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  1. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    Kinda strange, You would expect that Apple knows best in how to make an AIFF sound good, after all it is an Apple format...
  2. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    It didn't stop... It just said "Ok"...
  3. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    I don't know... Maybe it has something to do with (C2)error correcting and read and burnspeed? If it all didn't matter nobody would buy expensive CDR's, Drive's and knowone would use EAC. It is kinda of funny when most people swear by EAC because it is supposed to be the best... I don't know, haven't tested it, but because of scratched CD's I use EAC for used CD's and iTunes for new CD's (it is faster and easier).
  4. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    About ripping: iTunes was voted best ripping and burning quality in a German audio magazine, they found it better sounding than EAC at that test. Great, I use iTunes also, for 2 reasons: 1 Makes a lossless file without any hassle or conversion 2 Also rips copy protected files (well more than EAC, Tony Braxton - Breathe Again wouldn't rip, strange no copy protected logo) But there is one thing to worry about: I rip CD's from our library and some of these are scratched, iTunes rip the CD and says OK. But when replaying the file skipped... With EAC at least you get a notification that the ripped has failed. And even better you can make a print out, which I can use at the library, so I can loan another CD for free. Ps. I don't like the folder structure and naming of the files at all, but I use a temporary file for new rips and use MP3Tag to sort this. Than but them in a A-Z folder structure.
  5. Best headphone option?

    Uday Reddy, But for the time being is the standard headphones out any good? And is there a difference between an iMac and MacBook? There is an iMac on a very good offer (that will end today), but this will reduce the budget for audio (for the time being).
  6. Best headphone option?

    Hi, There are a lot of Apple owners here. Is there any/much different between an iMac (2009 or 2010), MacBook (Pro), iPod, iPad, iPhone? I use to have a 2009 Classic 160 GB, but this was very limited on power on my HD-595, and the volumeknob was very limited too. Is the iMac the best choice for headphones? Daniël
  7. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    So after all this time we can all conclude that FLAC and ALAC are bit perfect and 99% on this forum agrees. It is also mentioned that if you can hear a difference, there must be something wrong in your system. Well maybe there is? 2 years ago I tried an USB/SPDIF coverter and no matter what we tried, we couldn't make it work on my previous Toshiba L300D 10A laptop. It popped like corn (okay, a few times per song) just like it did on my HD-595 headphones on it's own soundcard. And yes even with asio drivers, the problem was not fixed. The DAC was an DAC-20 of Accuphase so not one of inferior quality you would think. Like mentioned a few posts ago I did tried several CD transports as well and yes they do sound completely different, as well as the digital out of the Logitech Transporter. Ofcourse this has nothing to do with Lossless versus Original format, but if a computer can give a digital signal with added pops, why couldn't there be something interfering the bit perfect signal? And maybe, just maybe there is still something to do with jitter, as most (older) audio DAC's are not as good with that, except those designed for computers and studio's. Something with master clocks. Please I am no expert, but I am not ruling out anything yet! Ps. I do hear a difference between Foobar2000 with FLAC and iTunes with ALAC on the headphones, but this could be software related. Not tested that, I chose iTunes in the end because it is easier to rip and burn CD's and it is easier for a feature miss, she will probably have an iPod (and matching Limo I hope!). Could have gone for AIFF, but I don't know how to tag these, as mp3tag doesn't work...
  8. Worlds Largest iTunes Library

