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  1. To get back on topic. You bought a (presumably) new $5k amp just a few months ago. It's failed twice already and you're being asked to foot the repair bill by the manufacturer. Write to the manufacturer detailing the situation and asking them to provide you with a replacement unit or a full refund by a reasonable date you specify, noting the terms of any warranty provided by the manufacturer. if still no joy simply get a lawyer to write to them and post feedback on various sites. I don"t know about Canada but in the UK goods have to be fit for the purpose intended regardless of the terms of the manufacturer warranty offered. For example, if a $5k amp with a 6 month warranty failed after 7 months, a U.K. court would likely rule in your favour as 7 months isn't a reasonable service life for a $5k product. There are similar provisions concerning whether a manufacturer is expected to replace rather than offer to repair a product. I find it hard to believe that similar law doesn't exist in Canada. Re your opening question, better to get some expert Canadian consumer advice rather than going down the chart-posting rabbit hole of a CA thread.... The notion that your (mainstream) speakers somehow damaged the amp just sounds like bullsh** to me.
  2. Looks like it's out now Great to have owner feedback especially potential of Mojo+Poly as a desktop player option.
  3. I tried out Vinyl Studio and was impressed with the results and ease of use. As I recall you can record 5 or so albums as a full feature demo, but it's not expensive anyway. Can't remember if it runs on a Mac or Windows only.
  4. No More Audiophile Hassles

    I suspect the TEAC DAC is fine (I'm currently "reduced" to using my Oppo 105 as a DAC and its pretty good), can't comment on iTunes ( but JRiver 23 on cheap fanless PC is great), $1000 amp could be OK, but going down to cheap speakers would be the big hit on SQ.
  5. wtfplay

    Still surprised by how good my "old" 105 sounds now it's back in my system for a while. Have you had an opportunity to compare the 205 to the 105? I'm surprised that the Sonica DAC (which I think shares the 9038 chip and probably a lot more with the 205) has only had fairly lukewarm reviews so far.
  6. $2500 DAC Recommendations?

    Not really, you posted clear advice here in the form of a bold sweeping statement dismissing a whole slew of one manufacturer's products vs. another's product. You shouldn't thus be surprised if you are asked to back up that advice with evidence and that, in turn, others might find that evidence lacking given that (as you seem to suggest, apologies if I've misunderstood ) it's apparently not based on listening comparisons from your own system and in the case of 2 of the products you dismiss, not based on your own listening at all.
  7. $2500 DAC Recommendations?

    So you've heard neither Hugo 2 nor Hugo TT but dismiss both vs Yggdrasil?
  8. $2500 DAC Recommendations?

    I'm currently looking for a new DAC, interested to learn what you base that opinion on. Have you listened to each of the Chord DACS (inc the new Hugo2) vs. Yggdrasil in your own system, for example?
  9. wtfplay

    Not sure it counts as "outdated", but my old Oppo 105 is my only DAC at the moment and I was just thinking how good it sounds with WtFP, much better as a USB DAC than I remembered and certainly better sounding than when spinning the same discs.
  10. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    Audio may need the " confidence game " because it can involve quite expensive products which in turn most consumers ( myself included ) have no practical means of independently and objectively verifying performance. The pushing of alternate MTB wheel sizes by the cycle industry in recent years has some parallels as it encourages consumers to invest all over again in a new format on the basis of claimed performance gains that may prove somewhat intangible to the average rider in real world situations.
  11. wtfplay

    Many thanks frd__
  12. wtfplay

    WtFP is a Linux "system on a stick" that runs instead of the normal OS, for example you could use it with a diskless PC. As I use the same PC with Win10 at other times that's not an option, but I would like to know if it's worth unmounting/powerering down the unused SDD when using WTFP
  13. wtfplay

    Frd_ I'm using WtFP booted from thumbdrive with a fanless PC and music on SD card. When used under Win10 the PC's card reader works fine with both SDHC and SDXC cards, but WtFP only recognises SDHC. I guess this is because of file format required for SDXC. Is there a simple way of updating WTFP via a software package to use with SDXC? As far as I know (haven't tried) , I can't just re format SDXC as FAT 32. The PC also has an internal SSD which is not used in above setup. Would there be any SQ benefit in unmounting/powering down when WtFP is running? If so how? Thanks.
  14. Who know's classical?

    20 cents a CD doesn't seem a bad buy. Instinct tells me that my fellow classical listeners are also the most likely to still be using disc players, but then again they may have the discs already. But selling on 1500 CDs just sounds like hard work and hassle to me. Whoever you bought them from obviously liked the Messiah..a lot.. I've only got around 10 versions, this is far and away my favourite, what I call the "heavy metal Messiah" (period practice fans should look away now):
  15. Comparison was using a Bryston BDP1 to feed both DACS via USB. The only difference was that H2 was via supplied USB cable and Mirus with a Supra. Not a fair comparison given the difference in price and purpose, but driven by my curiosity as to whether, on the basis of Darko's review and similar views elsewhere, H2 really competes successfully with the best desktop DACS. I like Chord DACS as much as I like a bargain, so I'd hoped it would be true. To my ears it isn't, but as ever YMMV. Whether it might be the current best sub-£2k DAC is probably the more realistic question - from what I heard I'd be unsurprised at that as a test verdict. I've not heard TT but having heard both in my system, my impression is that Mirus is in DAVE territory when used with its SD card transport.