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  1. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    dCS Network Bridge Berkeley Ref. 2 firmware upgrade Roon and last but the one that lifts up all others Wilson Alexia Series 2
  2. Article: Computer Audiophile Turns 10 Today!

    All things considered, in digital years, that's quite a long time. You've always done an exemplary job of establishing a consistent standard of excellence in reviewing products both technically and musically -- ensuring the central focus is always on the enjoyment we all take in the resulting playback. And knowing that you drink your own Kool-Aid, by revealing your own reference system, certainly makes us all feel like you're not shilling for some manufacturer. Your C.A.S.H. list, on review, seems to maintain a consistent level of performance and price-performance for anyone eager to get the most for their currency. Great work and hope for many more decades of your time and efforts.
  3. Article: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC RS2 MQA Update

    Having tried out the Baetis years ago (though I passed on it), I did find that the AES output was best into my then Berkeley pre-Reference DAC. However, that's not always the case as others may find. All is in the implementation. The Alpha USB is really a great D-D converter, though it has "aged" some given that the technology (hardware) underlying its design is many years old. Clocks have certainly gotten better. And as you know, Aurender has improved their products over time. The S20 and even N10 are likely less "noisy" than the initial S10 (independent of either USB or S/PDIF output). I used the N10, but after trying both a Sonore microRendu with Signature Power Supply(better), and now using the dCS Network Bridge (no USB, yea!, and much better still), my Alpha USB is collecting dust.
  4. Article: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC RS2 MQA Update

    Lydon: Are you using an Alpha USB into the DAC? Or are you sending via another streamer? And what are you using as you Tidal streaming platform (Mac or PC)?
  5. dCS Network Bridge

    Too bad users can't hold their feet to the fire.
  6. dCS Network Bridge

    Even TAS had the info, along with other quotes from the dCS principals: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dcs-launches-mqa-support-across-product-ranges/
  7. dCS Network Bridge

    In reviewing the dCS website for firmware/software updates it does not appear there has ever been any for the Network Bridge. We should see one this month, according to various reports. But I take that with a grain of salt. Only recently has one been spotted in the wild for the Rossini, but that's not widely available as yet. The last official software happened in May for the Vivaldi DAC.
  8. dCS Network Bridge

    I'd heard that the i5 is better in dealing with fan noise. But not so good for very large libraries, ergo Chris seems to have a much as some streaming companies I'm waiting to see the actual specs for the Nucleus. For what they're asking it had better be using an LPS.
  9. dCS Network Bridge

    Fan noise is a killer if the NUC is in the same room with the system. That's the primary reason I'm awaiting the Nucleus to replace my MacMini. I believe Chris, in building his Roon R.O.C.K. for running Core, ran into this issue -- principally due to choosing the i7, driving fan noise.
  10. dCS Network Bridge

    And yesterday came similar info: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dcs-launches-mqa-support-across-product-ranges/ One other interesting bit of info: received confirmation about Audirvana Plus, that if it is requested to play an MQA file and sees a downstream device offering up MQA first unfold (seen as a decoder device), it will defer to the downstream device. Hoping if/when Roon offers up MQA support it behaves in the same way. By the way, this came from Damien Plisson, the developer.
  11. dCS Network Bridge

    Not yet. The rollout of firmware is slow. Hopefully within the next month or so.
  12. dCS Network Bridge

    just where / how is the dCS reporting this? Via their own app or in the downstream DAC?
  13. Article: CA Goes To Hollywood

    Enjoyed your sojourn in Hollywood. When I lived in L.A. in the late 70's I had an apartment not far from the Roxy and Tower Records, that was quite a neighborhood at the time. Worked for IBM and most of my customers were in Hollywood or down Motor Ave. (A&M, Capitol as well as Paramount, MGM, and a few other studios). Back then it was just mainframe tech. for running the business. Brings back some interesting memories. Glad you made it to the Capitol event. Just after the dCS folks were in L.A. they came up here to the Bay Area and spent dinner and the following day with customers at Music Lovers Audio in Berkeley. Got to hear the Vivaldi One in conjunction with Wilson Alexia Series 2 powered by Nagra preamp and mono blocks. Very nice. About the Shelby Lynne album, I have found something curious: on a few cuts you can hear what sounds like tape print through. By that I mean just before she hits a lyric there's silence followed by the lead in of her voice that's oh so quiet, which is quickly followed by the same phrase, with full on sound. Really odd. If you don't hear it that will have me chasing down other copies of the music. These days the provenance of music is getting to be as tough to deal with as art work.
  14. dCS Network Bridge

    Not clear when updates wIll happen, though I’d think soon. Likely to include not only USB but also MQA and numerous fixes. Hope that once they’re released Chris will reveal his long promised review.
  15. dCS Network Bridge

    Seems that the Antipodes has much in common, along with limitations, of similar music servers like the Aurender N10. Because they are an attempt to put all the key pieces into a single box, you might be left high and dry if the direction of music leans more towards distributed designs, like Roon. And with the viability of MQA and other streaming technologies, you might be left shortchanged. Over time, as this area of music playback becomes more mature and settled, the safer a single box choice will become.