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  1. Pachanko SATA Cable

    I was supposed to get a tracking number more than three weeks ago. As it was "supposedly" shipped. I understand the delay due to postal service. But not having a tracking number seems insincere. Anyway, I hope the end product will speak it for itself.
  2. I ordered PACHANCKO SATA cable about 2.5 weeks ago because I was told it is in stock and ready to ship. I was told that it has been shipped and I'd get a shipping update with tracking information. No update since then. NOTHING. I understand delay. But promising something has already happened and not backing it up with facts - is disappointing and not a good business practice frankly.
  3. T+a dac 8 dsd

    My preamp to amp connection was single ended as I didn't have an extra balanced interconnect at hand. Last night, I was able to make my system all balanced from the T+A dac to amp after I received my new balanced cable. It has been reported before that T+A sounds way better when using in a all balanced system, but WOW - a very noticeable improvement of sound. My DAC to preamp connection was balanced, so I wasn't expecting much as I was already using the balanced output of T+A dac. I strongly suggest all the T+A DAC8 user out there to make their system all balanced to see what this DAC is capable of.
  4. T+a dac 8 dsd

    I was playing with HQPlayer settings last night and a small change increased the sound quality quite significantly. Try the following and see if it is replicated in your system: Uncheck "Auto rate family" and set DSD upsampling to 24.576 MHz. Holy s**t. I've no idea why this would change anything for better. I mean using multiples of 48KHz instead of 44.1 KHz for red book music sounds wrong. But no it sounds so good. Better prat, musicality, definition, warmth, etc. I should mention that I noticed this with my previous dac Exasound E22 Mk2 while upsampling to DSD 256. But with T+A DSD 512, the change is more significant.
  5. T+a dac 8 dsd

    My incoming preamp is single ended. My Rogue amp has transformer coupled balanced input but still single ended. According to the report, I should be using balanced output of the T+A dac. Can anyone please suggest the best way to take advantage of the balanced output of the T+A dac? XLR to RCA cable vs Jensen transformer vs something else?
  6. T+a dac 8 dsd

    This is happening using the latest beta (3.14beta8). The performance degradation (in terms of CPU load) is very noticeable. Between my last version of HQP and the newest beta 8, I haven't made any single change to my OS. Btw, I am using Windows Server 2012 R2 with Audiophile Optimizer. Not sure about the power profile.
  7. T+a dac 8 dsd

    The new beta of HQP is significantly slower than the older beta. I was able to upsample to DSD 512, non -2s filter from PCM 24/96 without sweat on my i7 4770T. And now, after downloading the newer HQP, even PCM 24/48 upsampled to DSD 512, even using -2s filter stutters a lot.
  8. Thank you for mentioning that "A Moon Shaped Pool" is a masterpiece. Having seen Radiohead twice in the current AMSP tour from the front row, I am still not over the fact how they are still making such great music. The DSD256 DOP limitation through I2S, is it because of the Singxer or the DAC I2S is limited to DoP DSD 256? If it's a driver or Singxer issue, then it's possible that other USB 2 I2S converter can fix it.
  9. T+a dac 8 dsd

    T+A Dac 8 DSD now appears on Stereophile A+ list.
  10. Where did you get the dac from? Authorized?

  11. T+a dac 8 dsd

    I have only put 20 hours on my T+A so far. I sold my amp and hence it is not being used anymore. However, my early impression about the dac is phenomenal. It is very musical without making the sound anymore warmer than it is staying perfectly neutral and yet very detailed. I think that would be the highlight for me about this dac. The soundstage is big and very realistic. I was also very impressed with it's non unsampled PCM playback too. I used it as a analog volume control for a couple of song. It did sound harsher as a preamp compare to my Melody P2688 preamp. Which is not surprising given my preamp is suppose to be world class. However, due to a recent change in my situation, I am planning to sell my entire audio system as I need cash. My amp is already sold. PM me if you are looking for a good deal on T+A which is practically new and my other equipments. The T+A comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty.
  12. T+a dac 8 dsd

    I am using Teradak ATX 275 linear psu with Streacom FC10 case with my i7 4770T. I just ran a test to see CPU consumption: Redbook -> DSD 512, poly-sync-short-mp-2s DSD7 => CPU 32% Redbook -> DSD 512, poly-sync-short-mp ASD5 => CPU 37% Redbook -> DSD 512, poly-sync-short-mp ASD7 => CPU 38% 24/96 -> DSD 512, poly-sync-short-mp ASD7 => CPU 40%
  13. T+a dac 8 dsd

    My music server which is passively cooled, hence absolutely silent uses i7-4770T processor. This has TDP of 45W. After I enabled turbo boost and hyperthreading, DSD 512 upsampling with ASD7 and poly-sync-short-mp-2s is taking only 29-34% processor uses. What is surprising that few days ago, I started upsampling to DSD 512 using poly-sync-short-mp which are significantly more processor hungry than -2s. But my music server is handling them with ease with no hiccup at all. Not just that, I am able to upsample to poly-sync-short-mp even the 24/96 recordings. I will check how much CPU is being used and report back. So from my experience, you don't need to have a fan in your music server and use it next to your dac. No microRendu is required. I should mention that I am using Windows Server 2012 R2 with Audiophile Optimizer in minimal server mode.
  14. T+a dac 8 dsd

    Not sure if this is a coincidence or not. I went back to GUI mode from minimal server mode. Used my serial# to activate the OS, PC restarted and locked on to USB signal right away. On a different note, I asked T+A about the highest output impedance when using the Dac8 as analog preamp. They replied the output impedance is always 22 ohms. I think that is EXCELLENT. Once my dac is broken in a bit, I will try it as a preamp.
  15. T+a dac 8 dsd

    Cold start as in restart the server. It takes several restarts before the server locks on to the USB on dac. I think T+A is using amanero USB board. I had a lampizator which used the same board too. But locking on to USB signal on the dac was more consistent.