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  1. Right DAC

    What kind of connection would you run if not USB. I have a Mac Book Pro laptop? Can this type of laptop accept sound cards? If so is it necessary or benevolent to have in combination with a DAC? Do you have any suggestions for a DAC and/ or sound-card combination at a reasonable price? It sounded to me, from reading your reviews, that the a Benchmark set up is the way to go for best bang for your buck. Please give me some guidance... Thanks again Rick
  2. Right DAC

    Also is it alright to connect the DAC to a usb hub. Or is there something lost in the connection between the usb and the hub? Thanks Rick
  3. Right DAC

    Yes, I do have a two channel system but the pre-amp is the 1070 and does not have a DAC integrated. Do you think that the devilsound DAC will do this system justice or is it worth waiting and saving for the stello da100? Rick
  4. Right DAC

    I just setting up my first real stereo. I ordered a Rotel digital class d amp along with a Rotel pre-amp. I have most of my music on a 250g external hard drive. I am looking for a DAC that would be under $1,000. I have looked into the stello da100 and the devilsound DAC and the firstone fubar II. It seems to me the stello ius the best bet under $1000. But is there another DAC that is lower in price then the stello that can compare in performance? Please help me out?