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  1. This will only work in a sotm device (sms200ultra or txusbultra) with the master clock option, right?
  2. Vitor

    Dragonfly Black teardown

    I understand. However, your posts/tests are based in objective reports/measurements. With that sentence you entered in a very subjective ground. Just sayin.
  3. Vitor

    Dragonfly Black teardown

    If you haven’t heard any you can’t even remotely state that they’ll perform the same IMO. Cheaper or not.
  4. Vitor

    Dragonfly Black teardown

    There you go.
  5. Vitor

    Dragonfly Black teardown

    What’s the alternative that the OP suggests as being cheaper and at least with the same performance as the black?
  6. Sms 200 received in absolutely pristine condition. Thanks Nick for an easy transaction.
  7. Hi, Does the txUSBultra improves significantly a regular (non modded) sotm sms200? And also, can a Qualiaphysic 271SV (https://www.qualiaphysic.com/271sv) power both sms200 and txUSBUtra with an Y cable? Thanks for any insight.
  8. Vitor

    Question for Paul Hynes linear PSU owners

    The PSU was connected to a SOtM SMS-200.
  9. Vitor

    Question for Paul Hynes linear PSU owners

    Hi Paul, Thanks for replying. You'll be contacted regarding this particular case. Regards, Vitor
  10. Vitor

    Question for Paul Hynes linear PSU owners

    Sorry to back to life such an old thread. Thing is, I have at home an SR3-9 12V running for about one day and noticed that it runs extremely hot (I mean really, really hot) to the point where you can't touch it more than 2 seconds without burning your fingers. I know it's usual psu's reach high temperatures, but like this? Can someone using PH PSU'S share some thoughts? And if so, can we leave it on 24/7? Thanks!
  11. Vitor

    Microrendu vs SMS200

    Have anyone heard the sms200 ultra? By now it should be for sale, no?