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  1. Getting rid of CD's?

    Exactly. The model is changing, and we are all currently in the twilight zone.
  2. Getting rid of CD's?

    So if I continue to listen to a rip, long after selling the CD, but have a Tidal (or other) subscription, is it still wrong? Just a hypothetical question....
  3. Getting rid of CD's?

    Thats not always true. Some CD's are very hard to find these days, and new remastered versions that squash the dynamic range (loudness wars) now make many original's highly sought after.
  4. @pvanosta, did you notice if the Aries was more reliable with Minimserver? I've tried Minimserver in the past, but like you dropped it as several useful features are missing. I won't be buying Roon... The reality is, Auralic just need to fix their software.
  5. pvanosta, it can be frustrating, I agree. The thing that drew me to the Aries is that it should behave like an appliance: you select an album and press play, thats it! Easy. Except it isn't. I really hope Auralic can fix the software bugs and make the experience match the sonic performance. The Aries should be family friendly, not a geeks Achilles' heel.
  6. +1. It really can be extremely frustrating, especially when all you want to do is listen to some music... and the wizard just makes things worse. The other thing I dislike is having to find the remote just to turn it on again after a power cycle!
  7. I'd probably want to use something a little cheaper as a Roon endpoint, as it will replace a lot of the work Auralic has done to shape their sound. But perhaps thats the goal. Otherwise, thats the way Roon works: music on a NAS (or local), a Roon server pulling that music and sending it to a Roon endpoint by command of a Roon controller somewhere, all on the same network.
  8. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    +1 Perhaps for even a minute?
  9. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    My thoughts too. I didn't like the black skin very much, its now IMO much much nicer. Thanks
  10. iTunes has become IMO nothing more than a conduit for their store. I used to use it a lot, now I never touch it. Its a pity. Jack of all and master of none. Yes, I agree, it really does need to be split up into separate video, music, and sync apps. I'd love to see iTunes support FLAC playback as well.
  11. If you have a backup, we should be safe Then, trash the following file: users > *you* > Music > iTunes > iTunes Library.itl Now open iTunes, and it should be empty. Drag and drop the original Music folder into the iTunes window, and it should start re-indexing. The default music folder is here: users > *you* > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music You'll have to drag in the Movies folder too... but the files will not be copied, just indexed.
  12. I have around 35k files, and Lightning DS uses about 600MB on my iPhone. I know the database can bloat, so its perhaps a good idea to start over every now and then. Perhaps now that you've got a feeling for all the settings, a rescan will tidy it up. Congratulations on your purchase
  13. It’s here: https://audirvana.com/ but you know that “Audirvana Plus” tends to be abbreviated as “A+“.
  14. 4 1/2 pages of crap. I hate it when threads do this.