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    Luxman DA-06

    Price drop to 3000 euro i will pay the shipping.
  2. maheshkc

    Luxman DA-06

    Price drop to 3100 euro i will pay the shipping.
  3. maheshkc

    Luxman DA-06

    Price drop to 3200 euro i will pay the shipping.
  4. maheshkc

    Luxman DA-06

  5. Hi all I am'selling my Purist luminist speaker cable mint 3m sapde to spade or banana to banana ou spade to banana or banana to spade. New pair cost 5000 dollars. I am selling them for 1700euros Thx for looking.
  6. Selling Luxman da-06 230V European It was bought in march 2015 from Acoustic Gallary Paris it was a demo unit For paypal please add 4%, price is 3300euro, I replaced 7 fuses inside with SR20 fuses. which cost 350euros. Any questions are welcome. Thx
  7. maheshkc

    USB cable comparisons

    Hi Blackstone I upgraded my performance to premium but i didnt like it so much, sounded hrash. Now i am using total dac usb, which is far better in my system.
  8. maheshkc

    POLL: What USB cable are you using?

    I tryed Synergistic Research's USB Active SE, transparent premieum usb,Acoustic Revive's USB-SPS and more ,i think Total dac usb was the best in my system.
  9. maheshkc

    Post your favorite Youtube performances...

  10. Hi all here is the site web where you can hear songs in 3 different sound quality, let your ear to find the difference....I failed twice...but interesting How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record : NPR
  11. maheshkc

    Show us your equipment / kit !

  12. Thankx all i am torn between Eximus dp1 and upcomming T+A dac 8 DAC 8