    Hi Paulo, Why do want and have your music in 24 bit, 44.1? I thought 24 bit would only make sense on HDCD's and XRCD's or 88.2 and 96 kHz? And how do you make 24 bit rips? Or do you buy special 24 bit downloads? Is the 24 bit in ALAC? Ps. To bad all this new digital technology doesn't result in perfect recordings regarding to pop and dance music. I do prefer some 80's and 90's in terms of quality despite being remastered from an analog source... Don't ya think? If only the iTunes store offered 16/44.1 and 24/96 in ALAC... No need for DVD-A or SACD, which are hard to rip in hi-res...
  9. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    I don't know, I am no expert... But maybe, maybe it could be the case that decompression allways takes a little time, no matter how quick the process is. And maybe some parts take more time than other parts and maybe that gives some audible differences? After all the computer does not only have to decompress but also have to put everything in the right time line, maybe jitter occurs after decompression? All maybes... No technician here...
  10. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    I am not a Mac user at the moment, but a "maybe". Does Max copy the ID-tags as well (for ALAC or AIFF)? If yes, does it add ID-tags by default (for example I don't have "album artist", only "artist" and want to keep that blanc). Does it leave the filename as it is (except the .m4a extension ofcourse). It there an easy way on a Mac to (batch) convert to rename files by tag info, like mp3tag does in Windows? Can you set iTunes to name files in the format you like (in my case: Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12'' Club Mix)), rather than the iTunes setting (like: 02. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12'' Club Mix)) Thanks in advance!
  11. I used an USB to optical out converter and I still kept hisses and pops on my DAC-20 in my Accuphase E-308 amp. Even with Foobar2000 and AISO driver. I tried the Logitech Transporter and it sounded much better and no problems whatsoever and the bonus of easy to use with remote and no computer (noise) in your room. It would have stayed if only the Accuphase DP-67 CD-player wasn't better. The Logitech sounded in the same level over it's analogue output as through the DAC-20. I really believe a midrange or highrange Linn could be a real surprise! Altough I would prefer Accuphase to come up with something equal!
  12. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    Even on a laptop with Sennheiser HD-595 you can hear a difference between ALAC in iTunes and FLAC in Foobar2000. I don't know if it is the player or the format, but the FLAC in Foobar2000 sounds more colorful and lively. Everybody here is saying AIFF is easier to tag metadata than WAV. But how do you add metadata to the file (not just the playlist in iTunes)? I would like to use iTunes as it is most easy to rip and burn from and to redbook CD's. I would also consider BWAV, if AIFF can't work... So how to tag AIFF files in Windows? mp3tag doesn't work and I don't want to do manually in iTunes (which is a pain in the ass for automatic mass tagging).
  13. Worlds Largest iTunes Library

    849 GB | 172,150 tracks? Damn! Must be small files than! Anyway I used to have a lot too, but after properly tagging (not that auto shit, nope manually, using discogs) I now have the correct version/mix/remix/edit in the filename and that saves me from a lot of doubles and triples. I also don't copy complete CD's if there is just one good song, just because to have a massive collection... Currently I almost have 5,000 songs, all of which I know and like to hear and most of them in true FLAC too! Wouldn't want to trade with his massive collection!
  14. In favour of the CD I do have to write that a lot of people compare CD-players out of the earlier generations, which are now equaled by average and much cheaper CD-players... I do believe that currently the new Accuphase DP-500 is the reference for a CD-player priced below the $10.000 mark. This has their new "non computer based" transport, coupled with their latest DAC series. So what if we index this at 100%, what could a computer based source do? I do have to mention that $10.000 buys you a lot of serious Audio/Computer gear... In favour of the HDD based system will always be the massive collection at the touch of a bottom. This HDD based systems does however seems to reach Audiophiles only in the underground scene, well at least here in Holland! There is not a single store here selling serious USB/SPDIF converter, modified Squeezeboxes or Sonos's. The only thing I saw was a overpriced Hifidelio, modified by van Medevoort as an option. Personally I only have some experience with an USB/SPDIF converter which is send back to Hawaii 4 weeks ago (but still hasn't arrived BTW), because I had occasional/several pops/clicks/dropouts with my Toshiba Satellite laptop that I couldn't fix (Foobar2000, settings, asio4all, taskmanager priority, etc, etc). I am now saving up to €1.500 and by that time (Spring) I have to be convinced to invest in either HDD based system, but if I am not convinced, I probably end up by buying an 2nd hand Accuphase DP-55 or DP-55V as source feeding my Accuphase DAC-20... As a bonus the CDP will hold it's value better too!
  15. AIFF or Apple Lossless

    The only thing I think is to bad with AIFF is that MP3Tag from www.mp3tag.de doesn't work and i think that is a very easy program for batch conversion, splitting artist and title with " - " in the filename (or other if preffered). Apple Lossless seems to be working, altough no time and bitrate is given.