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  1. Blimey, my thought for the day
  2. Are you using 5.0 beta firmware? If so, try reverting to 4.1.0. Are you able to test if static occurs on the optical output? Have you contacted Auralic support ?
  3. Perhaps. I was actually surprised how good the "1967 mono mix of original album" (disk 4) is, though I've never heard the original mono vinyl. I've not got to the Blu-ray & DVD yet.
  4. Got the 6 disc set today, having deliberated for weeks. The studio sessions are quite interesting, the remixed stereo album is too bright, much more "in your face", and arguably not authentic as only two of the Beatles can have heard it. Though, on switching back and forth, I now kinda prefer it to the 2009 remaster. Gosh, how many times do I have to buy the same album? Great marketing... Nice to have, yes. A must have? Probably not.
  5. I don't understand how a much simpler protocol (UDP) can require more CPU/memory utilisation! I'm genuinely interested why Roon has done this, I don't believe "TCP processing can be done more efficiently" is the reason.
  6. Strange that they would do this actually.... http://microchipdeveloper.com/tcpip:tcp-ip-transport-layer-layer-4
  7. The difference is IMO minimal, and could possibly be attributed to the linear power supply (with the Femto). If it's "worth the extra outlay" is something only you can decide, so try to do some serious listening tests before deciding.
  8. It would be especially nice to have FLAC support in macOS too, but unfortunately there's no news of that yet.
  9. Honestly, the difference is minimal - been there, done that.
  10. I have to add, my comment was on the 5 beta - I haven't tried '5.0 final' yet.
  11. There's perhaps a slight improvement with the new upsampling functions, but so far my experience with beta 5 has not been too positive, and I'm back on 4.1.
  12. I second this suggestion, its a very useful little app. One of the reasons I went with FLAC is because Apple use the same file extension (.aac) for both lossy and lossless, so there's not quick way to spot the difference - other than perhaps by file size. It's a pity because Apple isn't natively FLAC friendly.
  13. Well, a simple fix would be for Auralic to add a toggle switch "Upsampling function: On/Off" in their web interface. I'd like the option to turn off "Lightning Server" too.
  14. If you're running beta software and have issues, don't forget to notify the developer - which is what beta testing is all about... In other words: expect bugs in beta's, but report them.
  15. A couple of clicks found the internal picture posted by @GUTB is from this article, which also identifies the DAC as a TI PCM5122.