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  1. Dragonfly Black teardown

    Would love to see comparison measurements on the DF Red. I have read numerous posts on other forums that the Black sounds horrible and the Red is great.
  2. USB output A-to-D converter and Mac software

    The Apogee Duet is designed for Mac and can be picked up used in your price range. I'm using it with Audacity and am very pleased with the results. I bought mine used at a local Guitar Center.
  3. Thanks everyone. I own but have never tried comply tips. I will give them a try.
  4. Sonos One speaker

    I bought a pair of the Play 1 speakers at BB last month and I may buy more. They are extremely convenient for streaming podcasts, listening to Howard, and even the occasional I just need to hear that song. The sound is compressed with seriously over pronounced upper bass and yet they are still of much better sound quality than I expected. Even single the Play 1 sounds better than your average bluetooth speaker like the little JBL Flip I already own. Yes as stated above a dragonfly with a receiver and decent bookshelves will have better sound quality but it will also take up more space and be much less convenient. Nobody chasing pure sound quality will be looking at these anyhow and to be quite honest probably wouldn't be happy with that bookshelf setup either.
  5. I've tried the IE800, RE600, the ER4PT, Triple-Fi, and at least a dozen others. At the end of the day they all sound just slightly better than something like the stock earpods that come with an iphone. My most recent purchase was the isine 20 which is not even really an IEM and still they pale in comparison to an over ear $100 phone such as the HD598. Maybe my ear canals are deformed or something. Should I try customs?
  6. Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Since this is the same cost as Tidal Hifi, what's the advantage of Deezer?
  7. Solid State Hard Drives

    I'm confused, why can't you buy an Asian made SSD in Austrailia without the president of the US being a factor?
  8. I use the Bose QC35 while push mowing my lawn.
  9. New McIntosh Portable DAC Headphone Amp MHA50

    I've been eyeing a used Mac DAC for sometime, for $700 I'm sold.
  10. Is a CAPS style PC still the way to go?

    Thanks Firedog, I believe that's the sort of answer I was looking for in the long run. I have a cheap celeron based PC running the Vortexbox software for a NAS in my basement. In the 2 channel room I replaced my no longer working CAPS v2 with a MPB running Roon/Tidal a year ago. I'm basically just looking to see if it makes sense to swap the MBP for another CAPS or something like the microRendu, Aries Mini or a Pi.
  11. Years ago I upgraded from a netbook to a CAPS 2 for a night and day difference in sound quality. Is a traditional PC still required to get this level of sound quality or is something like a Pi just as good? My music is stored on a NAS and I use a USB DAC.
  12. The Bottom Fell Out

    This is simply evidence of items being priced too high. When the flippers stop trying to get so much out of items the market will return. Show me a pair of HPM100 for $250 or a Fisher 400 for $150 and they'll sell like it's 2005.
  13. Great New Schiit (USB Gen 5 upgrade and Eitr)

    A few years ago there was a Gustard model which was a giant killer that supposedly beat out all the expensive competition. Personally I'd love to see a comparison against a device like the USB 3.0 from Ifi. If the Schitt truly does what it says then it will make the Ifi useless.
  14. Every time somebody releases one of these doohickey's they are a supposed game changer. Here's Schiit's: http://schiit.com/products/gen-5-usb