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  1. Does Gungnir have same glitch that Yggi has?

    Maybe the title of this thread should read Does Gungnir have same glitch that Yggy’s HAD In light of Schiit software update.
  2. Yggdrasil Glitch Fixed

    Finally a definitive conclusion. This is indeed a rarity. We need to arrive at more of them.
  3. Barrows,

         Please describe the major differences between the Sonic Orbiter and the sonic transporter.

  4. Jcn3, Thanks for your post. After posting my initial question I did manage to find the thread you referenced. I should have done a more thorough investigation in the first place.
  5. I am using aes/ ebu. Thanks for the reply. I would really like to implement the micro rendu/ultra rendu. Your best suggestion for how to get the music to the rendu would be appreciated. mark
  6. About to upgrade my digital front end from Bryston bdp-1 to Sonore Micro Rendu. Question: as my Audio Research DAC 8 will require the use of additional drivers in order to accept USB Input, in your opinions will I still be able to appreciate the sonic improvements provided by the Micro Rendu.?
  7. In response to my own post I realize that I have not expressed my position properly. For those of you who are techies I am happy that you have sources such as this where you can expand your knowledge and enjoy your avocation. For me and those like me, who only want guidance as to how to find to the best sound possible, most of what is posted on CA is inconsequential. I should probably find another forum to which I am more suited and stop complaining. Sorry to divert the thread.
  8. I am not complaining re. The lack of outcomes as it relates to this particular thread. I was complaining about the lack of significant outcomes generally when reading audio related commentary. Most of it is all opinion based on"personal preference." Very little significantly factual information ever emerges. I have been closely involved with this hobby since the 70's and only occasionally have I experienced relevatory posting/ threads. I keep reading with the hope that I will experience another such moment before I pass on.
  9. As is usually the case with posts here on CA, rarely are firm conclusions ever reached that provide a reader with info they can hang their hats on. The frustration with the audio hobby continues to mount.
  10. Thumbs up regarding the regret over the AR2ax speakers. As a young buck with no money I drooled over these but had to settle for the AR 4x's.
  11. Front end for Audio Research DAC8

    No takers? How about Priaptor?
  12. For those of you that have had significant experience with the Audio Research DAC8, which front end has offered the best sound quality?
  13. Interested in hearing about those pieces of vintage equipment that you wish you never parted with. What pieces would you still be using today, not keeping for the sake of nostalgia. I should never have parted with my Quad ESL 57's.