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  1. Rankings

    I am interested to know what criteria are used to assign poster rankings ie. Newbie, freshman, sophomore, senior etc.
  2. Audirvana 3.1

    As I mentioned earlier, the Mac sees the rendu but it may take as long as 10 minutes to do so. I will try the above suggestions and post the results.
  3. Audirvana 3.1

    Bizzvid, Perhaps I should have mentioned that I have a Schiit Eitr in the chain between the ultrarendu and ny DAC.
  4. Audirvana 3.1

    Bizzvid, Thanks for trying to help. My Dac does not appear in the audio midi setup screen.
  5. Audirvana 3.1

    Bazzvid, I turned on the Dacx first then opened Audirvana and found the preferred audio device reset to the built in mode from the Ultra rendu mode where it had been. Any other suggestions anyone? Getting very trusted and annoyed having to wait 10 min + for Audirvana to see the Ultrarendu.
  6. Audirvana 3.1

    I usually start the iMac and open Audirvana first.
  7. Audirvana 3.1

    I recently purchased and installed Audirvana 3.2.5 on my iMac connected via wifi to Ultrarendu. I have noticed that with each startup of Audirvana it is necessary to enter preferences an select the Ultrarendu as the preferred audio device as the program reverts back to " built in output device" after each shutdown. Audirvana takes several minutes (<5 ) to see the Ultrarendu. Is this normal behavior or can it be corrected?
  8. Schiit

    The second and concluding remarks regarding the Schiit system.
  9. Schiit

    Did I miss part ll of the Schiit system review?
  10. Does Gungnir have same glitch that Yggi has?

    Maybe the title of this thread should read Does Gungnir have same glitch that Yggy’s HAD In light of Schiit software update.
  11. Yggdrasil Glitch Fixed

    Finally a definitive conclusion. This is indeed a rarity. We need to arrive at more of them.
  12. Barrows,

         Please describe the major differences between the Sonic Orbiter and the sonic transporter.

  13. Jcn3, Thanks for your post. After posting my initial question I did manage to find the thread you referenced. I should have done a more thorough investigation in the first place.