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  1. Powerline adapters use multiple carriers at frequencies between 2-30Mhz, which is the entire HF radio band. So yes, they may cause Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and also affect short wave radio reception. Therefore Powerline units must have built in EMI suppression, though how effective this is depends on the units and the house wiring. So, try it, and if you hear buzzing sounds, try adding an EMI filter as wgscott suggested.
  2. Integrated Amp / Stereo Receiver

    Ask 10 different people, and you'll get 10 different answers (as evidenced here). Best advise is to try them, and make YOUR choice.
  3. So I can fit a boat load of tunes on my iPhone
  4. Every Patch For 'KRACK' Wi-Fi Vulnerability Available Right Now
  5. You could always just use a cable. I realise this isn't always practical, I just use wifi at home too, but you can't beat a good old Cat5/6 etc.. cable for through-put and security.
  6. @Enrok I can't speak for the mini, but I know a linear PSU certainly improves the digital output of my Aries - although I admit it's subtle.
  7. Thanks for clarifying, I hope they can sort things out.
  8. I just went to dead.net to do some shopping, to find “Digital downloads have been temporarily disabled while we work on resolving the technical issues.”
  9. I think mine sounds better wireless...
  10. Just upgraded to OS High Sierra

    Yes, APFS seems a bit rushed... but they're being quick with the security fixes.
  11. My main music library is mostly FLAC, but I like to have AAC copies in iTunes. I found an automatic and free utility to do this, which although not updated in a long time, works fine with High Sierra and iTunes 12. https://github.com/cbguder/FLAC2iTunes
  12. https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/208478/how-do-i-disable-system-integrity-protection-sip-aka-rootless-on-os-x-10-11#208481
  13. Just upgraded to OS High Sierra

    I’ve noticed the same thing too... sometimes logging out and back in causes them to reappear for a while. https://www.apple.com/feedback/macos.html
  14. I'm using an Aries, firmware 4.1, and iOS 11 - it's as stable as ever, no unusual issues to report. As I've posted here before, I had absolutely no luck at all with FW 5.X, and believe me I tried. I reverted to 4.1 after a few days of total frustration. It's been OK ever since. LDS: I wish Auralic would add a few more options, like "Ignore 'the' " as most of my music is found under T! (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc). Otherwise, I'm reasonably happy with the experience.
  15. Piece of cake perhaps, but it took Apple to do it. I’m a little more optimistic...