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  1. I use iTunes to control my stereo. The iTunes volume control range is limited; it won't go down all the way to silence. Why? Is there a way to fix that? Thanks! Henry
  2. Pure Music vs Amarra?

    Much of the discussion here has been about the differences in sound quality between Pure Music, iTunes & Amarra. What about the other differences? Ease of use? Features? Drawbacks? Customer Support? I am most interested in trying Pure Music or Amarra so that I can have a balance control. Right now I go strait from my DAC to my amps. No preamp. My system: Benchmark DAC1, two Classe CA-M400 amps, two B&W 800D speakers. Software: iTunes & Remote
  3. Is there Software Balance Control for Macs? The software I am using is iTunes. My hard drive based stereo is connected via Ethernet to my Benchmark DAC1. I am connecting that directly to my amps. I would like to add a balance control without resorting to buying a preamp. Suggestions? Thanks! Henry My other gear: two Classé CA-M400 amps, two B&W 800D speakers
  4. My stereo does not use a preamp. The music travels from my hard drive via Ethernet to my DAC to my Amps. My DAC (Benchmark DAC1) has a volume control. The only other control I would like is a balance control. I would prefer not to buy a preamp to get that. Suggestions? Thanks! Henry My other gear: two Classé CA-M400 amps, two B&W 800D speakers
  5. Are there good alternatives to using "Remote" to run my stereo from an iPhone? "Remote" worked well at first but over time has showed some bugs. For example looses the connection with iTunes. Another bug is that the volume has gotten stuck at a zero level. Note: The server that holds the music and the Mac desktop that runs iTunes is in another part of the house. I am using an Airport Express to connect to a DAC to run the stereo. Related question: Are there any specific Apps like Remote for the iPad? Thanks for the help!
  6. Do you know of a Stereo DAC with Ethernet input and a Balance Control? I"m considering upgrading my DAC. If that does not exist, what about a simple high-end preamp with Ethernet input. Thanks! Henry
  7. I'm from Missouri (the Show Me State), and I'm a trained skeptic. I also love to listen to music on my high-end stereo. Can anyone point me to good scientific studies which document that HD recordings sound better than Redbook (16 bit / 44.1 kHz) recordings? When I say good scientific studies, I mean they use good methodology (double blind, randomized) and are published in peer-reviewed journals. Thanks for helping me find published articles on this topic.
  8. Is there a DAC that has a build in balance control? My system has a DCA going directly to two mono-block amps for output. No preamp. But I miss having a balance control. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks! Henry
  9. Could the calibration potentiometers on the Benchmark DAC1 be used to adjust the balance? Obviously this would be to tweak the system once for the room and speaker placement. I found them on p. 7 of the owners manual. "They are accessible through the rear panel using a small screwdriver. The calibration potentiometers are 10-turn trimmers and are accessible through the rear panel using a small screwdriver. These trimmers provide a 2 dB per rotation adjustment" Here is a link to the owner's manual: http://www.benchmarkmedia.com/manuals/DAC1_Manual_Rev_M.pdf Thanks, Henry
  10. The $5,000 Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC is tempting but very expensive, especially if all I'm looking for is a balance control. Is there a way to control balance in the software? Currently I am using iTunes as the software to drive the system. Thanks, Henry
  11. Mike - thanks for pointing me to the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. In addition to the review on this site, I see that the January issue of The Absolute Sound has a rave review of it. A related question: Am I correct to be avoiding a preamp? There is no way it would enhance the sound, right? I do not need a preamp to juggle various sources.
  12. I would appreciate suggestions for a digital-to-analog converter that has a balance control. My system is quite simple. I have a digital source, two monaural amps and two speakers. To feed my digital source to each of my amps I am currently using the Benchmark DAC1. That sounds great, but to really get the proper sound stage I need a balance control and the Benchmark does not have one. Suggestions are welcome. Here is a link to my setup: http://homepage.mac.com/hdomke/Audiophile_Mac/PhotoAlbum188.html Thanks! Henry
  13. How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes 8

    Chris, Perfect. Thanks for the help. This website is such a rich resource! Great work. Do you advertise in the high-end audio magazines? They should run an article on your site.
  14. How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes 8

    Chris, Thanks. Yes, the View menu can show duplicates, but that is VERY time consuming if there are thousands of duplicates. I would like to automate it. Thoughts? Thanks,
  15. Is there an easy way to delete duplicate songs in iTunes 8? Is there a way to automate identifying and removing duplicate songs?