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  1. Audio Blind Testing

    Yeah. Been there, done that.
  2. Article: Readers Choice Awards 2017

    There is. You can set it as a default (as I do) or invoke it manually (for compulsives).
  3. SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    The cheap monitor will do.
  4. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    He also thinks that "the late Claudio Abbado’s videotaped final concerts with his handpicked Lucerne Festival Orchestra, including most of the Mahler symphonies." These were recorded digitally well after the demise of videotape and released on BlueRay discs with glorious multichannel sound.

    Yes. A typo.

    Also, exaSound PowerPoint and any of the exaSound DACs
  7. Audio Blind Testing

    I agree. Where did we determine if there is a difference? So far, we have only subjective and anecdotal opinions.
  8. Audio Blind Testing

    "Why" they hear a difference is not the issue until we find out "if" they really do hear a difference and that cannot be determined from an anecdotal report. (And, in case this inspires a "back at you" response, I am not excluding my own reviews which I do not purport to be doctrine but my honest opinion based on my reported experiences.)
  9. Audio Blind Testing

    What stress? I do it for fun.
  10. I'd say subtle but consistent.
  11. Audio Blind Testing

    I agree. How is the "one interested audiophile" selected and qualified? The whole significance of statistical assessment is to not rely on any single anecdote.
  12. Focusrite REDNet

    I have used the NADAC but I, too, would prefer something simpler and more widely applicable. Of course.
  13. Focusrite REDNet

    Understood but I am hoping for one or more of the AES67 variants to be adopted for it.
  14. Focusrite REDNet

    but not so much for the home market.
  15. Exchange Rates

    .............................. 4) Live music. If it's good, it is disrespectful to ignore but it distracts from the food and conversation. If it's not good, well................