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  1. High-Resolution Downloads to die for…

    Yeah but I never played it again because the music is boring.
  2. MC23 is now 64 bit

  3. MC23 is now 64 bit

    It's the 64bit that makes the big difference for me.
  4. Kii Three - my impressions and pro reviews

    Yes, could but rarely is because the back radiation is usually reflected off surrounding surfaces and cancellation becomes, at best, random. Directly laterally, there is, of course, cancellation. Bipoles ain't dipoles.
  5. Corner Speakers for Computer

    It could be your desktop.
  6. Kii Three - my impressions and pro reviews

    How do dipoles actively cancel the back-wave?
  7. Surge Protection

    Just piling on. I use the same Brickwall with my three Classe Sigma Monos.
  8. SACD ripping using your PS3 (part 2)

    Yes and these are the relevant lines: If the steps above did not work for you, then you are probably on 3.55 already. You will have to do a recovery menu mode installation: 1: Plug a USB stick into your computer 2: Copy the custom firmware file that you downloaded to a USB memory stick as /PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP. 3: Plug the USB stick into your PS3 4: Power down the PS3 through the menu 5: Now press and HOLD the power button, the system will startup and shutdown again 6: Release the power button, then press & HOLD power again, you'll hear one beep followed by two consecutive beeps 7: Release power then follow the on-screen instructions. You're now in the recovery menu 8: Connect the USB device and select "System Update." 9: Accept Conditions and Follow the instructions
  9. Is a CAPS style PC still the way to go?

    My main quibble with any proprietary player/server is that one is locked into what the manufacturer supports. This entire field of endeavor is still in its formative years and I prefer to have a platform that does not constrain me from taking advantage of new ideas, new software and new products as they come along. CAPS got me started and, conceptually, it continues to be my choice.
  10. Who know's classical?

    Yeah!! Find this one:
  11. 64 bit version of JRiver Media Center

    If that means you are using Kazoo for control in preference to JRiver, it baffles me.
  12. A great man who made a significant impact on my life.
  13. 64 bit version of JRiver Media Center

    Then what are you using it for?
  14. Kii Three - my impressions and pro reviews

    I believe the Kii is superior in stereo but I listen to the B&Ws mostly in multichannel. I'd love to have a quintet of Kii Threes.
  15. Kii Three - my impressions and pro reviews

    I have not had Quads or Stax in my system in many years but I suspect the answer, theoretically, is yes.