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  1. what happens if you play riddle school 3 twice

  2. From Yer Living Room

    Yeah we're doing great. Sorry to hear about the job thing. I didn't write anything down but I think this is close, if not exact - SET A Neue Regel The Whisper I Dream in Infared Screaming in Digital Walk in the Shadows I Will Remember Surgical Strike Sliver The Killer If I Were King Man Down Dead Man's Words Home Again The Voice Best I Can The Thin Line One and Only Hand on Heart Silent Lucidity Jet City Woman Anybody Listening? ENCORE: Empire Take Hold of the Flame I'm pretty stuck on Empire - what an album. Wish I could find it on good vinyl. Here's links to some fanclub pics - not ours - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2012582&id=1452947452&l=60a5f93be5 http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b81/Rattie24/Queensryche%202009/ Dream Theater coming to town I see .....
  3. From Yer Living Room

    Hey Markr How ya been Concert was great fun - they played alone for almost 2.5 hours. Sound wasn't that great for some reason to me. The mix in particular. We were sixth row, maybe too close under those suspended hanging rigs. I think we were in the middle of the fan club section - people were crazy! If any iPhone pics are worth posting I'll try to get a couple up. Read folks had some difficulties with the broadcast. Neat idea tho. I'd pay 6 bucks to watch a lot of concerts I wont pay 150 to see. How'd it work for you?
  4. From Yer Living Room

    http://www.queensryche.com/2009/05/12/cdpulsetv-to-broadcast-queensryche-live/ I'll wave to you
  5. Remote options

    I use iPhone which is like iTouch I believe. Works fine and both wife and I sit on the porch drinking to excess taking turns playing our fav songs. It's a battle of the fingers as I mash Queensryche, Jeff Beck, Primus and she mashes Coldplay, Josh Grobin, Yanni! Since it's also a phone and email for me it avoids having another remote. Even if there was one with more features it would just be another remote in the pile I fear.
  6. Mac Music Server

    Can I plug it directly into a Dac - yes or do I have to reclock it or something - no, in fact you can get a mini jack to split RCA and not bother with a DAC at all to get going. could I use the Mac with a monitor - why not get a macbook to begin with? Is there a reason why it has to be dedicated just to the stereo - not really to me, I unhook mine and travel with it sometimes. Would I be able to listen and use the computer at the same time? I think it kind of depends what you are trying to do. good enough to replace an early 90s $1,000ish Esoteric transport - I use a Macbook with a cheapo DAC. At some point I'll upgrade the DAC. I also plug my iPod direct and use turntables. It sounds pretty good to me. I don't know what you're really after, but find a pal with a Mac and rip a CD using AIFF, turn error correction on and the iTunes volume to 100%. Turn the iTunes equalizers off and plug a cord into the Mac and your rec/preamp. See if you like it. It will only get better from there.
  7. MacBook Pro + Drobo via USB 2.0 to Airport Extreme

    If it working then I think you're good to go. If it starts to misbehave Droboshare will likely be the solution. As I recall I could sleep my Funky Chicken (Drobo) without Droboshare. The problem was waking it back up. I could always instigate sleep by yanking the plug. I got a Droboshare and things calmed down. ps - Dobo is still on 24/7 - it lives to glow blue unless I was to turn it off. Why turn it off?
  8. Relics You Dare Say

    Eager to hear when you're ready. For some reason I have high hopes and have been patient. Hoping he was able to move a bit past where the others left off a year or so ago.
  9. Relics You Dare Say

    Walnut half price Yes, I'm a cornerhorn head Wassup with that lil proton?
  10. Relics You Dare Say

    Vanns had a Klipschorn sale today. I miss mine. Not for too long tho ...
  11. MacBook Plus Drobo?

    Sounds like a good plan - enjoy and let us know how it works for you.
  12. "If you're bothered or if this is inconvenient, you could always run it down to half way (which Apple recommend when stored) and try using the Macbook without the battery in place. No idea if this would work or not." That's what I do. It works fine. I leave all my laptop batteries out in fact, both PC and Mac. Once a month or so I charge them up and run them down, then recharge and remove. Sometimes I use them a wee bit before removal to get them off max charge.
  13. MacBook Plus Drobo?

    Hi Mister I do what you are proposing. Here's my two cents after a good bit of fiddling. 1) If you get a Drobo start off with 4 tb storage. If you format for less and try to add it all later you might have to reformat which means store data elsewhere. This might be fixed now. 2) If you are only going to feed your Macbook I'd suggest locating Drobo locally and hardwire USB to Macbook. Why you ask? Well, rips will be much faster and Drobo will behave much better. There is some noise so it would be best to jam it in a drawer, etc. No need for Droboshare. Drobo is happy living it's life in a dark box. I never touch mine. 3) Does Drobo misbehave? Well yes and no. When happy no. When sad yes. When I started out I put Drobo on Air Extreme in back room and it would work a while then I'd lose the mount. A %^&*%* pain for sure since nobody really knew why. It was rough to get it set-up again which generally involved rebooting till the planets lined up correctly. Maybe the new ones are easier. Also, the Drobo dashboard does not work to my knowledge via wireless. Good news is Droboshare solved all that. So I would say yes, you need Droboshare because the base Drobo is not really a network device. It - - - might - - - work the way you want it to. I added the Droboshare after a couple months of aggravation and Drobo rumbles along happily now. 4) Does it dropout while playing - nope. In fact I can play different songs on two PCs with no issues. 5) I've said it before, when it's set up and working it is dirt simple. 6) Is it the most cost effective solution - probably not if you know how to build network storage, but if you don't know how to build a RAID system like *cough* Chris, then Drobo is cool. 7) I've not been impressed with their customer service. There's another post around here about that. In fairness, it was a while ago, but I had to get pretty stern with them. 8) Would I buy another - at this point I think so, mainly because I don't want to have to learn how to do it the cheaper way. I'd pay for the convenience and already have one plus the Droboshare. Good luck
  14. You Have Proton

    Chris - stop staring at Stevie Nicks and get writing on this!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm curious if any of the functionality of the Proton has changed since the original annoucement? Given the: A) Preponderance of DACs and DACs for headphones that beat it to market and - B) The slug economy and general slow sales of everything, including new products and used. C) It's been a while and the world keeps spinning along
  15. noob: gett'n the best out o a given system

    Welcome to C/A I would think the place to snoop first would be the soundcard. Also would think if using RCA you are relying on the Dell's Dac. Might want to try to get to USB or a digital output and seek the bit perfect output stream. Search around here for bit perfect Windows threads and you can read some thoughts. Chris also has some system suggestions where you can study the soundcard treatments. Holler when you have questions - you will find this a great resource.