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  1. MikeJazz

    Why Class D Sucks

    try Lyngdorf. Or, even better, Steinway Lyngdorf.
  2. Linn as been adamant to the use of open codecs since the beginning...
  3. Hi ebrandon. What Chromebook are you using? Could you elaborate a bit on how to use Chromebook ou Pixelbook to run HQPlayer. Was there any trick to do or are you just using the Chromebook as standard? By "NAA running in Ubuntu" you mean in a different machine or you found a way to install Ubuntu on the Chromebook? I was wondering if the more capable i7 based Pixelbook could be enough to run HQPlayer (and eventually a roon server). The attractive part is that they are silent machines... Sorry for so many questions, I am still new to this...
  4. MikeJazz

    Musicophile´s Top 5 Classical Albums of 2017

    Thank you. And happy Holidays.
  5. MikeJazz

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    "in theory reducing all the stages between the input of the A/D converter to the output of the D/A converter to a transparent "pipe," Well, why use proprietary solutions, not bit-perfect when open/non-proprietary and bit-perfect are available. I guess I fail to see the transparency in the "pipe" or in the mqa "solution". Well, we may just dismiss transparency as a absolute goal after all. The choice of the microphones that are at the start of the process is the first non-transparent process as is the first device to color the sound anyway...
  6. MikeJazz

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    BTW Miska, and how much do you like the Pro-ject doing upsampling to DSD512 compared to the iFi machines...? Sorry for the Ot.
  7. MikeJazz

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    So you compared a CD resolution with the "sort-of-high-resolution" of the MQA version and preferred the later? What was the point of the comparison? To be able to make such a comparison work you would have to make sure both tracks were cumming from the same master, to judge MQA merits on it's own. I would also prefer to test high resolution music with dac's with good attention to detail in their construction... Maybe the point of MQA, after all, is improving resolution of low and mid-fi systems??
  8. MikeJazz

    DSD DAC + Hypex modules = digital amplifier?

    My Lyngdorf TDAI2200 works as you described. Also the new model, with USB input.
  9. MikeJazz

    Time To Dump Tidal? Bluesound / BlueOS Now Has Deezer HiFi

    Cool! Count me in when the desktop offline downloads works. Or maybe Tidal will also join with the download feature? It's an important features that can see me moving from Tidal.
  10. Hello exa! I am curious if it's possible to use NAA as a end point to the PP's Roon Server ? I suppose it's not possible which means one would have to use another Roon Server on the network and output to the NAA in the PP. Please confirm...thanks!
  11. Sorry if I sound ceptic. But what on earth could be the impact of these better clocks in an asyncronous packaget transmission of data?
  12. MikeJazz

    Article: The Music In Me: Juan Carrión

    That is a lovely story. Señor Carrión was certainly a true music lover.
  13. MikeJazz

    MQA Blind Test Summary & Summary Comments...

    It's a great mid-fi dac!
  14. https://tidal.com/album/74836663 Exciting new music based on the writings of Fernando Pessoa heteronym "Alexander Search".