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  1. HQ Player

    No. I rarely ever do any bass management but I do this in order to apply DL EQ.
  2. Oppo can work at either end of the process or in the middle. I have streamed to it from JRMC while using its HDMI output to an preamp/processor. Done that with HDMI in to the Oppo as well. However, it is not sufficient for me as it is picky about DSD and multichannel.
  3. HQ Player

    I have a Baetis Prodigy X in a box which seems similar to the FC10. It has a 7700K and I have run it with the stock 12V/16A PS as well as the HDPLEX 400. No problems with overheating however (1) I do not do DSD512 upsampling but (2) I do run DSD files up to DSD256, downsample them to 24/192 PCM and feed them through DiracLiveEQ in 6 channels.
  4. Yes, please. Facebook is not accessible to me.
  5. The exaSound e38 is significantly cheaper.
  6. You may find this relevant. It is a report of security flaws in AMD processors. https://amdflaws.com/
  7. I have not made any such claims, so I have no need to defend them Also, I have no NDA nor any other arrangement with MQA. It is you who is conflating one subject with another.
  8. Since when are conversations of an individual's personal recollections subject to scientific scrutiny? If you want to believe my memory is faulty, so be it.
  9. I saw that and thought about posting it with an emphasis on the word "also" in the second sentence. The only reason I posted about this at all was that I had always thought his identity was obvious to me.
  10. I have not checked the old issues but I recall knowing this for many years prior to any association with the magazine. So, perhaps, it was just due to a life-long fascination with word-play. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the thread.
  11. It was always in the magazine.
  12. Tellig ~ Gillet(e). Seemed obvious to me from the get-go.
  13. MQA is Vaporware

    Really? I would think that would be a valid reason to exert censorship. In fact, reviewers are barred from reviewing products in whose development they might have been involved or consulted. In addition, I have never reviewed any products manufactured by a few people who were friends prior to my relationship with Stereophile.
  14. MQA is Vaporware

    That is possible but it is an accurate description of my experience covering a long period of time. In addition, I have not heard anything to the contrary from any other reviewer. OTOH, I know of no basis for any speculation of censorship other than suspicion.
  15. MQA is Vaporware

    Don't be surprised. In the 20+ years that I have been writing for Stereophile, I have never experienced any censorship.