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  1. That is a valid objection to 2.1 but not to bass management, per se. 2.2 would resolve it.
  2. Then OK. I can't make you appreciate it. It's not broccoli.
  3. IMHO, no. It is stereo with bass management.
  4. Of course. There is no objective superiority except in theory and that is on the side of multichannel.
  5. Under many circumstances, yes, but I prefer floorstanders all around. One cannot generalize among all mch albums, as you point out, nor can we generalize among the constellation of possible surround synthesis options. However, one can see some distinction between classical/jazz mch recordings and pop/rock mch recordings. The former are usually offered with a traditional proscenium placement of the performance up front and ambiance in the surround or, in some cases, a more immersive "in the ensemble" placement (e.g., 2L, Tacet) due to non-standard performer placement but, still, recorded as performed. With the latter, particularly those recorded in studios rather than at live events, the mixing procedure can place the individual performers anywhere but with the loss of a common integrated ambient shell. De justibus..........
  6. That is subjective and I will disagree. Ah. But to me the "surround effect" is not a compensation for playback quality; it is a major component of playback quality.
  7. Yes, the average cost per device will decrease and that is likely, but not necessarily, to mean less quality. That is simple arithmetic. OTOH, I do not believe that it means worse performance since that is a multi-parameter subjective assessment. I would argue that the obvious enhancement to the accuracy and spatial resolution of the soundstage can be subjectively more satisfying than any incremental change in the individual components. That is my experience but only as long as we are not talking about low-cost systems where imposing any reduction in component cost moves the choices completely out of quality audio.
  8. I understand that but the statement, as far as it goes, can be applied to other EQ methods. Can you contrast more specifically what you do (not how you do) with one or another of the existing solutions (Dirac, Trinnov, DEQx, etc...)?
  9. Andreas Koch?
  10. Can you provide any reference to how you can effect a change in reflected energy without changing the direct radiation? In other words, how can you change the dispersion of a standard monopole source?
  11. While that is true, a lot depends on the conditions for the audition. I have heard the Devialets three times. First was a single Phantom in a large convention space at CES and, for what that matters, it was loud enough and intelligible. I could not expect more. Second as at a more recent CES but their prefabricated enclosed demonstration facility was surfaced in hard plastic and had lots of glass. The sound of any of the Phantoms, single or pair, was intolerably harsh and boomy although the demonstrator (and some other listeners) seemed please with it. I also pushed them to play something in multichannel over a quintet of Phantoms but that, too, was in a hard plastic, tiered mini-amphitheater and the sound was equally poor. Third was at their NYC shop in SoHo but the acoustics there were, clearly intentionally, the same. In fact, they had another (or the same) torture chamber that they used at CES. In addition, they have continually declined to play any files that I brought with me. I had completely written them off following my personal experiences. Even though I do acknowledge the influence of the acoustics, their lack of concern or apparent lack of awareness of the truly awful sound was truly discouraging. So, Mitchco's report of what he heard and measured in his listening room is intriguing.
  12. Even if your ISP's router does not support it (as does FIOS), you can add MoCA by connecting two of their boxes to your coaxial lines, one for input and the other for output. You can even add more.
  13. I've used the Corning 10m optical USB successfully.
  14. Hmm. On first try, it was disappointingly limp. I will try it again.