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  1. Kii Three - my impressions and pro reviews

    Definitely. There is no good argument for using the analog input unless you are constrained by having only analog sources. If so, however, you might not have the psyche to even consider the Kii speakers.
  2. Qnap or Synology how quiet?

    I have 3 QNAPs in operation and most of the noise is from the drive operations themselves. Fan noise is minimal and rare, such as during tests, formatting and, very rarely, during heavy-duty data transfers.
  3. I, too, used MoCA for years but I am moving on to wired ethernet which lets me do more.
  4. I know but one has to draw the line somewhere and I do have another redundant NAS plus a HDD backup. Redundant, as in this post.
  5. SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    Beat me to it. Agreed.
  6. SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    What most do is play the DSD files directly without conversion to PCM. If you have a DSD file, there is no reason to convert it to PCM unless (1) your equipment will not play DSD or (2) you want to do processing (e.g., roomEQ)*. Otherwise, regardless of whether the studio source was DSD or PCM, it is best to leave it as-is. *There are a few programs that will apply EQ/convolutions/bass management in DSD.
  7. Indeed. You can draw the line where it makes you comfortable.
  8. Design a PC/Server for ROON and HQ Player

    I do not know but one would have to test. My point is that success with stereo does not assure success when there are 3x channels.
  9. Yes, RAID is a convenience. I recently had a transient drive failure due to excess heat and I was able to recover the content with little effort. Had two drives failed, I would have needed the backup.
  10. Yes but I use the second NAS at another location so that it provides a needed service in addition to backing up the original (or is it the other way around?).
  11. Design a PC/Server for ROON and HQ Player

    ...............if you stick with two channels.
  12. Roon Vs jriver

    I do not see that at all. I prefer JRiver because I can navigate my collection any way that I choose to and never attend to my file organization. OTOH, ROON's GUI and modes of access are predefined.
  13. Yup. I have a fair number of non-commercial recordings which, although I have tagged them in JRiver, seem to confuse ROON.