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  1. Thanks, that suggests when playing a 48kHz MQA master, there wouldn't be much audible difference whether played via an MQA decoder/DAC or not. Unfortunately my Tidal trial is finished so I can't compare myself.
  2. This is one thing I don't get. Where the master is 48 kHz, what does the initial decode do and how is this materially different from just playing the 48kHz undecoded file?
  3. This implies that Chris was asked to pull the thread by a party or parties with sufficient clout to make this a real prospect. Is this really the case and if so, by whom? I find it hard to believe, as I can't readily see who that influential party would be, in terms of potential lost advertising or sponsorship revenue for example.
  4. Thanks, a few familiar and a few not so familiar there. Surprised no one has mentioned a recent SACD title so far; I think they won awards for the recent Shostakovich/Barber which I have as a download. I very much see RR as the successors, in spirit, to MLP - coupling exemplary recording with titles such as "Horns for the Holiday" etc etc.
  5. MQA is Vaporware

    and maybe the real reason why some other manufacturers have not adopted or backed away from MQA, including those ostensibly citing consumer interest grounds?
  6. Fanfare For The Uncommon Band

    If by "outside the established repertoire", you mean works that it's unlikely you'll ever hear performed in concert, then for my tastes ( maybe not yours) the following composers are amongst those worth exploring if you don't know them already: Finzi, Moeran, Rubbra, Chadwick, Diamond, Arnell, Boughton, Myaskovsky, Balakirev, Tanayev.
  7. I wouldn't describe the sound quite in those terms, but I have a hunch you might like the Esoteric D07x. I've seen them for asking prices around £2.5k in the UK, so I guess you might get one for $3k with some serious haggling.
  8. I'm getting to be a big fan of RR, pretty much every album I've bought so far easily makes it into my top 50 recordings for SQ. While the music was unfamiliar to me, once ripped in dbpoweramp with the HDCD plugin, these two in particular have become amongst my "most listened". How about you?
  9. Oppo UDP-205

    I use my 105 and ripping has been v. straightforward. I think the thread details other models and of course there is the PS3 route too.
  10. Oppo UDP-205

    The answer to your initial question is yes, there will be computer/DAC combos that will sound better than your OPPO. The real question though, is how much you will need to spend on that combo to achieve this. Not heard the 205, but I do own the 105 and my basic fanless PC running JRiver into the original Chord Hugo outclassed it. My guess is that something like the Chord Qutest will outperform the 205 by some margin What I found more interesting though was that to my ears, the 105 was a good DAC let down by a mediocre transport. With the same music, the Oppo sounded considerably better used as a USB DAC fed by my Bryston BDP than as a standalone player with discs or downloads. By contrast, the Oppo was not great when used as a transport to an external DAC. Maybe try your 205 as a DAC with computer playback and compare it at home with say a loan Qutest in the same role? Of course if you want to listen to your SACDs via computer, if you haven't already done so, you will need to rip them correctly as per the thread on this site.
  11. The Real Enemy Isn't MQA

    For the conspiracy theorist this just proves that a long game is already in play - the ultimate prize is worth the initial loss...
  12. The Real Enemy Isn't MQA

    It amuses me that those who are such vociferous critics of MQA, particularly in relation to DRM and its perceived potential to impact upon and control our future ability to buy and own music in the formats of our choice, seem accepting or at best oblivious to the much more credible and substantial potential threat to this posed by the growth of streaming. If you really care about the future ability to own and control your music in the format of your choice, and the provenance of that music, played back via the method/applied DSP of your choice, then MQA is just a symptom and sideshow. Streaming and its potential consequences is the elephant in the room. An extreme conspiracy theorist might even posit that the furore over MQA is simply a useful manufactured distraction from the big story.
  13. :)) hello

    Try wtfplay (see thread under software subforum on this site). Its free, an operating system and music player on a USB stick. You create the "live" USB thumbdrive then boot your laptop from that (easy to follow instructions here http://wtfplay-project.org) Doesn't alter your laptop in any way, just remove and reboot to get back to normal. Sounds really good and ideal for a laptop as you need to navigate with screen and keyboard. It will play music on internal or external disks attached to your laptop but files must be in wav, flac, or dsf format.
  14. Audirvana, MQA first unfold, and upsampling...

    I know nothing about Audirvana, but if, like other upsampling software, it displays source and output formats somewhere and the former shows (e.g.) 24/96, then I'd think it reasonable to presume it was decoding MQA before upsampling. XXHE does so, for example.
  15. Civility falling

    This can be overstated. While we certainly have our differences, our culture(s) broadly have the same roots and influences. Generally, language barriers aside, as a Brit I find other European countries and people much more familiar than the US, which is why I enjoy visiting the latter so much.