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  1. How to reach SOtM

    Mmm, how about: https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/ ??
  2. iTunes DRM Solutions?

    That's how "Match" works. Its a bit daunting at first, but you have to actually delete the local files - obviously after they've matched, before you can then download the matched (256k) versions. I noticed a welcome improvement over some of my old mp3's, but annoyingly the odd track from an album failed to match and I was left with my original lower quality version (which Apple helpfully uploads).
  3. If the cable and connectors have a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, cable length should make little to no difference.
  4. Glad you found it. Disable software volume to stay “bit-perfect”, as the MQA light shows.
  5. Everything appears default, I don’t think you’ve detrimentally changed anything here.
  6. This page also has a good summary of the various software options: https://www.hifiberry.com/build/software-selection/
  7. Try following this: https://support.auralic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206083668-How-can-I-play-music-files-on-USB-drive-
  8. Teac Turntables

    Just to report back, regarding my “slow” running turntable , a drop of oil on the main bearing fixed it. I used RPM (http://rpmapp.info/) and an iPhone to check, clever stuff. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Only as a beta for Aries, I wonder why? AURALiC have unfortunately not updated the Aries FW for while.
  10. OP: you don’t say whether you’re running bubbleUPnP on Mac or Windows, but ports 58050 and 58051 must be open, and you may need to edit the servers hosts file (Mac). Trouble shooting tips are here: http://www.bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver/#download_and_installation
  11. Try chosing “connect to server” from the finders “go” menu, and enter either the aurenders IP address or name. Perhaps your 24 year old can help you with that, lol
  12. Mac OS Sierra and DAC problems?

    I’m usually extremely pro Apple, but I have to admit High Sierra has been a bit of a problem. Having said that, there have been two updates already which both address “USB Audio issues”, so hopefully they are trying to make good - at least in that area. I am thinking of running the OS off a SD card so I can quickly change back to a previous version if an update breaks something, there’s also a thread here somewhere about how doing so also improves the sound - which would be a bonus. It’s worth a try anyway. If you continue to have problems, please give Apple feedback, otherwise they’ll not investigate (I know, wishful thinking).
  13. Mac OS Sierra and DAC problems?

    Sadly, a 2011 Mac mini is often faster that a 2014 one. I hope Apple refresh the current models soon.
  14. I'm with @plissken, I don't understand all the confusion! Plug the "windows formatted drive" into your Mac, and copy the files off it. Mac OSX will happily read from any windows formatted drive, and will happily write to any Mac formatted drive.