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  1. wtfplay

    Glad to see that the word is spreading as to this excellent player. It's not just the SQ (agree 100% about RBCD in particular) but also that, in a world of endless tweaking, WTFP achieves this simply, reliably and for free ( volumtary donations notwithstanding). What would be interesting would be a project to come up with the optimum hardware platform for WTFP - I'm imagining ultra low power PC, with lots of very high quality memory, decent PS and music stored on SD card perhaps? Or maybe some kind of SD-trans type device running WTFP?
  2. austinpop, many thanks for this.
  3. Thanks , will try "keep original audio track." and yes I'm using 3.0.0 nightly build 17/7. No problems with it working, I just may not be using the optimum configuration for recording.
  4. Windows 7. I couldn't get working on W10!
  5. Thanks. I'm new to VLC, can I just compare what I'm doing? In the GUI I'm setting the URL to stream to file and enabling transcode to Flac. But I noticed I end up with 16/44 rather than 16/48 on playback. I tried streaming without checking transcoding and I end up seemingly also with a flac file but this time which I can't replay. Is it preferable to use this instead (or even the ogg file you get by hitting record button) in conjunction with format converting software?
  6. I haven't created separate files either, but noticed this effect throughout the first 2 movements, but particularly so in 2nd movement, very approximately from 10 mins in onwards.
  7. I'm listening to a recording of today's Rach 2, to my ears there is a very prominent reverberation like something is ringing along with the piano, almost like a phone ringing in background (but isn't) . Very obvious in 2nd movement.
  8. Looking forward to being there for their Mahler 6. Saturday's Siblelius/Elgar 1 was terrific, made me reflect on just how big the gap is between being in the audience for live music and listening to my system.
  9. Just installed the 17/7 build of VLC on another PC running Windows 7 and it works fine now.
  10. Thanks, tried url exactly as you have above but still no joy with Windows 10 and July 16th build of VLC. However, I have got Audacity working both with Stereo Mix in Win7 (thanks Plissken) and with Pulse Volume in Ubuntu. I guess direct recording from url would be potentially better SQ though?
  11. Can anyone help re. recording this stream (pref VLC, Windows 10 or Linux)? I have FLAC stream playing fine in Firefox and 320 Kbs stream recording fine in VLC. However I can't access the FLAC stream in latest nightly build of VLC. Unlike some reports elsewhere, when I enter the url http://vs-dash-ww-rd-live.bbcfmt.hs.llnwd.net/al/lossless/client_manifest.mpd into VLC I get nothing. I've also tried, unsuccessfully, the open in/send to VLC plugins for Firefox.
  12. Chord Dac advice

    I haven't heard Hugo2 yet but I suspect it will be an improvement on the TT. I've owned Hugo and listened to DAVE in my system for a few days. If Hugo2 comes somewhere between them in SQ then it should be pretty much irresistible for the money. I'm sure though that it would be a mistake not to have auditioned both in your system before deciding.
  13. Help me pick a music server

    Bryston BDP3 or Naim Uniti Core? No idea re. compatibility with Vega though.
  14. New base for Vintage Turntable

    For plinths for true classic TTs, I've heard good things about http://www.vinylista.de On the shortlist for a future 301 project.
  15. DACS...enough trash talk...serious questions...

    What about a Korg DS-DAC-100 and spend the rest of the $2k on music?. seem to go for c. £200 now in the UK, DSD 5.6, balanced outputs, built in Japan (?) etc and purpose-designed for PC-based DSP.