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  1. Interesting article about FireWire. I wonder how many of us still use FireWire DACs.
  2. I'm suggesting that not all measurements really matter. That's not crazy talk.
  3. I recently started listening to one complete album from start to finish every evening. It's really great to sit down, no Internet, no phone, no iPhone, no i-anything and close my evening out with uninterrupted music. There's nothing like closing out each day on a great note, no pun intended. I want to start this thread for people interested in doing the same thing. Listening to an album every evening and posting simply the artist and album information. Doesn't have to be a picture or the cover or a link or anything. It's more about enjoying this wonderful hobby. I'll start with my Album of the Evening for tonight: Artist: Boston Album: Boston
  4. It's a very good thing Dennis.
  5. What is that statement?
  6. Back on track people :~)
  7. That's a really cool idea. If someone wants to pay to play MQA, the company could sell them a plug-in. Rather than all users of software paying for the embedded license such as what's in Audirvana.
  8. One thing comes to mind after reading @Archimago article. There is talk about Chord and MQA approaches being very different. Many people here have ripped on the MQA approach. I don't disagree with anyone on this. However, without blind ABX testing aren't we arguing over something that may not matter or even be audible? P.S. I like reading all the measurements and seeing graphs and reading about people's subjective assessments.
  9. Agree. Great speakers. Not good Lookers.
  10. I thought you were asking about differences between approaches and since two companies think they are right, it comes down to listening and making a decision based on what you like. No math involved when two approaches have pros and cons. Edit: It appears archimago agrees with me, "So which approach is right? I guess I can offer you the usual recommendation... "Go listen for yourself." :-)
  11. Sometimes you just have to listen to music and decide for yourself what sounds best.
  12. Hi Guys - This thread is here to log any issues that you find with the site and to provide any feedback you wish. As usual, all feedback, good, bad, indifferent, is welcome. It has been a long weekend and I'm sure I missed a few things in my final run-through of the site. Please let me know what you find. In addition, I still have a lot of housekeeping to do and will get to it as soon as possible. A few issues I am working through: Front page articles need some of the code that didn't transfer over from the previous site removed (it's still visible in some articles). Article, not forum, attachments need to be re-attached (this will keep e busy for a while). Blog attachments need to be re-attached (this will also keep me busy for a while). I am creating URL redirect so some of the old URLs / web addresses will still work. Please let me know if you want your favorite thread to still work with the old URL (test to make sure I haven't created it already). Notes: Support for the iOS and Android apps has been discontinued. P.S. I still have access to the old site incase someone thinks they lost something.
  13. Now that the Aries has been released, the discussion of the hardware is in this thread. The previous discussion can be found here -> Auralic Aries UPnP Renderer: Double DSD Over Wi-Fi
  14. Very stable.
  15. You need a Roon server running somewhere because the DMP is only an endpoint.
  16. I highly recommend the higher level ELAC speaker that Andrew designed. I don't think you'll get better sound for the money.
  17. Hi Guys - In anticipation of Audirvana Plus 3, and seeing how large the AP 2.6 thread has become, I started this thread as the location for all AP 3 conversations.
  18. As suggested, here is a separate thread for Roon HQP integration discussions. Let er rip :~)
  19. Great article @Gilbert Klein I was born in 1975, so I missed this incredible time in history. I love reading this stuff from someone who was there and was doing what I imagine myself doing had I been born a couple decades earlier.
  20. Yes, some things are black and white, such as my first television. A 12" black & white.
  21. I agree consistency is nice. However, consider all the scientists and engineers who also believe in a higher power or god(s). Very inconsistent belief, but we don't throw out all their beliefs because of one belief.
  22. Life isn't black or white / all or nothing.
  23. Visit the CA Store.