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  1. RaspyFi

    An old but good thread too... And since then, RaspiFi has evolved into Volumio.
  2. Doh, you're already using a hifiberry digital pro ... so perhaps your problem is network related. Have you tried a cable connection to the Pi?
  3. The Raspberry's Pi's ethernet and USB ports share the same bus, and it gets saturated with HD audio. This is why I2C S/PDIF or DAC hats are preferred for output. Look at https://www.hifiberry.com/products/ and https://www.allo.com/index.html.
  4. Yes, I think it can get a bit academic, especially trying to extract the last pico-ounce of goodness. Well implemented async-USB is good enough for me too.
  5. Can a Mac user recommend a backup method/strategy/program? Since the new SW 5.11.36 with an "Update to SAMBA supporting SMBv2 for security reasons and with improved connectivity" simply copying in the finder fails too often to be useful.
  6. Firewire cable

    Google says... "A single FireWire 400 cable is limited to 4.5 metres (14.8 ft). Up to 16 cables can be chained together but they require repeaters at each connection to boost the signal. A FireWire 800 cable can be up to 100 metres (110 yd)."
  7. A Raspberry Pi with Volumio costs under $50 and probably sounds quite similar...
  8. Embedded album art - or not

    This caught my eye: https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2011/01/07/remove-album-art-from-mp3/ Although @Miska is probably right. Embedding art, and a saving a "folder.jpg" file in the directory is probably best.
  9. Another small Conductor app update is out: v 2.9.4 with bug fixes (no new features).
  10. Embedded album art - or not

    Well, it wasn’t thought of as a space saving measure. I wanted to keep audio files strictly audio, and remove excessive bits and bytes to satisfy my OCD. Not even iTunes embeds album art, for whatever reason.
  11. Embedded album art - or not

    I'm after some opinions on the pro's and con's of embedding album art - or not. After some consideration, I'm almost resolved to remove the embedded artwork in my library, and rely on a single "folder.jpg" file. But, in order to completely remove the space once occupied by the artwork, the file must be rewritten, and this is actually more work than it would seem. So please, is this folly worth pursuing?
  12. iTunes DRM Solutions?

    I think the easiest solution is to burn a CD, then re-rip it. The only flaw is making FLAC versions of AAC source files, eg not lossless copies of the 16bit 44.1khz recording, but lossless copies of the 256Kbps AAC rip. I'm not sure how bad all these conversions are... it's probably best to just buy a used CD, and rip it.
  13. There‘s a small Conductor App update available: version
  14. Correct, you can‘t delete iTunes - but you can ignor it. Right click XLD, choose „open“ from the popup menu, and agree to the warning. You only need to do this once.
  15. @Ponzi glad it worked.