always, beautiful music, pristine voice and recording
  2. Noticed? High Sierra: iTunes send 24/96 to iPhones

    iTunes on the Mac supports whatever PCM rate the hardware supports, but in the past, it has not supported sending higher than 48/24 to iPods / iPhones / iPads, etc. This has changed in the latest version of iTunes / iOS 11 - now supports up to 96/24.
  3. MQA is Vaporware

    According to my good friend Wikipedia "the refractive index of air for visible light is about 1.0003, so the speed of light in air is about 299,700 kilometres (186,200 mi)" So pretty much the same speed.
  4. Agreed - I've listened to this 3 or 4 times since I downloaded it last Friday. Just outstanding.
  5. Just upgraded to OS High Sierra

    I was surprised to see iTunes transferring full resolution 96/24 ALACs to my iPod. For as long as I can remember 48/24 has been the limit (perhaps changed earlier and I missed it?). I like this very much, as I hated having to convert higher resolution files to 256k AAC to transfer.
  6. Album of the Evening

    Wonderful. I've enjoyed each of her albums, but this live (double) album is the bee's knees!
  7. Downsampling DSD 5.6

    Then what are Roon and HQPlayer doing when they say they're doing native DSD processing? i.e.,
  8. MQA is Vaporware

    I'm not Jud, but I think you're talking past each other. 1) MQA is not lossless, so there is no possibility to get perfect / master copies and, thus, no way to distribute the "crown jewels" - win for the record companies 2) MQA™ is "cool", shiny / new - easy to market, and attractive - win for the record companies 3) FLAC (in whatever form) is lossless, so it is possible to get and distribute perfect copies - loss for the record companies 4) FLAC is not shiny and new, everyone who's anyone already knows about it - loss for the record companies So the record companies have EVERY incentive to push MQA and no incentive to push FLAC / lossless.
  9. Jarek, glad to see you here. I was one of the (apparently few) lucky ones who received all my original products within a reasonable timeframe and also received the firmware update for direct DSD a year or two ago. My LPS and Pulse Infinity continue to work very well and sound great. I hope LH Labs can pull through and deliver quality, affordable products into the future. Good luck.
  10. *shudder* "is comprised of" is NEVER correct - this is not a valid English construction. Neither is the 8b example - the whole ALWAYS comprises the parts, not the other way around. So the only construction above that is correct is "French bread comprises flour, water, yeast, and salt" (Oxford comma and all). I agree that grammar evolves over time - but please, let's not "evolve" this particular construction just yet
  11. Another major look at MQA by another pro.

    ALL of the big new releases are coming out in MQA, including R&B / hip-hop. I just think the time is right for the "next big thing".
  12. Another major look at MQA by another pro.

    I think you'll be surprised if ANY of the major players picks it up, it will be advertised as the best thing since sliced bread and it will sell like hotcakes. Just my opinion.
  13. Audeze and Roon Labs

    I love this - would love to see some of the other headphone companies (looking at you, MrSpeakers) do this! Though I have to say, both my MrSpeakers Alpha Prime and Aeon Flow headphones are tuned pretty freaking well right out of the box so not sure what Roon presets could do to improve them.
  14. Roon's first real UI mistep?

    I almost never play a single track or group of tracks, because I almost always play full ALBUMS. It would never occur to me to break up an album to play individual tracks, or to rearrange tracks in a queue, etc. - I love the one-click play feature because I can play a whole album at once, then move on to the next one, etc., without all those, "are your sure?" "play now?", etc. prompts. LOL